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 posted in Haunted Hotel: The X Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 15 3:15 AM
It's a very good game, but I found the same tech issues as when I beta tested it , the map won't show the active task with the blue flag, and the cursor is slow and chubby, however is a 5 game, worth the C E.
 posted in Fear for Sale: City of the Past Collector's Edition on Oct 26, 15 4:26 AM
Very good game, based on the demo, no tech problems , fluid, entertaning and beautifully done, worth the CE!
 posted in European Mystery: Flowers of Death Collector's Edition on Oct 26, 15 4:20 AM
I had the same problem, tried and tried, I skipped it! Overall the game is interesting and well done, but I wonder if will I encounter other tech problems during the rest of the game? Let us know , please, if it's worth the play!
 posted in Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 15 2:09 AM
I am not agreed withthe negative comments about this game!
based only on the demo, which I finished with 35 mins. left to play on 90", I truly enjoyed it!
Of course , I used a custom mode, no tutorial and other options, to make it more difficult, but the puzzles were not difficult at all! I like the graphics , the colors, the scenery and the story, and to my opinion it's worth the C E!
Maybe not be one of the best game of the year, but definetly better than others games I tried recently! Because of that, I rate it a 5-
OnBreak wrote:Well i disagree. I have played for maybe 30-40 minutes and am really enjoying it. I for one love HOPAs heavy with puzzles and this is right up my alley. Give it a try. The map is wonderful i havent skipped any puzzles or used a hint thus far. The story is a little "out there" but that is ok with me.
I agreed with you,On Break, I really liked the demo of this game, including the puzzles, I 've played it on custom mode, but I have a problem with the map, it doesn't take me directly to the location, via teleport, it coulb be because on the options I have uncecked the "shows area of interest on the map", but I have cecked "show the active location of tasks", so only when I use the hints, it would take me , teleporting directly to the locations, oh well, when I will get the dull version, I will try to ceck that option, and see if it will do!
I hope the rest of the game is worth sa the demo, I give a to this game, and a definetly 5 , happy gaming!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 15 3:11 AM
I am stuck as well as others in the Bonus chapter, I have updated the shockplayer and the adobe flash player, but it won't do!
On the mix ingridient puzzle, I have all the ingridients and the paper list with sequence of the mixing, but when I click on the vials it keep saying, that there are vials missing, but they are all there, also the skip button is not available, so it's not possible to finish the chapter and the game!
I read the locked review on this matter, and looks like somebody is really having a lot of fun, on this matter, because we are the uncapables while they are the smartest, did you notice that lately?
There are too many genius on these forums as members, and that doesn' t like to some people, years ago it wasn't like that, they are afraid that we can potentially take their place, I personally don't even think about things like that, I just would like to play the games I choose, and having my fun althogether, but spoilers are always ruing everything, is in their nature, or they wouldn't be such, for the matter "spoilers"!

Oh Gosh , I think I am having a bad day, sorry!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 16, 15 2:09 AM
kandinsky wrote:This is just a response to laraly's nice response to mine but perhaps it will be in some way of general interest.
Indeed the point of identification of the player does not need to be the primary viewpoint character, in this case the Queen going off to rescue her husband,as you
say one enters the store as oneself. But also
for me it is sometimes some secondary character as in the dark realms stories of this same developer there has been a dwarf balloonist and then train engineer combining a fantastic impracticality with the dash of a would be cyrano de bergerac. In those stories he is the one for me and who helps make that fantasy world a place to live for a while.
Maybe this game will also have some unnecessary and wonderful characters too.
characters who like myself have a life other than rescuing and being rescued and who mostly take the worlds not being destroyed any time soon as a given.
anyway thank you for the good conversation laraly and to all for making the forums interesting to read.
My pleasure and you are welcome, I like to conversate, and believe me I know the feeling of certain situations, real or not real! Good day!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 15 3:13 AM
kandinsky wrote:I bought it. I like Madhead games,some more than others. I am sure it is, in its way, as good as anything out there now.
I think I will play it enough to get absorbed in it-- and yet something makes me pause.

A queen sets out to save her husband and immediately, before I have done anything at all, I am sure that the guy who is sent with her is treacherous. maybe I am wrong. If so that will be part of what converts me to the game... but before letting myself yield to the game I sigh 'here we go again'...

Is it coincidental that I have for the first time in a while a pile of books I am reading a little in each each day as best I can and trying to understand?
Is it possible that doing that somehow runs into some kind of collision with spending hours on a game...

I am not sure. The mindless solitaire bigfish game, 'seven seas' which I have played through several times and also gone back to particular spreads to replay again and again ,still seems to work for me.

Anyway I wish this game started in a different way and wonder if I am a little burned out on this type of story...
The admin is welcome and will have no reproach from me if he sees fit to remove this but just using this place to talk a little about the experience of this kind of gaming...
Hi, if you are interested I have corrected my review, from "snooze" to snoop, it was a genuine mistake, I always play the games at very late night, and sometimes I get really sleepy for tiredness!
But reading your comment, this morning, made me think!
I red tons of books as well like you, and as a grown up, I don't believe in fairy tales anymore, or better not as much as I used too, but what's wrong with flying with your fantasy, and imagine to save a worthy and brave hero, (usually heroes don't need to be saved, but they are the one whom always save someone), but I swear, I didn't identified myself with his wife, I've see myself as a third person, like someone who could do the job, maybe I am brave too! Who knows? Maybe you have seen too many movies, like me, that's why, you are not feeling to get in this adventure, I have too, seen, perhaps too many movies,but I didn't think for a sec., to any of them! Have a good day Kandisky!
 posted in League of Light: Silent Mountain Collector's Edition on Sep 14, 15 3:11 AM
Very good game worth the play! Good graphics, minigames, and story! A 5 to my opinion!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 14, 15 2:56 AM
The demo went so fast, with 21 min. left, but I snooped around at the end to ceck the extra and the achviements, and a little pause, leaving the game on!
Usually when it goes like that, there are two reasons: 1) I like the game a lot, it flows well, and the puzzles are not too complicated, hoops, these are 3 reasons ! It's a very well made game, great graphics, and good story tale, everything is magic in this game, so beautiful, and the scenery so amazing!
The minigames can be difficult, it depends on the personal experience , but they all works fine, no tech problems so far!
Gosh! He's too handsome and brave, to leave him as a crystal statue, and let the cruel brother getting away with it!
A definetly buy for me, 5 +
I had only one word, after I finished the demo of this game "Awsome"!
I must admit, this is one of my favorite genre, but the game is really worth 5++ !
I have almost all the series of Hidden expedition, and they are all very good, but this one excell above all!
The puzzle are great, the scenery, art work, the challenge and the story line , just super!
A definetly buy!
My review after playing the demo version vs. the beta version!

I finished the demo with 27 mins. left available in the game!
All the tech problems " I mentioned in my comment as tester in the beta version", are solved!

The problem with the cursor, a bit jelly,got better by turning off the special effect option! The achviements are great, the game is awsome, My opinion it stays the same, 5+ definetly worth it!
I have beta tested too this game on May 23 2015, and there were tech problems , according to my notes, such as the banner of morphing objects collection it sayed fixed on the screen and it would not bunge back, in one puzzle (the disk on the bag) it couldn't be restored, the cursor was a bit jelly.
I have not played the demo yet, but I can see on the forum that there a few tech problems still, I will go over and read its.
My rating , beside those tech problem, it was 5 , for the story, the graphics, and the puzzles, really a good game, but I can tell more after I try the demo version!
Rob_Blake wrote:I was very frustrated with no Reset buttons on the puzzles also. I had to skip 2 games in the demo, because I tried doing them without looking at the SG first. Like was previously stated, once you make the wrong move, you are stuck. Even the SG doesn't help at that point. I really don't understand any new game not having a Reset button with every puzzle. I don't recall this being a problem when I played the Beta test, but I do recall there was some other glitch that I reported in the survey.
I too played the beta version back on May, and on my notes I didn't report any major tech issue , and not problems with the puzzles,but my rating for the game it was a 4stars, for other reasons! However I had a problem too with the reset button on the circle puzzle, couldn't find it, I guess there is not one! The achviements are silly, I mean the rewards are for those with less experience instead of the most experts, so i must decline the purchase, too bad, so sad!
 posted in Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition on Aug 1, 15 2:15 AM
angelfish106 wrote:Another Eipix game I'd forgotten this series in amongst the other half a dozen or so that this developer has running concurrently. And they're releasing the new Ravenhearst some time soon as I tested the beta recently (it was good though!). Hopefully their employees are on a bonus for every new game that gets released; they'd be getting paid a fortune at the moment

I though the original Sea Of Lies was excellent but gradually they have become too easy and this one is no exception. Where's the challenge? You find an item and use it almost immediately. The puzzles are so ridiculously simple I solved one in less than 30 seconds...and got an achievement award for it. The HOS are mostly basic list type and the collectibles (globes) are pretty easy so see.

The story was quite interesting and did have a bit of a twist at the end of the demo (which lasted 60 minutes for me). One thing I did love was the hint button; it was a lighthouse. I have an affinity with them as my Dad's job was to fix their lights (years ago before they were automated). I do love anything to do with the sea and the cinematics were quite beautiful, as were the graphics.

I didn't have the music on so can't comment and the SG only showed 2 chapters, so no idea how long the game might be. Eipix usually have plenty of extras including finding the collectibles you missed and replaying HOS/puzzles. The play was fully customisable but all just a bit too easy. Having said that, if there's a sale at the weekend I might go for this CE, otherwise I'll wait for the SE, as I still have 'Beyond: Light Advent' to finish (in between decorating!). But I will buy it in one form or another, mostly because of the sea theme

ETA: No technical issues with the demo. Desktop running Win7 Pro 64-bit.
I too ,have beta tested this game back on June, and I liked it quite much, giving 5 stars, but now, on a second thought, playing the demo again, I realized that there are few issues for which i gave only 4 stars! The match 3 games, is endless to solve the Hop, plus the runes on the board are so small! Some of the puzzles are easy to solve others are less, this depends also from the experience and ductility of each individual players, I solved too some puzles in less than 30 sec., but for some people laking of some skills, above mentioned, it can be more difficult! anyhow the game it's worth the play as C E, it depends in which mood you are! Thanks for you review !
 posted in Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case Collector's Edition on Jul 27, 15 2:48 AM
ganonsbane wrote:Although, I agree with all the other reviews, this must be the best "Dead Reckoning", yet. I say that because it's the 1st one that has interested me enough to purchase it. Usually, when I buy a game it keeps me captivated & I don't won't to stop playing until I finish. This game does not have that quality.

I'm not really a fan of EIPIX games. I get bored with everything being locked by some shaped thing. I saw some post around Christmas where players were complaining about always having to find the same things ( Door Knobs, Drawer Handles, Keys, Saws, Acid, etc. ) EIPIX has eliminated that to the Extreme. You use a Tear Shape to open something to find a Star Shape which opens something to find a Bird Shape & on & on & on &on & on, etc.

This game had less Shaped Things. You use More Realistic Items like Keys, the Baton to slip through the Gate, the Toy with the Suction Cup on the Glass, etc. I think that's why I decided to buy the game.

I am not agree, actually I think, based on 15 mins. demo and quit) that is so far the worst of the series!
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Jul 27, 15 2:32 AM
Based on the demo: just one word "awsome"!
 posted in Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 15 2:28 AM
the best thing I liked about this game (only based on the demo) it 's been the sound of the rain and watching it pour down from the sunroom, the rat is just creepy, all seen already, with the same repeated old achviements! I am not saying that the work it's not good, but I am very tired of the same "old" same!
I had tech issue as well, the game freeze on a Hos scene, and i had to get out the game and start it again, it worked, but than again in another puzzle toward the end, it got stuck again, si I decided to skipped it, I kept playing and suddenly I realized that the SG ended way before, (Iwas looking for the achviements) but there are any in the game, well not big issue, but I found the game, overall, quite boring, didn't grab me at all, thou I must say, the art work is very beautiful, and the story interesting, not buy for me!
 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 15 3:39 AM
This game is not so bad , based on the demo I have played! The story is captivating, e the adventure is catching, but the first impression I had, opening the game it was, "these graphics are really old style, not only technically speaking, but also the colors and the type of minigames! Reading the credits is says that it was made on 2015, but I don't think so! Unless the dvlps decided to make it that way on porpouse, but why? Not a good choice, for this kind of game, however, it was quite disappointing for me, so bad , so sad!
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