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 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Dec 29, 13 7:29 PM
I had a problem with the same thing, thinking I had to rescue the poor guy that seemed to be stuck on the cave entrance. I started over again and the same thing happened. I watched some of the youtube video and realized that two are rescued from the cave. The third guy is in the first porthole (you probably went there at the beginning of the level)to another part. All the way to the left is a whited out area that you need to open up the whole area which I think is an upgrade to a watchtower that opened up a last bit of the area (although if I remember correctly, the award star was already telling me I had opened up everything) Once you open up that last little piece of land, there is another survivor there behind bars. There is a little transport circle too to go back to the beginning of the area at the porthole. Good luck, this drove me crazy trying to get the stuck guy off, but that is not the third guy.
 posted in Namariel Legends: Iron Lord on Jul 18, 13 5:01 PM
Thank you Lizzie for the walkthrough. I was in every available room and all hints said that there was nothing to do. Found your walkthrough and got the answer.

 posted in Kingdom Tales on Jul 15, 13 8:30 PM
I have only played a few levels, and then bought it I love that I can play with unlimited workers and unlimited time!!! I am not real fast at doing this type of games, but I love thinking and figuring it out. Congrats on another great game that lots of levels of abilities can play!
 posted in Fishdom 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 16, 13 7:23 PM
Thanks for this thread! I have been trying to figure this out tonight, so at least I am not crazy. I thought I was going to have to go through and try to buy again or something, but they all show that I have bought all of them. Looking forward to a fix, hope we don't all loose our progresses!
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 15, 13 6:45 PM
Got to finally sit down tonight and try this game. What a fun game! I got a few gold, but I really don't do timers, so forget the timer, I am having fun just figuring out the stradegy to finishing the level. It's a buy for me, congrats to the developers of this game on a fun builder!
 posted in Fishdom 3 on Dec 19, 12 2:26 PM
Love this game, I am still playing the CE which has lots of achievements, tanks to clean and fish to feed (while gaining stars to buy stuff!) and match-3 goodness. Working my way slowly through those bonus levels (they are kinda tough!) I totally recommend the CE, but by all means, if you love match-3 to relax to, try this game. Love the talking fish and all the choices to make. It's my go to game at the end of a long day.

My word for this game is ADDICTED!
 posted in Cursed House on Sep 17, 12 5:10 AM
This is a wonderful match-3 game. I have been thinking about playing it through again because of the time of the year it is getting to be and I just love this game!

If you don't have this one, try it, it is great!!!
 posted in The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation on Aug 10, 12 8:50 AM
I checked with my list of games and saw that I haven't gotten around to playing the first two, which I have, and I don't have the third one to finish it up. Which is why I never played it through I bet, cause I wouldn't remember it if I played the first two and then later played the third one. So for me, it's a buy, and now I can play it through start to finish. So for me, this is a buy. Thanks BFG!
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 25, 12 5:01 PM
Thank you so much for the relaxed version, I am off to demo.
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 11, 12 11:08 AM
Although I think that resources that don't regenerate sounds interesting, and I just might demo to see how that works, cause I love thinking and puzzle games........

But.....I love to take my time, think it through, enjoy the game and be proud of myself for figuring it out. I enjoy the puzzling, looking at the graphics, relaxing from work and a busy day that pushes me all day long. So as much as I love the new building games, I need an untimed mode in order to play and enjoy and not feel pushed like when I am working. Sometimes I go back and play the timed mode once I get the feel of the game or want a challenge.

Again, I think it goes back to "options" and more options, more sales because more people can play where they are comfortable and enjoying it.
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 10, 12 3:05 PM
I was really looking forward to this one, but I see the timer issue and the limited resources. So a no-buy for me
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 12 8:22 PM
Check it out, update is stickied!!!
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 12 8:21 PM
Yay! Thanks for the update, off to download and demo!
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 12 11:51 AM
HI sacksee! I was looking to see if anything was fixed yet too. Haven't downloaded at all, but was waiting to see if an update was posted. Usually a sticky at the top of the forum is put up with an subject line like "UPDATE" and the date of the updated version there too. Hopefully it will be soon, although I'll probably have to wait until July to start a new punch card.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 8:17 PM
leilanibz wrote:Click on the flag and then click on a house/street you want to head towards. When you exit the map, look for flashing white arrows on the sides of the green directional arrows. That is the map taking you to the location where you placed the flag.

Ha, now you tell me, lol! I got turned around over and over, and wondered how that flag worked! I was just so obsessed with the game, I didn't even check here hardly at all. That would have been a great help, maybe next time I'll use it Thanks for that tip!
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 8:12 PM
leilanibz wrote:NP happy to help. I agree ending was kinda weird but left the door open for a sequel so I am hoping that we get one (hint to the developers!!!).

Me too!

Just hope that they might have the map change colors as tasks are completed for ones like me who get turned around real easily!
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 7:59 PM

Great quirky fun game! What a different game from the usual HOG! Finished it tonight with 122 tasks and probably 10-12 hours. I just couldn't stop when I started, cause it was just one more thing, and oh yeah, I know where that goes now. Ending was kinda anti-climatic, but the quest was great!

Only thing that would have helped, although the check list and hints were great, would be that the map could have changed to a different color when the goal was met. I get soooooo turned around so easily and that would have helped me greatly to know that that area was completed.

Great game BFG, thanks for the fun!
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 6:23 PM
Yep, got to finish, ending kinda anti-climatic, but this game took me probably at least 10-12 hours. Thanks again leilanibz!!!
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 6:12 PM
leilanibz wrote:Give the gold jewelry to the guy on the beach that is standing next to the area that you searched.
The bicycle pump will be used for the postman, who shows up later in the game in the road between the mine and land plot 50 (upper right side of the map).

Thank you sooooooooo much leilanibz, I am off to finish this game! Love the helpful fishies here!!!
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 6:02 PM
If anyone can tell me.....

Who gets the gold jewelry?
Where is the postman to give/use the bicycle pump?

I have the piece of paper with the number on it (phone number), microphone, tape recorder, airplane ticket. Those items I see have an explanation on other threads. I believe that you take the microphone and tape recorder with you on the plane. But before I leave, I need to figure out that pesky gold jewelry and bicycle pump.

By the way, I have 122 tasks so far, not sure if the gold jewelry will be another one. Not sure how many tasks you should end up with.

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