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 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 23, 13 11:24 AM
Turtlenumberone wrote:I am giving up on the maze for today. Maybe by tomorrow there will be an answer from someone.

Don't give up. Alfresco gives us the answer to finding the tunnel coin along with excellent directions for navigating the maze. The last wooden coin is near the sacrificial altar. After talking to the two vampires, walk past them to the base of the altar. The coin is to the right on some sort of pedestal/stand/niche (?), whatever the thing is.

Without alfresco's great directions, I wouldn't have made it that far. As for getting back to the altar, it is available on the map once you've taken actions in the room.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 22, 13 1:25 PM
CURSOR/BLACK SCREEN BETWEEN SCENES ISSUES: Just wanted to throw in a quick comment here.

I'm using the custom cursor: no problems at all. Haven't tried system cursor, though. Since I didn't find a need to change to it from the custom, I can't speak to that issue.

As for the black screen while going from one scene to next: I found that if I click the screen (even though my cursor isn't visible), it immediately takes me to the next scene.

Hope this helps everyone enjoy this game more!
Quick tip to those unable to play full-screen: In the options menu, check the "aspect ratio" box. This works in Windows Vista (great for gaming), but I don't know if it will work the same for later Windows versions. Hope this helps! Have a great day all!

Also should mention that this is the first BFG game with which I've ever experienced download trouble. Actually had to pause the download, dump it and start over--AFTER running all my usual utilities (defrag, registry defrag, memory optimization, etc.) and making sure all my drivers, etc. were up-to-date. That said, the game then downloaded in less than 5 minutes, my usual download time even with games that run a gig or more in size. So, since downloading was an issue, I was unsure about how the game would play. But the demo played perfectly without a single glitch, lag, or any kind of problem. Having worked with computers all during my working life, I can strongly recommend that the utilities and steps I mention here be performed at least once a week. Doing this has saved me tons of headaches that all us gamers experience with frequent downloading/installation of lots of games. Above all, IMHO, there are loads of freebie utilities that do a far better (and faster) job than those installed with Windows.
Eoarod wrote:For me this is another winner from Blue Tea - but I'm a fan of bright colors and High Fantasy! Yes, some of the backgrounds in cut scenes are blurry - mild bummer I suppose, but in-game graphics are nice and clear! Nice touch of having VO during the tutorial as well. Shows the devs put a bit of extra effort in Got a little click happy at one point and had two VO dialogues going at once - oops - don't do that

Runs well - what a relief - cursor obeys and does not seem to have a mind of its own! Cut scenes, scene changes and the like moved with speed.

I'm enjoying the story and looking forward to the promised "over 20" characters - I think they will add quite a bit to this game! Frequently we just wander alone through HOGS and FROGS running into only the occassional antagonist or ghost!

Cut scenes aren't a bother to me as this particular game seems very heavy on story as well as adventure, FROGS and puzzles! Nice that the very first puzzle was not impossible to solve, but wan't crazy easy either! So often we breeze through the demo portion of a game and wonder "Will it all be this simple?"

I'll second FROG scenes seem a bit tricker than in previous Blue Tea games - this is a good thing! Often as not you can gather 80% of the items without really looking at the pictures of what you're trying to find...found myself really working at these FROGS! Again - this shows an effort on the part of the devs - extra work placing the FROG objects.

Always get a bit of a chuckle when a game starts out with our protagonist immediately doing something that seems like "Not the best idea ever" - but you know you have to muck things up before you can fix them, so you dive in anyway! Human naute "Hey, what happens if I do this??" oops.

As others have said - give the demo a go - seems one way or the other you'll have your own firm opinion! If this isn't your cuppa (Tea!) you can take advantage of the sale to meet your gaming needs today!

Happy Gaming!

Yours is one of the most reasonable, balanced reviewes I've read about this particular game. I love Blue Tea games, but I was rather on the fence about buying this one. Your review was very logical, though, and I believe I will take a shot with Enchantia. I did love the demo, and I wholeheartedly agree with the points you make in this review. Thanks so much!
 posted in Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer on Feb 2, 13 10:00 AM
They've created two other games, both available here on BFG: Dark Hills of Cherai, 2009, and A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets, 2010. I bought Dark Hills, but I've only demoed A Gypsy's tale.
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 13 4:21 PM
Just wanted to try to pitch in a little here. I've had the 'floaty' cursor happen so many times that I now automatically go to options & uncheck special effects (if it's there). So far, that and keeping my pc maintained & updated as much as I can does the trick. I run Vista.
I also saw directx mentioned in some comments. For those who need to know it's now up to version 11. This game seems to be darker than its beta version, "Mysterium Libro: Romeo and Juliet." Maybe that's just my lousy memory. Anyway, raising the gamma setting brightens it up some & helps me.
I'd been thinking about buying a new, much faster PC, but my 4-year-old Acer still seems to handle all these games just fine. I buy cheap just so I can add the components (graphics card, external HD, etc.), memory (fill 'er up), and software that I prefer. After reading some of the comments about the newer PCs & Windows versions, think I'll stick with it.
I hope any of this helps! All you fishies are great!
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 13 9:45 AM
Valdy wrote:Thanks for the info, Keepin_on. I didn't beta test this game so I didn't know the title was changed. However, it is not unheard of that developers do change part or all of a title, which must be quite confusing for those who did beta test it.

I too would have preferred the original title, if asked. "Dead Pages" somehow doesn't do it for me. However, the "Romeo and Juliet" stories are just the first 3 chapters. The last one is "Hamlet".
Although not sure why 3 chapters are dedicated to Romeo and Juliet and 1 is for Hamlet, it is a little misleading to call it "Romeo and Juliet". Perhaps "William Shakespeare Mysteries" would have been better?

Very welcome. The Hamlet portion wasn't in the beta version, but there is another issue that I liked far better in the beta: The game was bright scenes done in daylight. I liked this far better than dark nighttime scenes. My eyes aren't what they used to be!
I like your title more, too. You're right--it isn't as misleading.
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 13 8:33 AM
Hi, fishies. Some months ago, like many of you, I beta tested "Mysterium Libro: Romeo and Juliet." I loved it!

When this game was released as BFG's TGT yesterday, I, of course, downloaded the trial. Before downloading, as I read the game's description, it sounded so much like "Mysterium Libro" that I contacted Elephant and asked them what happened to that game.

I received a reply this morning informing me that "Ghost Library" IS "Mysterium Libro: Romeo and Juliet." Elephant just decided to change the name. Personally, I loved the original name, but that's just me.

Just thought others would like to know this since I, for one, have searched for "Mysterium Libro's" release date since beta testing it.

Enjoy & God Bless!
I've never had any BFG game take longer than 15 minutes, tops, to download, so I have no idea what all that's about other than the major differences between dial-up, satellite, and cable service ISP differences. But if any of you are interested, I use cable at the next-to-highest speed offered. One thing I did do, though, was have the cable company come out and upgrade my cable (from node to house) to docsis 3.0 compatible cable. If you consider this, you'll have to find out if it's available in your area--took a long time to get to us since we live on an island on the east coast.

The problem I AM having with this game is the same one that plagued me (and plenty of other fishies) with Haunted Legends: The Undertaker CE: Access Errors. I'll have to do the same work-arounds that I did with that one: the things that BFG's great tech support folks advise along with the usual thorough maintenance & cleanups that I always do (some scheduled, some manual).

Last of all, I'd like to suggest that, if you can afford it, buy an external HD (at least .5 T just for your game storage. You can google the how-to for this.
 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Nov 11, 12 11:24 AM
bfgBiwa wrote:
cbtx wrote:
"All **** games are half off for this weekend only"----and the same thing is stated on the game manager. So
----does "all" mean "all" or does it not?
----is this an **** game?

I can definitely understand your frustration here!

However, as the game is officially not available on our website yet but will only officially launch tomorrow, we currently can't add it to the list of games available during this sale. Imagine this as if you would get a piece of candy that isn't being sold yet officially but you can get it anyway.

Usually when we offer a TGT for a reduced price this will be a separated sale because the sale has to be for that specific game as it has happened several times in the past.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!


Since this is BFG's position, here's mine: My loyalty is worthless to you, therefore I will purchase this game--from another site.

 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Nov 11, 12 10:38 AM
As much as I love BFG, I'm VERY disappointed that this "new" game was not included in the weekend's special discount sale. I had every intention of buying it as soon as the demo started and showed **** as the developer. Now, though, I'm not so sure. I pay my monthly membership dues like everyone else who has expressed dissatisfaction with this particular issue, and I personally think BFG should make this game available to us (as members) since they had the termerity to release it on an "All **** Games 1/2 Price" weekend sale.

I'm don't mean to be controversial, but this is honestly the very first time I've felt disappointed in BFG. I feel as if we were all hookwinked in this instance, and I've never felt BFG was the sort of company that would ever intentionally do anything underhanded. I still don't, but that's how this issue feels.

Sorry BFG, but whether this game was on the posted **** sale page or not, it IS an **** game. That makes it a part of the sale offer no matter when you chose to actually put its "new release" on the site. Being an older lady, I highly value honesty above all.
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Aug 2, 12 5:29 AM
I, too, ran across the pickaxe handle problem the first time I played this game. After reading the forum messages and finding no solutions, I started over with the idea of picking up the scroll from the skeleton's left hand (right side on screen) and the pickaxe handle from the right hand (left side) BEFORE touching the lock on the chest.

It worked like a charm, no glitch occurred with the chest after doing this, and I was able to complete the game.

Hope this helps everyone. Have a great day!
The drunk guy in the cottage--I forgot his title--stole the cross from the priest in the church. You must first wait until you're instructed (at bottom of play screen at the crypt) then go talk to the priest. He will tell you that the caretaker--that's it--stole the cross.

When you go to the caretaker's cottage, he will tell you that if you go to the cemetary and find the money he's hidden behind one of the plaques on a tombstone and bring it to him, he will give you the cross.

He tells you he only remembers two numbers from the plaque. The two numbers are parts of the death dates. Once you find the correct tombstone, you'll need a screwdriver to take it off. I think it's in the caretaker's cottage or cellar.

Take the money (and ring) you find behind the plaque to the caretaker. He will give you the priest's cross. Return it to the priest. In return, he will give you the cross for the shield. In case you haven't found them, there are two emeralds to find--one in each eye of the creatures at the cemetary gates. Hope this helps.
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