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 posted in Gnumz: Masters of Defense on Feb 4, 15 10:02 AM
Does this game work on a mac?

Most of the Tower Defense games don't work for mac so I wanted to check before buying this one.

 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jul 5, 14 4:14 PM
and if you are playing the Mac version do NOT waste any of your barrels on buying towers. You only get barrels from playing each level once (to three stars) and nothing for playing it again.

The good news is at level 20 you get 100 barrels!
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jul 5, 14 4:11 PM
sadly, this is true.

Hopefully one day soon Big Fish will ask the developers to make the Mac version as great as the PC one.

Until then... save your money for another game.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jul 5, 14 4:09 PM
same here. No difficulty levels.

Here's what I do to get three stars.

I play the level the first time to see what bad guys I'm up against.
Then I make note of where I need specific guns to be to beat the enemies.
Then... I start playing the game through over and over and over again until I manage to get through the level.

Remember... once you place a gun you can always sell it (for a lesser price) and put another one there. That is a VITAL technique to acquire all three stars.
 posted in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas on Jul 5, 14 4:06 PM
I'm playing the mac version so we don't get a lot of barrels.

I upgrade the price first and then the damage of only the first two weapons. I wait until later to upgrade the third one.

Once I have them as upgraded as possible I increase the hearts/life. (or as needed to beat the levels).

I don't upgrade the 'towers' at all and only upgrade the stamina and frozen spells once I've done everything else.

I've managed to get at least one star on the second levels and three stars on the first level 1-19. Wish I could get more barrels to help me get three stars on everything... but I'm still working on it.
 posted in Asian Riddles on Jul 3, 14 7:20 PM
Review for Mac Version:

I tried the free demo and didn't like that I wouldn't make a mistake but it would mark down that I had. Very frustrating as it was making me play the same levels over and over again.

The concept is great. The very "patterned" pic you are creating is not as it makes it so you can "cheat" by simply looking at the image you are creating.

I won't buy the full version.
 posted in Fort Defense on Jun 20, 14 4:53 PM
Any word on if or when the Mac version will be fixed so we can play the easy and medium levels? I've managed to make it (with three stars on each level) up to 2-9 but I can't get any further.

I did replay level one after completing 1-20 and gained the extra 100 barrels which helped tremendously - but only getting 20 barrels per level and nothing more - not being able to replay levels for barrels -- doesn't make it playable.

So... any ideas on if/when these issues will be fixed for Mac users?
 posted in Royal Defense on Mar 16, 14 11:13 AM
I love this game. It's my fav.

I have a Mac and that's important in this discussion because the other games put out by this company don't run nicely on a Mac. You can't choose between easy, med and hard levels - you just end up playing hard. Also you can't go back and get more gems to advance your weapons and spells.

So can you list any Mac games you've played here at Big Fish that are good on a Mac?

I just completed 300 Dwarves in a few hours. Great game but only 14 levels.
Royal Defense Ancient Menace (RDAM) and Invisible Threat (RDIT) are not good for Mac. You can't get past the early levels because you haven't upgraded your weapons enough to do so - because you can't do an easier run through to get the upgrades. UGH.
Fort Defense and Fort Defenders: Seven Seas are for Mac and have the same issues as RDAM and RDIT but are playable (somewhat).

So what is there for Mac and is a GREAT game like Royal Defense?
 posted in 300 Dwarves on Mar 16, 14 10:56 AM
I would stick with the free trial one-hour version of this game. I completed this game - with max "gold bars" for each level in a few hours. 14 levels is way too short for such a fun game.

Loved playing it - sad to see it over.
 posted in Fort Defense on Mar 10, 14 4:23 PM
I just purchased this game and would LOVE it the developers were contacted regarding the issues mentioned above.

Please... let us play like the PC people get to play...
 posted in Royal Defense Ancient Menace on Mar 5, 14 6:36 PM
I wish I had read this thread before purchasing this game.

 posted in Wandering Willows on Jun 7, 09 10:19 PM
I loooove this game - so does my daughter. We played it lots for about two days and then all of a sudden it wouldn't open anymore.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?

I have a Mac - have tried deleting the game and re-downloading it three times... nothing seems to work.

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