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navybabe162 wrote:I am trying to buy Dire Grove but it keeps telling me to update my billing information. After I update my billing information, how do I buy the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had this happen once when my credit card expired (was replaced with a new one and different expiration date). I just had to go in and change the expiration date. Maybe that's the problem?
prpldva wrote:Fabulous game! Superb graphics and game play, interesting storyline. Love the extra features- especially the video tour of Big Fish!

Game of the Year!

Absolutely Agree! Major FUN! Loved getting a few scares so far. Thank you BFG!!!
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Game!!!! Seriously taking my time and looking at everything. Want this to last days not hours. What's the hurry anyway?
jbentley wrote:So it is Monday....2 more days!! I am soo excited!! I have a general question for everyone in the pond.....since this forum is Dire Grove info and speculation, are we gonna still come to this forum to discuss game and questions? I don't want to step on any toes if want to post something about the game....I don't want the people who decide to wait getting upset. What do you think??

Please excuse me and yes I am trying to be funny seriously! But can I offer a suggestion so that I will stop complaining to myself and not here. When the Dire Grove Game Forum is created please post to a subject that is already there and if not create it. No usee HELP... STUCK... WHAT?,,, etc. I know I know use the search function but jeez let us be nice to each other and there are always frustrated players (me too). When I'm looking for help sure do appreciate not having to look at several pages with the same subject repeated. I am asking this with a REALLY BIG PLEASE and not forgetting the THANK YOU. Not sure I should come back to this forum after posting this. Okay well here goes hitting POST REPLY button!
Good Morning Leza. This is a good question that I would like to know too. I'll play the same game 3 or 4 times and then go back again after months have gone by. The large adventure games are the ones that tend to be my favorites which are mostly Nancy Drew.
$19.99 vs $6.99. A difference of say $13.00. For some that is a lot and in no way do I mean any criticism. Have you thought about finding coupons online or in the newspaper for when you buy groceries or other things. It can be done to find the extra $13. Or maybe wait to purchase the game until you've saved it up. I'm sure the special edition will be available on BFG for a loooong time. Who says you have to buy and start playing immediately on the 25th. As excited as I am to get this game there is no way I can start playing right away. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope those playing will have a wonderful time. Many blessings to you.
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Roscoe the rottweiller and Rufus the chihauhau. We also have Smokimer the cat.
Vaugh wrote:Bigfishette

My understanding of the beta testers is that they received part of the game to test/play and they can play it over and over. They did not receive the whole game to test. From what Picman has posted it sounds like a very long game.

Edited to add: I too would pay more for the collectors edition.

Thank you so much for explaining that to me. I would pay more too.
1Seashell7 wrote:This little fishy got an early present!!

This evening I got an email to Beta test Dire Grove!!!!
I have played it 3 times!!

The first time through it took me over 2 hours - I got stuck on a puzzle and wasn't going to skip anything or use a hint which i didn't. It was nice because it wasn't a timed beta but it let you go to a certain point in the game no matter how long it took.

It will be worth the wait!

And I am not going to give anything away!

A little over 2 hours!!! Is this going to be a short game?? Not liking that.
picman050967 wrote:Agghhhhh.....
After 7 hours and 44 minutes a fatal crash...and will not be able to complete the game. I estimate I am 1/2 to 2/3 through the game. I am not slow, but also not speedy.

Please...let's all shed a tear for me...what could be worse.


Oh no. That's terrible. Get a good night's rest if you can. I know you are probably feeling anxious to find out more. Hopefully the developer can resolve the crash quickly and you can get back to the game. Oh by the way THANK YOU for test playing it for us as I know you want us to have a playable game. I can wait. I've always got a zillion things to do during the holiday season. I'll buy it when it comes out and wait for a day when hubby and kids can be busy without me.
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I had the same problem too. I ended up starting the "book" over at the beginning and I got the ornate box when the time came. Must be a glitch.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 14, 09 8:26 AM
This is a great game. Yes it's another IHOG but it's really fun and long. Definitely 5 Stars. HOPE HOPE HOPE there will be a second one. Great job BFG finding this one. I love it and I am not gonna apologize for it.
ncis8 wrote:hi

Hi to you too. Your first post WELCOME! Hope you have fun with us.
Trying not to throw anyone off but one thing has always bugged me. Who is Eleanor? This name appeared in Ravenhurst in the Storage Room on the child sized table. Perhaps someone already made a connection somewhere and I missed it. Hubby is thinking it might have been Charles first wife if there was one or someone's child. I think the developers just love keeping us on pins and needles but I think we are all enjoying it.
Oh I hate myself. I want to stop reading this topic so when I play the game I won't know what it's about. On the other hand I love reading all the speculations and I think some of you may have figured it out. What to do? What to do?
jazzboogie wrote:Ooh ooh ooh...just found something interesting...the English poet William Mason penned "Elsfrida," in which appears the following passage:

I'll go to yon dire grove, and clasp my Husband,
My murder'd Husband. Why restrain me, Sir?

Yeah, I'm a poetry geek.

Could this relate to Rose? Was she the carpenter's wife? He fell from the top of the house and left a wife and two daughters (the twins?) in Ravenhearst. He's laying in a grove.
All this speculation on Dire Grove is making me NUTS. But please keep it up as I just can't resist checking it every day for more news. PICMAN you are bad boy. Give us more hints. I think he's laughing at us and enjoying himself immensely. What a tease he is!!!
Maybe MCF got pushed to a December release because of us playing instead of cooking for Thanksgiving!!!!
Bigfishette wrote:Who is Charles' mother? Please don't scold. I just didn't want to look through all the posts again. Thank you.

Sorry I meant Victor's mother?
Who is Charles' mother? Please don't scold. I just didn't want to look through all the posts again. Thank you.
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