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 posted in Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal on Feb 5, 13 2:26 PM
This is a delightful game, just right for a rainy afternoon, It's certainly not a game on par with games like Dire Grove or Soaring City, but it doesn't try to be. It's got great period music, funny voice overs, and great characters. Just the right amount of HOS mixed with easy puzzles and extra things to find (bells and batteries), and a wonderful subway ride where you can pick up extra hints. Good game!
 posted in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories on Feb 5, 13 12:15 PM
I really wanted to like this game. It just looked like it would be fun and not too stressful, an older type of game like the Murder She Wrote games. But it is not, unfortunately, that type of game. It's "clunky". That's the word that comes to mind in describing it. Just "clunky". Slow moving with lots of glitches in the cursor that are so annoying it stops all game play while you try to figure out what you are supposed to be picking up. In some scenes I just couldn't stand it any longer! I knew there had to be something I was supposed to be collecting to use later, but I couldn't get the cursor to turn into a hand. Later, when I returned to the same scene the cursor would work. Too much work for too little enjoyment, No buy for me.
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 13 6:53 PM
This business with the arrow is interesting because I am definitely not seeing that. But I am using my back up computer which has a small screen and lousy resolution. Maybe I should stop now and wait to finish the game on my other computer which has superior graphics. I think this is one game (like Soaring City) which deserves the clarity the better screen will give me!
If anyone comes up with another way of knowing when those cute little fairies are hanging around, please let us all in on the secret!
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 13 6:42 PM
Thank you for thanking us! It is appreciated! And wonderful to know you actually read our reviews.
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 13 10:13 PM
This is a beautifully crafted game with lovely graphics, a complicated and interesting story, just enough interactive HOS, and well designed puzzles. It's delightful, and I'm really enjoying it. Well worth the price for the CE!
 posted in Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 13 9:07 PM
twinsoniclab wrote:
WebsiteBoomzap wrote:Hi there - I'm the Creative Director of Boomzap. Thank you so much for playing our game!

To answer your question, there honestly is nothing that an adult need to worry about in the game. We're still Boomzap, and we're still dedicated to making games that can be played by anyone.

The reason we put the warning on our game is because we're the company that made Awakening, and many people tell us that they enjoy playing the Awakening series with their very young children - or letting their children play our games alone. Otherworld 1 was (rightly) branded as a "modern fairy tale" and we had a few users assume that meant it was going to be a light and pretty fantasy story like Awakening. They then told us that their children were a bit upset at the scary and dark look and feel of the game. As parents ourselves, we wanted to make sure that parents were not similarly surprised by Otherworld 2.

We remain committed to making entertainment that does not rely on blood, violence, sex, or shock value to sell units. But we also wanted to be able to express some more mature tones in our game, since so many of our users seem to enjoy that.

Thank you again, and please enjoy the game.

PS: there are also no spiders. We know you guys hate those.

I was actually disappointed to hear that you would no longer have spiders in HOS! They so often are hard to find, hanging around in corners, in webs, or under a leaf.

I can't understand why a company would give in to complaints from one group of players, those who don't want spiders. I feel it opens the floodgates of other "requests," such as "Don't have mean dogs chained up anymore, dogs shouldn't be chained up," or "I hate snakes, I won't buy any games with snakes." I believe those who dislike something will mention it, but those who either like it, or don't care, won't say a word. Then, bye bye spiders, or snakes, or feeding a steak to a vicious bear (because after all there are thousands of vegetarian gameplayers!). Isn't it a slippery slope?

If it weren't for spiders the world would be teeming with insects! Think about it!

I do thank you for addressing player questions and comments though. That is such a nice thing to do.
Yes! Yes! Yes! I guess it's assumed that only squeamish women who hate spiders, snakes, lizards and all things that crawl and climb play casual games. Not true! I actually like spiders! Bring them on!
 posted in Maestro: Music from the Void Collector's Edition on Jan 31, 13 11:25 PM
I quit after playing the trial period about half way through because I just wasn't thrilled at all. This game is just a rehashing of the first Maestro games, and I don't feel like paying for a CE. Maybe as a SE using a free credit, but that's about all. Sorry, I'm just tired of this series and looking for innovation in my games now, like the Nutcracker and the Soaring City. Those games are worth the price of a CE!
 posted in Surface: The Soaring City Collector's Edition on Jan 27, 13 6:50 PM
this game is just incredible! Each scene is packed with delightful images, the colors and detail almost overwhelming. I just sit and stare as each new moment unfolds and find myself savoring the moment. The Nutcracker came close to this for me, but this is exceptional.
Does anyone else feel this way about this game? Yeah, I guess from some of the other comments that I am not alone. Good feeling!
 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jan 25, 13 4:15 PM
Just finished the game and it was just wonderful! So much fun to "play" the novel that I remember from high school, but with all the poignant additions like the music and the languid voice overs. Perfect,
 posted in Surface: The Soaring City Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 13 9:58 PM
Whoo hooo! I love this entire series and this game is just perfect and well worth paying for a CE. That's saying a lot for me because I had basically sworn off CE"s. It seems that lately a lot of SE's have been floated as CE's just to see if we'd fall for it, but this one is truly CE material.

From the opening introduction, which fills my wide screen laptop from edge to edge, to the brilliant colors, the perfectly tuned music, the brilliant sky tinted the orange of sunset, and the perfect voice overs, I'm in love.

Just as The Great Gatsby held me in it's perfect grasp, this game is proving to be a worthy follow up for me. I'm getting very picky about the games I'll spend my money on, and this one is a big, definite buy. Enjoy!
 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jan 21, 13 8:59 PM
I am as engrossed in this game as I was in The Gold Bug, except this game is proving to be more addictive.
There's such a nice mixture of story, HOS, find 5 of these, 10 of those, etc., as well as cool stuff to collect, like books and letters that form words I assume will be used later in the game. There's also scenes that scroll through conversations that move the story along, and they contain more stuff to find, like stars.
You also have a library where you get to see your trophies and buy items to make the room more to your liking.
The hint system is excellent, and recharges quickly, as well as a "guess the word" button that lets you out of finding all the letters if you want to,( but I like looking for them!).
I find it hard to stop playing this game! Highly recommended!
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Jan 20, 13 3:06 PM
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After completing the game plus the bonus chapter, I can truly recommend this game! What a satisfying experience, and the ending of the bonus chapter was just right. Great, great game. And one I will definitely replay. Can't wait for another Edgar Allan Poe story reworked for our gaming pleasure.
 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jan 19, 13 8:05 PM
b00kworm wrote:I'm with you when it comes to a game based on a book staying true to that book. As I'm German, "The Great Gatsby" was not school reading material (though there's quite some books you don't get away from at school in Germany, too), and I have never read the story before.

While domestic violence surely is a topic of its own, it is part of the story. In the 1920s, the time where the story is set, both alcohol and domestic violence were seen completely different from today. Besides, the scene tells us a lot about some main characters (the man and his mistress) and thus has a reason to be there. It's not just violence for violence's sake.

If the game had changed the approach of the main characters to either of these topics, it would no longer be true to the novel. Then it would just be a game borrowing a well-know title (well, well-known in the US at least) and bending the story any way it sees fit. That's not a game based on a novel at all, then.

Thank you for such a thoughtful discussion of this game! I, as an American, did read the book in high school and realize that it referenced its time period beautifully. It's a classic, and I'm glad the game developers paid attention to that. A buy for me.
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma on Jan 17, 13 10:09 PM
This game evokes a lot of emotions for me(and probably a lot of others too). I recently lost a lot of major family members and with each one there have always been a sense of unfinished business. Stuff I wish I had cleared up before they were gone from my life. This game brings that all up. Maybe it should be used in counseling!
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma on Jan 17, 13 10:04 PM
This is such a STRANGE game. I recently lost my mother and I know about unfinished business, but I'm not sure I want to explore such a powerfully emotional subject in a "game" . But it is interesting, I'll give it that. Overall the game play is good and the graphics are clear, HOS are a little interactive and not too cluttered, but I'll have to think about whether to buy.
 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Jan 17, 13 9:20 PM
I purchased this game because I need to use my free game credits, but I am glad to hear that some people say it gets better the longer you play it. So we'll see. It is pleasant, but lately the bar has been raised so high developers are having to work overtime to keep us happy!
 posted in Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose on Jan 17, 13 9:13 PM
The story is a good one ( beauty and the beast ) but the game feels dated to me. Can't put my finger on it, but it feels like a game from about 3 or 4 years ago. A little stilted in the game play and graphics. But that said, I AM enjoying the game and want to find out how it all ends.
Used a game credit to purchase, which probably affects how I feel about a game.
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition on Jan 17, 13 7:50 PM
Again, a CE that's not worth CE price! I have a whole BUNCH of free credits and I'm going to wait for the SE on this game and use a free credit.
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 13 7:43 PM
Tried the demo and will wait for the SE. Still playing the Gold Bug and enjoying it so much, I guess this one suffers by comparison.
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