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AndyGeary wrote:
I wasn't asking you to believe me, I was just telling my story. I finished the game in 1 hour. You believing that or not is unimportant. It's a short game, not worth the money. No where near worth the money. I was simply trying to warn others that this is an unacceptably short game, because it is. It's your $7 bucks, do as you wish. A quick clicker with a good eye can indeed finish this game in trial mode, or at the very least, slightly longer than 1 hour. This game is no value whatsoever. It's freebie value, at best.

I have to agree that an hour is approximately enough time to finish. I had beta tested this game so I knew the beginning of it well. When I got to the hour demo after it launched I near completed it in the demo hour. I did check the walkthrough, and I was a few mere steps away from completely when my time ran out. I suspect that had I not had the walkthrough for assistance and had I not beta tested it, then it might have added about 30 minutes to my game time so approx 90 total. So it's still a short game for me as I have played so many before.

It was good graphics for certain, and I did like the progression, but it was short.
 posted in Capitalism II on Dec 4, 09 1:25 PM
Sorry Peter. Uninstalled after 6 minutes. Lousy interface and not at all interesting.
 posted in Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper on Dec 4, 09 11:31 AM
Played 5min and uninstalled. Found it very boring. Some items too dark though not many.

Boring as all get out. Guess I'm spoiled too. HOGs are great. I started on them, but they need to be more now.
 posted in Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper on Dec 4, 09 11:28 AM
I guess I was spoiled on some other recent games. I uninstalled after 5mins. Usually even a boring game I'll play the free hour, but not this one.
 posted in Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone on Dec 2, 09 7:07 PM
You're in the wrong forum...Just so you know.

If you have both the lion doorknocker w/the ring already attached AND the separate ring found when you pry open the tower window, then you place them on the door behind the nanny and get go outside.

As for the kitchen door, you cannot go through it from the inside. You have to climb through a window in the right side of the garden.
mst3kr wrote:dashwood - I made it through the first time using no hints, & under 6 hours, too. Woo-hoo!! But, if it makes you feel any better I was extremely tempted to use a hint on that #&%@&% raven myself. Them folk him hid good!!

Haha. Thank you mst3kr. That makes me smile. That darn raven!

Mr_Russ, I think my brain must have taken a vacation because I didn't get part of your post. An alcove near "Word/Object puzzles?" Please elaborate if you see this.
Ok so made the no hints and saw the cellar by getting the second felix, but alas, did not get the no frozen achievement! Bah. Not all morphing either. It says I missed one in the tent/ruins area, but I can't fathom where that one is or the one I missed in the hotel/boathouse/garage area, but I digress.

Here's how dense I am. I didn't even notice that no freezing was an achievement, and during my frustration I clicked randomly out of frustration and got the freeze thing about two times, so I guess that means if I really want to do this right I'll have to play a third time. But that will be down the road.

Only thing bugging me now is I can't find the last morphing object for the hotel/garage/boathouse section of the map. I'm 99% sure it's in the hotel. It's hard since some of them I got the first go around, but my best guess is it's the one listed in the banshee/alcove scene. For the life of me I don't remember a banshee scene, and no screen really looks like an alcove to me. Then again, it could be a different one I missed, but looking at the spoilers in the strategy guide and on one site, I "think" I got all but that one.
Slick you are a godsend. I don't know why I could not see that tiny little bugger, but he was right where you said.

I made it through in 4 hrs 2 mins, but since I didn't really expect to play again the same day!, I used hints because I was anxious for the story.

Now I have to go back because I found the first felix (technically second I'm told) and missed all the bonus stuff like touring BFG, second (1st) felix, some barrel game, etc.

I did however, get about 19 morphing objects, but I realized I'd forgotten to even look for them after a while. Who knows how many I'll get this time.

Oh and good luck on the replay koalanut.
I'm going nuts trying to find a raven in the lodge without a hint. I swore this one "bird" was it, but nada. Usually just as I start to doubt that the offending item is even in the room I either A) go to a different scene for a little while and come back or B ) it pops up in front of me giving me a "duh" moment. But for the life of me I do not see this stupid raven. I'd hate to have to click hint and start all over, but this is one time I cannot go further because I've done all the peripherary stuff and need the special item from this room.

Anyone be a doll and screen shot where the raven is? Much love for this game. I wasn't going to put the $20 down after buying so many games for Octo/Nove fests, but I just knew from all the comments I'd love it.
 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal on Nov 15, 09 12:53 PM
Ok I guess I'm one of two odd men out. Didn't care for it. Hard to skip dialogs. Non-sensical items to collect, etc.

Graphics were good so no complaints there. Just boring game.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 13, 09 7:44 PM
Mr_Russ wrote:

None of the voices is the same as in the show.
Click on the Credits on the menu. Jessica Fletcher is Phoebe Moyer, etc etc.


They'd have to pay too much I suspect. As it is, they have to pay to use the name and likenesses.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 13, 09 7:41 PM
BabyFishMouth wrote:I used to love this show...along with a slew of other 80s TV programs. Hello, Simon & Simon? Ha ha ha.

OMG...I was a kid and so hot for Gerald McRaney.
 posted in Trapped: The Abduction on Nov 13, 09 4:22 PM
GentlemanKat wrote: The Ravenhearst Trilogy,


Trilogy you say?
 posted in Yard Sale Junkie on Nov 13, 09 4:19 PM
And unfortunately, everyone here that can't play the game is failing to realize it's their hardware/drivers that is to blame and not the game, otherwise, no one could play it. And obviously people have said they can play it.

Guys call or email customer service so their techs can walk you through some options and if you've purchased it and truly can't fix the problem they give you a code to buy something else. So quit dissing them as only trying to make a buck at your expense. It's getting old.
 posted in Trapped: The Abduction on Nov 9, 09 2:42 PM
Hear hear. What a lame-o ending. And do you think they could have made a few more dialogs for the guy to say so that I don't have to hear "I didn't think you'd get this far" or "When are you going to escape? Oh never!"

And the let down of not getting a final end scene or getting to utilize all the collection. How lame. You can still setup for a sequel by giving us a little more on the girl and how or why she was taken. I guess the developers took the phrase about cows and milk a little too seriously.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Nov 7, 09 6:13 PM
::cross finger::

So far so good. I did a DirectX update. I tried to update my video card drivers because even though the computer is just coming up on a year old, the drivers say 07. Unfortunately though they were the most recent available. But so far the DirectX update seems to have alleviated the problem.
 posted in Island Realms on Nov 7, 09 6:12 PM
Since I'm sure I can't top anyone else's comments (no I don't need to read them to know you agree), 5 minutes and done. So unbelievably boring I couldn't stand it.
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Nov 6, 09 8:41 PM
Too bad no one ever came back and answered you guys. I've had it installed for months, playing my demo then finally purchasing it recently. I finished the hour demo (several levels) with no issues. I even played about 1-2 hours of it a few times this week and got up to level 25 before running into this error. So it seems a bit odd to me that the game ran aces so long then had this error. Ah well. I wasn't able to capture the exact message, but if I find a workaround I'll post back.
 posted in Hotel Mogul on Oct 30, 09 1:42 PM
There's already a post for every level. Look for the one for each of these two. We are adding to those rather than follow five topics per level.
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