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 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 7, 15 9:50 PM
Yiii, I loved all those above, and I have so many games that it would take a long time to review, but off the top of my head I would add:

Kingdom for the princess series
Adalanto (sp?) something like that

 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 4, 15 6:31 PM
While I feel a bit "stuck" I really have enjoyed this game....a 5 star rating from me.
Keep up the good work! Looking forward to III
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Feb 11, 11 6:24 AM
I tried 3 times to load and play but was never able to play, my 60 min is almost up and I never got to play. When the game loads, it just sits there with no buttons to start the game, I inputted my name, but next time I come in it tells me to input my name when I do it says there is already a name like that, but it won't let me switch to another player name. Very frustrating since I really enjoyed the first version and I almost bought this game without the trial.......glad I tried.
 posted in The Island: Castaway on Oct 24, 10 9:28 AM
Fantastic game!!!! These kinds of games are few and far apart.
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 24, 10 8:37 AM
talisman018 wrote:I did the Beta for this game (through Big Fish, so don't ask me if I can pass any messages along to the makers ).

Graphics: 2 out of 5. Not very well done. It was rather sloppy in my humble opinion, though the animations for the little workers was good. The single cel scenes that tell the background story were my main complaint. They seemed more like sketches than finished artwork. Also, the faces on the workers seemed unappealing, at least to me. (They looked grumpy.)

Sound: 3 out of 5. Fully adjustable on the options menu. My complaint about the sound was really focused on the continually annoying grunts and "oh!" noises that the workers made whenever you picked them up and put them back down. Considering that this is a very frequent thing that you must do, it gets very annoying very fast. The music is all right, however.

Gameplay: 3 out of 5. I have to admit, because of a number of factors, I didn't play the entire beta test through. I know I should have, but with all that I've already mentioned plus terrible English translation, I dumped out after only half an hour. Therefore, the best that I can say about the gameplay is that the instructions are moderately clear and that I didn't have any major problems. The worst thing was the edge detection was a bit off, making it tricky to land your workers in the right spot for what they needed to do. I had to reposition them often to get them to work.

Fun Factor: 1 out of 5. I would, personally, never buy this game. Not until it was cleaned up and all the things mentioned above reworked. I didn't find it fun at all. I'd much rather spend a few days with "Escape From Paradise".

I hate to be so negative,but it really needed to be said. Not a very well made game. I hope this humble review helps!
Happy gaming!!

PS: I tested only the version sent to me by Big Fish and NOT this current version. They may have fixed everything, so please try before you judge. Thanks to a fishie who PM'd me; I should have made that more clear.

I played the game and was so excited that we didn't have another hidden object game. I found the game to be quite enjoyable. For people who don't like strategy or time management games, and just want to play hidden object games, then this is probably not for you. For the rest, this game is enjoyable
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 24, 10 8:11 AM
bats33 wrote:
bats33 wrote:I agree. I bought this game and I can't play it. I get pretty far in it and then something happens with the food and every one gets hungry and they leave the farm, and I have to start again. i can't seem to get enough tech points and/or cash to upgrade anything that might help. I have given up playing and I am looking for a walk-through.

I have a new problem now. I got a random event about a new fertilizer being available for the raspberry bush. I was afraid to take it because of what little I had left in cash etc., so I said no, I didn't want it. The damn thing died- no berries I think my problem is I pay too much attention to what they are doing, and I don't let them do what they want to. It seems like the more I ignore the food, the better they do. I am 900$ from having the fish restaurant and no way to get money. Hmmm, I think in a panic I might have sold all edibles, what do I do now? I'm down one worker and more will follow soon if I log in to do anything.

What I would do is:......Find some edibles and get the hunger taken care of, then you can build from there
 posted in Buried in Time on Jul 12, 10 3:31 PM
msymms wrote:Actually all I have to say is THANK YOU FOR A GAME THAT IS NOT A HOG. Getting tired of all the lame romantic/haunted/mysterious HOGs this site produces. They could have labelled it Pig Puke for all I care, as long as it is not another HOG.

I will buy this one.[/quote

I will second that.....and I did buy it! Delightful game, but I am stuck right now, ..guess I will have to replay.
 posted in Little Folk of Faery on Apr 11, 10 7:14 AM
I was going to scrap this game because it took over 15 min and I was still being explained the game, however I did enjoy the virtual villagers so maybe I'll try this game later when I have more patience for an hour long explanation of the game.
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 9, 10 9:38 PM
On another chat line, I saw where someone else had that same problem. I played and didn't have any problems....good luck, it was an enjoyable game.
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 5, 10 8:17 AM
I enjoyed the chocolatier games and I enjoyed this game as well, wish there were more games like this.
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 5, 10 4:23 AM
I just played the game, and I didn't have the problem. It may be a glitch, I would uninstall and reinstall
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 15, 10 5:24 PM
BigFatPanda wrote:Does anyone else notice the font used for numbers in this game is confusing? Ones 1's and Two's 2's look EXACTLY alike???

That was my only complaint about this game, that I felt the 1 and 2's looked too much alike. Very confusing at times......was that...2 huts? or 1 hut? LOL
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 15, 10 5:13 PM
If you are looking for a game that you can't finish in one or two days then I'm not sure this is one of them. I personally like being able to finish in a couple of days.
I did this game in two days.

cyndihugs wrote:
lovelyrita019 wrote:I don't like nightime~you can't see to do anything.

I like the nightime because then the things you need start to shine. Unless yours is so dark that you can't see them.....if that's the case, I agree with ivanbral and try to lighten your screen.

Those buttons on your Monitor, press the, 'ON' button and you can see where you can make your screen lighter, among other things. Good Luck!

Welcome to the pond all you new fishies!

My question is... has anyone finished this game or have any info. on the length of the game? I 'think' it has 25 levels, not sure now...just going by the locked islands.

I want to buy it but not if I'm going to be able to finish it in a day or two... to bad it couldn't have any replay value, huh? LOL

I'd appreciate it if someone does know about how long it takes to finish it. Oh and I do know that you can, "fail" cause I did! LOL I was just taking my time, collecting the different plants for potions and next thing I know..."You Failed" came up. LOL

Thanks for any info.~
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 15, 10 5:02 PM
If you push upgrade on the idol, it will tell you what you need to upgrade to next level, there are 5 levels. Generally I was not having enough seashells. I think you need 5 seashells for each level, along with like 20 wood, 20 stone etc. not sure on the #'s but it's something like that.
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 15, 10 4:54 PM
Mindy, are you trying to save in the middle of a quest, or are you saying you have completed quests and it makes you start out from island 1 everytime? It won't save if it's in the middle of a quest. I'm on Vista and I freeze up alot, I had to replay the last quest 4 times because of freezing. But I felt the game was very enjoyable, and was glad I purchased. I may replay the whole game again to try to get higher scores.
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 15, 10 4:47 PM
Yes I have finished, it is a fun game if you like these types of games. I just wished you could interact more with the other people, but I didn't find this game boring at all. I highly recommend buying the full version.
 posted in Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession on Dec 21, 09 1:57 AM
estrellastar wrote:Got message access violation on both trial games so I could not try playing either one. All the other games I've downloaded worked fine.

I'm ALMOST kind of glad to see this message, as I got this same error message today when I was going to try the trial. Obviously, it's a BF problem.
 posted in Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients on Nov 30, 09 7:37 PM
Sometimes you need to go back to the same person. Example, if you talked to Alex, then go back again. As a suggestion for a new game, I think they should always have a task bar, even if it's to work on exotic recipies etc. That would make it less frustrating knowing where you should be headed.
 posted in Chocolatier on Nov 30, 09 7:12 PM
It's very helpful if they tell you the city when you need to accomplish a task, not just a name, like we all have a great memory. Also, when introducing new recipies, if it's not in the city that the recipie was introduced, it would be nice if it would indicate what city(ies) to purchase the ingredient (s). I found these two issues very frustrating. I've purchased all 3 Chocolatier games so far, I had a lot of problems the first Chocolatier, but after I played #2 and then restarted #1, both were completed in one day and I enjoyed them immensly. #3 was different, with a few twists to the game, I'm still working on that one, so I'm not sure if I do or don't like it, all I can's different, I probably didn't need as much intro for that one, but it wasn't a choice to skip. I do like having more than one task to accomplish, and in the beginning, it seemed a bit overwhelming, but once I decided to just stay focused on one task at a time, it was much more enjoyable and accomplishable.
 posted in Chocolatier on Nov 29, 09 12:46 PM
Thank you, I ended up quitting and restarting. But I'll know for next time. Thank you so much, Chocolatier 2 was much easier and the messages were always available (even though I kept sheets of paper to keep track, so I wouldn't get stuck again)
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