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 posted in Farm Up on Dec 19, 16 5:49 PM
For some unknown reason today all my cows and chickens just started walking in place. They will not eat or drink and when I click on their info it says that time until eating (or drinking) is 0m0s and production time for all of them (cows and chickens) is 15 hrs and 29 minutes. The timer is counting down VERY slowly, because they're not eating or drinking. I deleted one of 3 chickens, and one of the two remaining chickens did move to the water trough and drink--one I purchased, NOT the one I was given and can't sell. The chicken that drank now will produce in 10 hrs whereas all the others are still at 15+ hrs. But now the chicken that drank won't eat (it says "will want to eat in 0m0s")! Although it is no longer moving in lockstep with all the other animals, and seems to be doing it's normal things--scratching, etc--it still will not approach the food bowl.

They have adequate water and food: I had three chickens (now 2) and a food trough for five and water trough for five; and a hen house for four. I have two cows with water and food troughs for 3. None of the pens need repairing.

I am on level 27 and have never had this problem before. Time passes normally for building, growing, and selling on the map, it's just the marching-in-place animals!
I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, haven't changed anything, including graphics. It played fine yesterday

PS: I just deleted one of my two cows hoping that something would happen like with the chicken, but no luck.

Please help

UPDATE: the next day
Well, after 15+ hours and 10 hours(for the chicken) REAL TIME, the animals did produce. After that, they started acting normal. They stopped marching in place; they started eating and drinking normally (which cuts the time to production), and it looks like they are back on schedule. Go figure.
I'm going to check back in a little while to see if this glitch happens again.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 26, 14 5:58 PM
I don't believe it!
This is the next night after my Daily Demand to sell 26,640 Fish Tacos for 20 dollar reward disappeared from the list after I started cooking it
Well when I logged on tonight, the same Daily Demand showed up. I started the Tacos in the oven---and the task has disappeared again!
Not only am I being cheated because this task is tying up so many ovens (and for several hours) and I'm making no dollars from the task, but it also only leaves me with one Daily Demand each night instead of two.
PLEASE fix this glitch
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 25, 14 8:40 PM
I am on Level 37, and this is the first glitch I've encountered. It concerns the Daily Challenges where you have 22 hrs to complete them. Tonight one challenge was selling about 26,000 fish tacos for a reward of 20 Dollars. Wow! Well, I have all the necessary fish tacos in the ovens just waiting for them to finish cooking, and now the Challenge has disappeared from the list!
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 6, 14 2:22 PM
I agree with all of your improvement ideas, and would like to add: Can we please have an inventory where everything we own is stored?
I hate having to look through what I can buy mixed in with what I already own.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 28, 14 12:24 AM
I wanted to update the uncompleted henhouse issue. I was able to successfully build a second one, so the number of henhouses is not the problem.
But I can still do nothing with the 1/3-finished henhouse. I started playing this game about a week ago, so I assume I have the latest version; and it does say "update" on the opening screen with the Valentine theme.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 27, 14 4:34 PM
I believe this is a technical issue because I'm stuck with a henhouse that I've built stage one, but now the program won't let me build stage 2 or 3. When I click on it, it gives me the option to speed up construction, but when I do, nothing happens except I lose my 15 gold coins. I've tried that twice, so goodbye 30 gold coins. Even if the Husband is busy on another task and I click on the half-built henhouse, the game doesn't say" Husband is busy, speed up task?" or whatever it says when I try to get him to do more than one task at a time. Yet, the game won't let me move the henhouse, or sell it. So I have this half-finished plot that I can do nothing with which is taking up space.
I should mention that I already had a basic henhouse when I started on the one the game won't let me finish. I had decided originally that, rather than update at such cost, I would just build another one. Maybe the game won't let you build more than one henhouse? If so, that should be made clear either by the game telling you that you can't have another one when you try, or not making it an option at all.
Tonight I decided to try again to build a second basic henhouse from scratch--we'll see what happens
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 16, 14 4:10 PM
Thanks for the tips. I finally bought the block out of curiosity because I couldn't see how the height would allow you to use it for a table. At first I thought maybe you were supposed to set it on something else. But I couldn't think of any use (after I saw it only took one object) except as a base for those statues
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 12, 14 2:18 PM
It could be a good game with more item choices. Frankly, it looks like somebody just came up with a few graphics for furniture, rugs, etc, and said "That'll do" .There was no effort made to have coordinating pieces or a range of colors, and in the case of the pictures and wallpaper, it seems more like a joke. I don't know who came up with those circus colors but if you don't use sand or ivory as a wallpaper color, you can't match much of the flooring. And would somebody please give us more options in flowers, including potted palm trees etc for the sunroom.
The tables--it would be nice if we could have some shelving or tables which would hold more than two items (again for flowers in the sunroom). So far there is no rhyme or reason as to how many items a table will hold. Some of the tinier tables hold two items, yet some of the larger ones only hold one item.
Somebody else mentioned proportion of the items. That's a problem too. I purchased a sofa and it was hardly bigger than a chair; I bought what looked like a big comfy chair, and it was hardly bigger than a stool. The fireplaces are tiny, but the bookcases are huge. Many of the (expensive) rugs are too small to be seen under the dining room table. We should also have windows which we can dress with different curtain options
As far as game play, I really don't mind waiting for the item delivery, but I hate that every three-star item requires coins. (Maybe we could use some game money to purchase coins--say 1 coin for $40,000.) But when I do purchase a 3-star item, I figure out what I want for any of my houses or rooms, purchase the required item, place it in the required room, and after the task is finished, i move it to the house or room I want it in.
All in all I enjoy the game, but it disturbs me that some of the problems that people have been complaining about for a while (ie: The e-mail option) have not been addressed. Doesn't seem that there is a lot of commitment to making this game better. I have spent $10.00 on coins for this game, but I'm not spending anymore until I see some evidence that they're trying to improve it.
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 5, 14 12:51 PM
I had to chuckle at (and agree with) all of your points except the one about the wallpaper. I actually like being able to accent a wall with a different color or pattern from the rest of the walls. That was one thing I wished for in the Home Sweet Home series. But, given that it only covers one wall, the wallpaper should be waaay cheaper than it is. And none of the wallpaper or flooring should cost any coins.
 posted in Design This Home on Jan 31, 14 4:20 PM
Valkara wrote:It would be nice if the 1 and 2-star rugs weren't all either glorified bathmats or boys' sports rugs. I had to put a basketball rug in the office.

Sounds smashing!

I think that's a very good point, too

A couple of other failings; You can't put anything over the fireplace; and the window curtains (the few that there are) are not interchangeable. If you want to change the look you have to buy a whole new window, not just change the curtain. I'm afraid Home Sweet Home has already shown us that these things can be done.
My last gripe for now concerns the tables. I bought a huge long table to go in my Sunroom thinking I could place several flowers on it under the wall of windows, and lo and behold, it only holds ONE plant. Yet the tiny little coffee table (in black, only) can hold TWO objects.
 posted in Design This Home on Jan 30, 14 10:03 PM
Please tell them to come up with some new wallpaper--new patterns and particularly new solids that aren't so garish. What about silver gray, pale yellow/sand stripe, slate and pale aqua blue, other neutrals besides ivory and sand?
And rugs: they're just about all maroon-based color. Can we have some with yellow, green, rust, etc?
And furniture: can we please have some more colors in the furniture besides beige, black and white?

 posted in Boutique Boulevard on Sep 14, 12 4:36 PM
I just found out from reading the thread titled 3rd level in this forum that what you have to do is buy 2 solid maple single shelves and it will give you credit for the two small shelves
 posted in Boutique Boulevard on Sep 14, 12 4:06 PM
Me too
 posted in Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession on Jun 9, 09 6:21 PM
bfgFlounder wrote:Welcome to Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.

Hm.. I am reading these posts where people are asking for help and I can't think that all of these problems are unrelated.

Has Big Fish released any patches to correct these problems (as far as they are Big Fish's problems)--or even replied to these people at all?

If I download it and it doesn't work will I be hung out to dry? (and believe me, I don't need any new drivers or hardware)
But I am running Vista--will that be a problem?

I'm asking because I don't want to spend my money in places that don't appreciate having me as a customer.
And customer service is the best gauge of being appreciated as a customer.

Thank you
 posted in Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession on Jun 9, 09 6:11 PM
You guys are scaring me off.
I had just about decided to download it.

I too am running Vista, but I was able to play a trial version.
When I would click on the icon, I would get the error message that the .exe file had stopped.
I would choose the option to look for a solution online, but got no results.
I would then click the icon again.
This would happen a couple of times, but eventually it would start, and I had no problems after that.

Now I'm wondering if somehow my OS decided to try running it in XP since VISTA wasn't working.
I didn't think to check until a little while ago, and the trial has expired.
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