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 posted in Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 17 1:30 PM
There is a code right now for today’s date...the 12th. It’s for 50 % off. The code is Elephant
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4 on Apr 1, 16 2:03 PM
I look forward to these VA games! It's such a breath of fresh air to just sit back and relax and have fun! These are straight out HO's with a few mini-games tossed in. Casual Arts does very well graphic wise and offer a decent length game. What's is nice, is you find yourself back in old familiar surroundings as well as exploring new ones.

I have all of their VA games and go back to them frequently.

I'm already looking toward to the next cruise one.

Needless to say....this was an instant buy for me!
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 13, 15 2:16 PM
I played through, and got Eagle Eye all through, and did not skip any games and STILL had to replay some scenes to get enough coins to buy all of the items!

You shouldn't have to do that. It's an achievement. I've always been able to purchase all items with their other games. And still acquire more points after.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 6, 15 2:10 PM
You need to go to the Tech Thread and post your problem there and in the Yellow moderaters post, click on the Help Pages link mentioned.

Maybe someone can help you in the Tech thread. If not, follow thru by clicking on the Help Pages link.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 7:03 PM
There is indeed an area in the bonus content. Go to the bonus content, if you click around you will come across sections showing you achievements, collectibles, concept art, etc. The puzzle pieces are found there as well. There are 3 puzzles you put together.

If you aren't able to find them, look in the middle, on the table. It's called Screensaver
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 6:58 PM
You're welcome
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 8:24 AM
In the Bonus Content, if you click around, you will find areas that you can click on for Achievements, Concept Art, etc. One of those areas contain the puzzle pieces. There are 3 puzzles. Click on each one to put the puzzle together.
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 20, 15 10:12 AM
If there is too much sun, you won't be able to move the candle. Check the area, there is something you should be planting first.
 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Aug 25, 15 1:53 PM
Probably not. At least not on this site. The only time walkthroughs have been provided has been when the SE version of a previous CE is released.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case on Aug 21, 15 4:46 PM
Daxadillion wrote:@ Robism - As far a I can remember the BFG who started the SE versus CE posts was Catbag, who posted it as he wanted to know if the CE was worth the money compared to the SE which was half the price.

Having spoken to him within the last couple of months he said he was too busy with his studies and would return once they were done, and I look forward to that.

@Rhonayotte - Yes, us regulars fade away because we are bullied, I was almost one of those not very long ago. But thanks to a lot of wonderful BFG members who urged me not to give in as the bullies would win, I am still here.

Just remember that the word "thanks" when someone answers your problem, can brighten their day - always be nice.

I'm one of the ones who encouraged you to stay and suggested you block the bullies. So glad you did
 posted in Dead Reckoning: The Crescent Case on Aug 21, 15 7:47 AM
A lot of regulars fade away. Or leave because they end up getting bullied just because they start the Reviews or Tech threads. Or perhaps they aren't getting any replies.

You could always start the Thread each time a SE version comes out.
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Aug 16, 15 2:12 PM
Oh yes...she is definitely there! Evil little sneer and all
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 16, 15 2:08 PM
In the game Beyond: Light Advent, when you are in the diner, and you play the HOS in the storage room, there is a TV off to the left with constant static going on with an image. The image is the little girl. Curls and bow in the hair and the evil little sneer.
If you use the code, will it use a GCC to pay for it!?
I haven't even started the game to try yet. But was wondering, is there an arrow somewhere that you aren't noticing? In some of the puzzle games now, there is an arrow you have to use to rotate puzzle pieces. Check the instructions for the puzzle and see if that is mentioned.

I tend to read mini game instructions more now because of little changes like that.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 15 9:08 PM
If you haven't gotten this, it's just a sequence selection game. You click on each pin until one stays down. Once that one is down then click on another pin. If they both pop up, then that means your second choice is wrong. So, click on the pin you originally was able to keep down then choose another pin. If your second selection keeps both pins down, choose a third. And so on. Just remember the order of your selection. I think my solution was 3 then 2 then 4 then 1. I'm not sure. But it's just a process of elimination.

The Skip button is in the upper left corner...two arrows. You can click on the arrows to skip.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 15 3:12 PM
GameLvr30 wrote:
HoosierAmy wrote:I didn't buy the GCC, received them by purchasing other games, filling punch card (no cost to me) and receive one monthly with my BF membership. As I said, didn't cost me out of pocket anything. And I have 8 or 9 more just waiting to be used on games.

I'm confused. Game Club Credits cost $6.99 a month regardless if you use them right away or wait to use them much later. Punch Card Credits are good for a free game but you can only use them on SE games not CEs.

So, did you use GCCs or PCCs to buy this game? I'm only asking because if you were able to use a 2 PCCs on a CE game I would love to know how you did it.

Yeah...what I'm thinking too.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 1, 15 5:29 PM
HoosierAmy wrote:
MURPHY wrote:There is a C E sale today!!! I got the game for 9.00!!! That's only $2.00 more than any SE. Go for it you guys!

ETS: The sale is on the front page of the PC Games and is only 8.99 for all CE's this weekend!

I got it for free, take off the promo code COLLECT, and just let it apply 2 game club credits to it. I'm hardly able to find enough good SE's to spend them on Yippee!

Free?? Are you joking? If you used two Game club credits then that means you paid $14 for the game. You did pay for the GCC's in order to have them. Each GCC cost you $7. So you did shell out the money initially for your GCC. But I guess if you see something as "free" that you had to pay money for to begin with, then I guess that's up to you.
There is blue water in the back of the scene, place it there
 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring on Jul 20, 15 7:09 AM

Remember, use the Block feature!


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