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 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Oct 29, 08 12:42 PM
Sounds like a technical issue with either the game, or your computer. BFG's Support team can help you if you contact them by going to the BFG help section:
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Everest ™ on Oct 10, 08 10:11 AM
Just played this game. I LOVE how you can zoom in and out of the scene. Makes hunting for HObjects on the bus even more fun
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 29, 08 2:49 PM
Sounds like a bug. If you see such hiccups, and are able to replicate it again and again, please let BF know! The more details, the better. You can post it in the forums here with "BUG" before the title so the moderators can easily find it.

sillyfeet wrote:Thanks must have posted your message while I was typing mine. Wonder if this is a new home page setup or just a hiccup in the system?
 posted in Rooms: The Main Building on Aug 15, 08 10:44 AM
Congrats prpldva!
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 5, 08 4:30 PM
Since a relatively small group of BF gamers know about this new forum, don't worry about spots of silence. When they place the Forums links on ALL game pages (this is my guess), then it should be fun.
 posted in Mahjong Towers Eternity™ on Jun 30, 08 5:56 PM
I the online version too!
[URL Removed]
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 27, 08 3:44 PM
If anyone else uses [removed by moderator] too and wants to set up a group for BF gamers and fans, let me know! Maybe one already exists, but if not I can start one. I think it'd be a great place to share screencaps of your favorite games.

pokeykitty wrote:Also, if you want to post a picture for everyone to see, and just give a link where they can see it, you can do so at (easy, free, but you do have to have or create an account to post).
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 25, 08 1:29 PM
He gets around!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ™ on Oct 29, 07 10:06 PM
Lol. Let's hope so. :)
Top it with more puzzles!
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