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 posted in Restaurant Empire on Jul 11, 11 6:25 PM
I have a problem of making 20 dollars a month. I'm on sandbox and have 2 American restaurants and one Italian one. I have the best furnishings possible a full staff and a cut back salary and very improved recipes. Most of them are fully trained in my American restaurants and not so good waiters at my Italian one. I have my ads every where so I'm not sure what I'm missing?

 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children on May 25, 11 2:53 PM
I just downloaded it, and haven't bought it so I'm not taking that risk of buying it
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children on May 19, 11 10:58 AM
I've played all of the games except this one when ever I try to play it it's in German.You can't really a game in German. Is there anyway to make it into English? Or at least Spanish? I've tried undownloading and redownloading but it didn't work.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on May 19, 11 5:18 AM
My best advice for you Ourself, is to use those butterflies they work but they get rid of 20 or 10 points. It lures all children away.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 2, 11 4:13 AM
Yes, I have enough food.I'm almost able to farm.That still doesn't help me.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 1, 11 5:13 AM
I've torn down every totem except the blocking totem. I have 8 children and a 32 year old girl who is serving as a doctor. i have 340 divine energy what do I do?
P.S. Every time I go in one or two children disappear.I searched the bones and no children names in it. Help and a fast answer is appreciated.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 27, 11 12:37 PM
Which technology to you have to research to get the clothing hut? I would like a fast answer.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 27, 11 6:30 AM
I have another problem. Now that I have the statue built my best builder won't stop honoring. I need him for the nursery and science scene he's my 2nd best scientist. He's a mater in devoting and I unchecked that and put building, in the box.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 4:47 PM
Yes, it finally finished after 2 and 30 minutes on fast. I paid the price though i lost my adept builder and a mother.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 1:34 PM
I think they should take this back, fix the bugs,kill the rascal,(interrupted 5 important building jobs)take out the mask event (I had to restart because I lost my only woman when I picked the wrong choice),take away the big explosion, add some puzzles, bring back food options (coconut,blueberry, etc),and make the lighting spell cost less. I think if they do this it will be a better game. I don't like it much because of the rascal,the explosion that killed everyone,and it just seems dull.I don't think they should throw in the towel yet. If they follow different formats and stuff they could create a game as good as the 4 one.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 1:14 PM
I have another problem along with the pain totem. The hut is taking forever to build on fast. it's up to 9% in 45 min.I really think they should work on the problems here. This just looks and feels rushed job. How do I speed up the hut making progress?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 5:44 AM
I'm guessing this is glitch. When I went into my game and everyone except a person died.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 5:41 AM
Are the yellow masks guarding it? If so lead them away with a nursing mother or a child. Get the rest working on the hungry totem. Or you can use bees to lure them away but I recommend the first one you need the god points to preform other things after that.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 5:37 AM
Thanks. Maybe the other two are glitches. I don't need help with the last one though he died I have to restart.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 25, 11 2:52 PM
I've have two things - one is the pain totem the other is the rainbow totem.
Rainbow totem
I read that bees and lighting work for getting them away. They don't work on red hethans.How do I demolish it?
Pain totem
I struck lightning on it but I can't demolish it I send everybody to demolish it and it remains at 0% for 2 secs then the pain totem defenses kick in and everybody gets zapped
I've had 6500 (estimate) science points to spend.
Help would be very appreciated.

Now I have another problem a glitch happened and everyone 'cept a person died. Do i convert a hethan in hopes of starting the process again, work on the statue for the revive power, or start over. I would like a answer.
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jul 8, 10 6:05 PM
Like i was saying the game menu reminded me of another game menu, that was a close copy. The game movements were pretty bad. ex. Ax swing goes right through the trees and building you are leaning against nothing building the hut. It wasn't entertaining. The mask tribal mask was like putting real life and mix cartoons badly. The arriving of cast away didn't make any sense, I mean wouldn't they join you in the first place? Finally You had to play mini games You couldn't get done unless you did it. Now the good aspects. You got to make\create you own guy. The graphics weren't bad. The huts could have been worse. The well looked good, but that is about it.
 posted in Hotdog Hotshot on Jun 15, 10 9:20 AM
I have bought the least expensive upgrade and I earn about a 100 extra per day so I am just starting week 3 so how much money I have is 1100 dollars around that of course does that give you enough money to buy an upgrade?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Jun 4, 10 12:32 PM
On THIS computer ( the one i can't get in is on another computer) I have set it on fast for days AND the love hut is not built still they need to run it though a lot of testing before releasing and this game shows it.
 posted in My Tribe on May 21, 10 1:02 PM
You need to keep enough huts (like 5 for 40 people) so they don't fall asleep on their feet
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on May 15, 10 6:18 PM
freelance52 wrote:I've played all the VV games but this one is driving me mad! Its soooo boring! The pace that the adults move and work at is slloooowwww. So slow that it is like watching paint dry!! The only good thing about the snail pace ( no - I'm wrong there - snails are faster!) is that you can set them off on a task and then close down the game and go do something else, just check back periodically (like once a day!) to look at progress. I used a credit to get this and, whilst I'm not exactly sorry I bought it, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants a game to actually play. This really is a 'spectator sport', or something to do while you knit a large sweater or re-decorate your house.
I tot tally agree. I completed my best drawling ever while playing vv4
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