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 posted in Loot Hunter: The Most Unbelievable Pirate Story on Sep 8, 14 5:55 PM
Hmmm... this game has so much potental! It looks like a game which was put together and not quite finished.

Ways this game could be improved are:
1. Quest map - so you can see what you've got lined up and still need to do.
2. Better control of the ship - so you can click on an area of the screen and have the boat arrive without having to scroll back over and find which island it's stuck on.
3. Better instructions - a step through tutorial, at least for the first quest would be better than one screen of instructions telling you to sail around and sell stuff.

This game is reminiscent of the Tradewinds series without the storyline to keep you interested.
 posted in Flights of Fancy: Two Doves Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 13 5:29 AM
Flights of Fancy started out to be a wonderful game, much lighter than the fare we've had for a while. Refreshing, the game made me think about what I had to do. The artwork is beautiful and the music is not annoying. I actually played with sound!

My biggest beef, especially of late... we have games where the puzzles are different and fun. However, half way through the game it appears the developers have either run out of time or run out of ideas. The first half of the game is puzzle/hidden object, and the second half of the game is list style HOG. Why not mix them up a bit?

My other beef with this game in particular was 2 of the extras for the fairy/accomplishments could only be obtained during the Extra Chapter, which I assume only comes with the Collectors Edition.
 posted in Toy Defense on Jun 11, 12 7:06 AM
I do have to say I am very happy to finally have a tower defense game I can sink my teeth into!

There is a BASIC demo (from memory, telling you maybe one or two things) but really, as with all tower defense games, set your towers, upgrade/heal them and protect your base.

I agree the sound effects leave a lot to be desired however, I tend to play with minimal sound anyway, so this doesn't really bother me.

I suspect the main reason people are upset about this game is not so much the genre but rather the style of game. If they were cute fluffy things we were defending our base from would it be any different? I personally am glad there is no splatter after they've been hit, which is definately a turn off for me.

Two speeds are so you can 'fast forward' through a level. It can be quite challenging playing in fast forward, because you need to be on the ball with your tower setup to begin with.

This has definately gone in my folder, along with Garden Defense and Master of Defense! Thanks for a challenging game guys.
 posted in Snark Busters: High Society on May 23, 12 5:20 AM
Hmmm... I have to say, I'm quite a bit disappointed. I REALLY enjoyed the previous style of this game.

I'm going to try to 'dot point' things...

- I really enjoy the graphics, very pleasing to the eye.
- The storyline is funny.
- Puzzles kept me thinking, which is a plus.
- It's great to be able to carry things between scenes. This is probably the best change in the gameplay.
- I found items very easy to find.
- Maybe I'm just tired... I found trying to find 'what to do next' a bit of an issue. For example (highlight to read) near the end of the first chapter to see inside the room, I had the walking cane and I didn't realise there was any interaction available for the ladder. I don't recall being directed towards the ladder at any point... and I don't remember any indication that I might be able to use the ladder at a later stage in the game. I ended up using a hint because I couldn't think of anything else to be done.

I will probably end up buying this one, as I do like this series... though again, I am very disappointed about the change in style. I'm with you Ariztokat... "If it aint broke, don't fix it!" Bring on the FROGS!!!
 posted in Island Defense on May 15, 12 3:35 AM
Finally... a tower defense game! I am really trying hard to like this game, as there are not many of this style around which I feel are really worth playing, and are true to the 'tower defense' genre.

3 levels of difficulty, however unlike Garden Defense you cannot change difficulty for each level, as this appears to be preset at the start of the game.

The ships can sail along variable routes rather than one preset path, and I think this adds an element of unexpected variety. There are markers on the side of the map to give an indication of where to expect enemy ships to sail from.

Towers don't appear to be very different visually after they're upgraded. In the EARLY stages of the game, it appears the only way to heal a tower is to upgrade it. There is an item later which you can use to heal a tower over time.

Overall, I think this game has possibilities...

Maybe I missed something in the walkthrough... the Durandal tower is obviously a bomber tower, the Falcon tower is obviously an arrow tower. What's the Phoenix tower and what are it's benefits?

I like the idea of having extra mini games to play. Thanks guys!
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition on Jan 5, 12 11:46 PM
I really felt compelled to post a comment about this game. While the storyline is not really my cup of tea, I absolutely LOVE the game mechanics. I was very happy to see these had not changed much between "The Bride" and "The Legacy".

Both these games have an option to change the brightness (or gamma), both have interactive maps where you can go directly to the place you need, which relieves the endless running around. Upside for "The Legacy" is the map is much clearer and easier to understand.

Challenging puzzles are a bonus, and it was nice to see a different variety of puzzle types not often used in this type of genre. Well done guys!
PS: I've also found that if I uninstall the trial version BEFORE downloading the bought version of a game, it generally installs without errors.
sinshack wrote:
I've been waiting for this one since I did the beta back in February. This is by far the best of the Hidden Expedition series (this is number 5) and is stronger on the story than any of the previous episodes.

Stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, I can't WAIT to play the full version.

Definately agree. Glad to see some of the errors found in the BETA version have been fixed, making the game playable for me.
 posted in Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story on Jan 28, 11 8:45 PM
rainice wrote:Yet another hidden object game about ghosts. Are there no HOGs any more being made that are not about ghosts, spirits ,vampires or other dark or occult subjects? I will not play such games and I'm getting very tired of not having anything offered that meets my standards. As it is there is a very strong possibility that once I find a game to use the one credit that I have, that I will end my membership as I am very dissatisfied with the current situation.

Rainice, I'm with you. I generally dread October, because of all the 'spooky' halloween stuff. I understand many people have a penchant for this type of thing and quite enjoy them. This year however, it just seems the HOG/IHOG game developers haven't managed to move on to a lighter style. It's slim pickings and getting pretty disappointing. Please don't misunderstand, even though FROGS are my favourite, I will play most games, and often just persevere when other genres are running. I'm just a tired of the spooky theme.
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Nov 15, 10 2:46 PM
Hi Barbidoll,

You can Google Direct X. It's a free download with Microsoft.

Take care.
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Nov 15, 10 4:32 AM
Just a followup from my previous post. Uninstalled, did entire cleanup of pc, made sure everything was updated etc. Reinstalled, deleted old profile, created new profile and tada... things back to normal... right up until I went and saw the girl guides (or whatever they are) and whammo... task sheet and map shrink back to being micro again. Haven't bothered to play anymore after that, so don't know about dogs. Hope they fix the issues with this game as I've already bought it.
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Nov 14, 10 6:47 PM

Great game so far. Just a couple of difficulties, one is when I first started playing the game, the map and the task sheet would come up full screen. For some reason, the next time I opened the game, it only opens up small, and you cannot read the actual tasks written etc.

The second problem I've found is when you're excercising the dogs, even when I do manage to line up the 'special' item for each dog, the dog just runs straight over it without picking it up.

Really don't like skipping through the mini games. Am in the process of reinstalling, so hopefully this will fix the problems.
 posted in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests on Nov 5, 10 6:31 AM
For some reason, whenever I quit and restart the game, my current profile is damaged, and I have to start again from the beginning... every time! I have just deleted the game and am in the process of reinstalling. Hope this fixes the problem cause I've already bought it.
 posted in Mysteries of Magic Island on Oct 16, 10 6:18 AM
Okay, I trialled this game when it was still beta. Easy going game. Nice, bright graphics. In the hour trial, I made it through to near the end of Chapter 4, 6 Chapters in all. My only real frustration is what on earth is the point of having a map if you cannot use it to move around? You end up on one side of the island, and have to click all the way back to the start just to get another 'power'. Bit annoying. I seem to remember making this suggestion when I beta tested it too... Anyway, overall, not a bad game, though not one of my favourites either.
 posted in Mole Control on Sep 23, 10 7:38 AM
Graphics are shaky and so is the sound. Shame you cannot move anymore than one step at a time except via jetpack. Sometimes no visual though can come back upon restarting game. Had an error at the end of 4th level though I think that's enough of the game for me.
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Jul 6, 10 6:05 PM
Hi guys,

Thanks very much for the update. Unfortunately, I still cannot finish the bowling alley scene. I get the guy talking to me at the end, he leaves the scene and I get stuck in the alley with nothing to do and no apparent way of exiting. The graphics are still very jumpy and jittery. I am not running 64bit and have Windows XP. Keep up the good work.
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Jul 6, 10 6:17 AM

I've downloaded the game, and the concept looks interesting. However, I do appear to be having serious graphical problems. The game skips through scenes very quickly, and the words which advance automatically just flash across the screen before I get a chance to read them. The main page and the map are jittery and jumping around all over the place. I don't have a problem with the mouse freezing. I am not running 64bit, and only have Windows XP. Like many others, the game freezes up at the end of the bowling alley scene. Thanks for all the efforts in trying to make this game work.
 posted in World Mosaics 2 on Nov 1, 09 2:51 PM
Hi Guys,

There is another game out there called 'Color Cross'. However, BF does not have it. It's a mosaic game, except rather than just putting the 'ticks and crosses' in, you do this on several levels with various colours.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 25, 09 7:58 PM
Hi Abbegirl,

"In inventory, combine the lighter with no wick + oakum = lighter. Use the lighter on the fuel on the fire pit."

The fuel is a pile of wood and the oakum can be found on the beach near where you first land, in a wrapped package, along with a mallett and a caulking iron.

After you pick up the package, disassemble it in your inventory.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 23, 09 5:55 AM
Have you checked the other rooms for new areas to look at?
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