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 posted in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring on Sep 6, 12 5:38 PM
Keeps cutting out
every time the scene changes or I click on something
If I switch away from the game to the desktop the sound comes back on

Seems like an interesting game - but no sound means no play for me.

 posted in Wonder World on Jul 29, 12 4:16 AM
Opened on my wide screen with no problems.
Options - only effects and environment volume control - environment controls music.
You can pick between custom or system cursor. I left it on the custom cursor.
No difficulty levels

Story line - naive wife takes medallion from weird lady in a tent, medallion steals hubby's soul and wife is propelled into mystical realm to save him She meets other trapped souls along her journey.

No voice overs - story and dialogue explained through text.

It is a FROG with several items to find per level. Items interact in the scenes to complete tasks. Objects are small. Graphics - I did not find them very clear. Colorful, and I think promising artwork - but it was like all the edges were blurry. Nope, not my eyes. LOL

Hint button will locate an item for you and tell you if there is nothing left to do in an area. Sometimes there are still things to find, but you have to obtain something from another scene and go back to the use the found item.

Mini-puzzles - eh, fairly standard - slide the picture pieces into place; repeat the flashing lights. Honestly, I skipped them. Skip button fills quickly.

Overall, this game did nothing for me. Easy, rather linear play but just did not grab me.

 posted in Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make Collectors Edition on Jul 27, 12 10:01 PM
Played the hour demo - stopping long enough to type a post, then off to buy to enjoy for tomorrow. I don't care how long the game winds up being - I loved the first Surface and the one hour demo on this one far surpasses the first.

Immediately drawn into this game - gorgeous graphics - music creating an appealing ambiance to the game play - oh, and the puzzles - fabulous - at least the ones I encountered in the demo.

HOGS - well drawn, maybe junk-y pile - not interactive - I love those - but nice and relatively easy - meaning no tiny objects that strain the vision. I think I play these games more for the "adventure" side than the HOG scenes now.

I looked at the SG - seems nice and long - but since I went ahead and did the demo in the casual mode, the hint system was enough help for me - and I did get stuck right off - which is unusual for me. The, um, oddity, of some of the objects I picked up just did not click for me - hmmm, could have been the wine I have had - but really, the objects were not straight forward....i.e., oh look, something to unscrew - oops, now I need to find a screw driver. LOL none of that with these objects - a little less linear than normal, which is very nice.

I am disappointed that I cannot access the wall papers and screensavers in the bonus content right off - developers take heed - but since I can preview them, and they look lovely, I will load them when I finish the game. Like a happy reminder.

I, personally, love finding the flowers and decorating the office - it's the little extras like this that make a game extra enjoyable. Instant gratification, eh? There are achievements - more instant gratification to spur me along - for various things you accomplish along the way. I earned several in my demo time.

My demo time passed quickly - I didn't even notice the time fly - for me a very good sign of things to come.

Off to buy now and play in a harder mode to experience the difference and make the game last longer.

 posted in Ghost Whisperer™ on Jul 16, 12 7:07 PM
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 posted in Ghost Whisperer™ on Jul 14, 12 12:21 PM
I have opened the secret room in the attic - when in that scene tasks are to find doll pieces and searches the room.
When I go back into the hall (with the clock) my tasks are to find doll pieces and find missing clock parts.

In both scenes I can find no active areas or anything to pick up. I switched from expert to casual mode hoping for helpful sparkles or more helpful hints - but nothing.

In both modes when I click on the button - in the clock scene, it directs me to the bedroom...when in the bedroom the hint directs me back to the clock scene. Same with the secret room - the hint directs me out of the room.

So, where are the clock hands???
Or am I in a glitch?

 posted in 1 Moment of Time: Silentville on Jun 17, 12 9:03 PM
I absolutely adore this game.

The music is reminiscent of Professor Layton games - I found myself bouncing my head in time with it.

The voice overs, along with the drawn scenes that accompany have an old world tone and look to them which is very enchanting.

The graphics in the game are clear, crisp, and very detailed.

I am playing in challenge mode - the only drawback for me, is still the sparkles for the HOG scenes. Oh, but what a delight those are - very interactive, and keep me thinking. The cursor does change form when crossing over an interactive item - so they are not too hard - but fun, fun, fun. Things to open, things to combine, and little gems of humor within the scenes. SPOILER .... put the volume on when you put the lipstick on the mannequin in the boutique .... sure bet for a chuckle. Oh, and changes made in the scenes seem to carryover the next time you visit the same scene - kudos for continuity. I actually am looking forward to the HOG scenes, whereas recently, in other games, I am beginning to groan at the thought of another one.

I have had no problem reading the font on the items list and found them easy to read.

The story is intriguing - different from the norm - and I can't wait to find out what exactly is going on in Silentville.

The map is interactive in that it will transport you to different locations. As a plus, it is very well drawn carrying the art of the game into it.

Hint button recharges more slowly in Challenge mode, but I like the bonus of it taking you to where you need to be.

There are "hints" that pop up across the top when you click on something in a scene, but I still find myself puzzled as to what to do next.

Overall, a really delightful game that I can't wait to play more tomorrow. As it well past my bedtime here.
ruadhan wrote:

The odd thing is the acting - they use live-actors but then when it comes time to interact with them, they become what looks like animated or some kind of computer-model. This not only looks strange, the lip movements are then completely out of sync with the dialogue and it just seems weird.

Oh, I so agree with you on this - the mouth movements were just horrid. I didn't mind the human actors morphing into animated - the animated renditions of the them were very well done. But, Oh!, they should have kept their mouths still.
Odd, like others, I did the beta test last night and was surprised to see the game released today - um, what would be the point of feedback? Hmmm, I may wait and see if they release updates based on the beta trails.

Most of my thoughts are from the notes I made last night when I played it in casual mode. I did play a bit tonight on the demo in the harder mode - the HOS had slightly different items to find which lends to re-play, but there were still dang sparkles to show you where they are.

- interesting story line - not pirates (aargh), ghosts or demons
- very nice graphics - a little washed and weary in the HOS, but overall very good
- interactive items in the HOS
- achievements for just about everything - hey, I like instant gratification
- extras to find - 10 of this, 20 of that, that add a little extra to the game
- good voice acting - the way it sounded - not the way it synced with the mouths
- lots of items in the extras - more in cons below

- voice acting - the mouth movements are just out of control - in no way even trying to sync with the actual words - I found this really off putting
- HOS is not progressive - items that you find once reappear when you return to the scene
- lightening in the HOS - I suppose it is meant to add to the ambiance of the game but the short, quick flashes of lightening distract from the scene and if you tend to play in a darkened room it is very bright
- Extras - all of them are locked - some I believe make sense - but not the wallpapers and music
- cursor was clunky and draggy in the first part at the fountain, but smoothed out nicely in any area besides this one.

I really like the game. I liked the story line, the graphics, the puzzles were wonderful - finally, something different. I think it will be a challenging game and worth the CE credits. But, yet, some of the cons tell me to wait just a bit before purchasing - it will be a CE purchase though.

Happy Gaming

Did anyone notice that the screwdriver worked on both flat and Phillips screws?
I just wish I had one like that for real.

I liked this game - it is on my short list for the month. In fact, I actually posted a review in that thread as I felt the game needed a happy vote.
I played the demo in the harder mode.

Kept the music and sfx to the mid range - so voices were clear but music not overwhelmingly loud.

Thought the graphics were good - rainy and dark for the theme of the game - but nice art work

HOG scenes - there were a few - but I actually found them a little challenging - maybe because the artwork in these was not so crisp - but also because some of the items were cleverly hidden. And there is some interaction in the HOG scenes that kept them from being boring find and click. Finished the demo with 11 minutes to spare.

Puzzles were good. I actually skipped the power wire puzzles as I hate, hate, hate, slider puzzles - and was penalized by the game adding 15 minutes to my ultimate completion time. Which I was warned about in the beginning when I picked my mode of play.

Overall, I actually liked this one better than yesterday's pirate game. I must be one odd fish. I like the awards - instant gratification, yeah! and access to bonus features right from the beginning. I forgot to look for the ghosts so if I purchase I have something else to look forward to.

Since I am determined to wait until month end for my final purchase of the month (gotta' fill the punch card), this one goes on the short list.

Happy playing!!!
.... For me, it was about 6 hours.

I also had trouble with the story: the romance of Mary(?) and Captain Remmington. He was a horrendous killer and then he falls in love and yet we're supposed to care about this couple? Yet I really liked the daughter... she was very realistic as an older teen, reminded me of my niece. So it's funny to me that others wouldn't like her.

There are spoilers in the "extras" so maybe that's why they're locked until the end. I buy C.E.s to support the games I enjoy so that more of them will be made and because I like having the extra chapter -and- not having to wait a month to get it.

I really did feel "taken away" by playing The Cursed Heart and I also loved the cinematic aspects--it felt like being immersed in a blockbuster movie. It helps that I haven't played other pirate games, so I didn't feel jaded by the story.

Maybe this is something you want to put on your wish list to pick up later?

Thank you for your insight. I too didn't get the love story aspect - though it was just getting started in the demo time so I was not too far into it.

Locking the bonuses makes more sense after your explanation Thanks.

I think I will wait and see what else comes out before month end - I may well wind up buying this one then.
 posted in Top Secret Finders on May 19, 12 10:05 AM
I liked this game much better than the pirate one I tried today. I played in the harder mode - it does still sparkle on the HOG scenes - but that was it. The hint system is well developed - outside the HOG scenes it will point you in a direction by giving you a pop up box of where to go. Eh, it saved me trekking around the one time I used it.

Graphics are clean for the most part - may be my eyes but I found a few HOG rather small but well hidden and clever interaction for the most part. So, er, no complaints, actually.

You cannot skip the dialog cut scenes which I thought rather tedious, then I began to enjoy the story - 'cause I really don't know who is the bad guy yet. and now I think I want to follow the story through.

I will put this on the list to consider for the month.
I just finished the demo, and while the game play was smooth, the graphics well down, voices adequate, I just didn't get that "Wow" feeling that others seem to be getting.

It is a cursed pirate story - didn't we just have one of those (tho' not nearly as well done)? Is there a Pirates of Caribbean movie due out soon that are driving the ghostly pirate stories?

The daughter in this story just annoyed me - I truly, in the demo time, could not have cared less if I saved her or not. Even on the harder level of play, I found the sparkles and cues given within the game made it not so hard. I also finished the entire demo in less than an hour's time - I used a few hints on HOG scenes just to get through them - but that only shaved a few seconds. Time wise, it doesn't bode well for me.

I am with the others - if I cannot access the bonus feature, like wallpapers, immediately after purchase, I feel cheated and disinclined to spend the extra credit for a CE.

Anyhoo, while I am desperate for a game to take me away - after all I have these lovely Mother's Day credits and three punches left to fill this month - I may just pass on this.

Feel free to change to mind.
 posted in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid on May 13, 12 10:31 AM
TheRealDragon wrote:WAY TOO SHORT!!!

You finally get past the pyramid, and get ready to really get into the story, and WHAM! credits!

For me the whole game was less than two hours!!! (Yes, including the demo.)

I DID love the game, as far as it went, but heck, once you buy it, it ought to last longer than the demo did, right?

I wish I hadn't bought it, but only because of the length. I did love the brain work, and the graphics were amazing!!!

Frankly, I think the developer owes buyers the next game for free.

Ah, I was just about to type this, then I saw this post.

I am hugely disapointed in this game. Stunning graphics, brain teasing puzzles, hand holding only when you want it. I felt that I had just gotten started in the game then BAM over.

I played the demo through, then waited to purchase - after I purchased it picked up where I left off in the demo - wow - I got only another 30 minutes of game play out of it.

Boy, do I feel ripped off.
 posted in Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel Collector's Edition on May 13, 12 8:15 AM
On the fence on this one.

I liked that there were no straight HOS scenes - I do get tired of one seek and find after another in some games. I played on the Advanced mode - so no sparkles; but hints refilled quickly. Did not use the Strategy Guide. Skipped two puzzles in the interest of demo time - but the puzzles were nice - While I understood what to do in them, they took a little time, and thought, to complete.

Graphics - dark, gloomy, thunderstorm in the background. Both of which I grow weary of. Not as crisp as I would expect from this developer.

I don't have any complaints with the voice acting - rather standard IMO. I did get tired of the cut scenes every time I entered a new place - and found some, like the demon dog pointless. Ah, but at least I didn't have to wander around and find it a bone.

Plot - Meh, Anthony Perkins, and a glowing demon dog, and ghosts. Rather Psycho gone other wordly.

Music - yeah, annoying. Alternates between trying to be creepy and then rather upbeat old time investigations tune. Discordant to the mood they are trying to set.

Filled my wide screen (I play on a desktop).
3 levels of difficulty
Strategy guide only shows first 2 chapters in demo mode.
All CE bonuses locked until after play is complete

All in all - maybe wait for the SE to come out.

Shame, really, I have all these lovely credits from the Mother's Sale that are now burning a hole in my virtual pocket.
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Mar 17, 12 10:31 PM
I just finished the demo - I like this game.

Maybe I watch too much Walking Dead - but I sure felt like Rick waking up in the hospital room and entering an abandoned facility.

Anyhoo, I was kinda' sucked in right from the warning sign at the beginning and immediately turned the lights off. I like to be scared sometimes, and there were some "twitch in my chair" moments - better was the suspense that those moments created wondering what was around the next corner.

I played the demo in the harder mode - hint and skip took awhile to recharge, and there was the annoying click penalty in the HOG scenes, but those really just make me take my time. Penalty makes your cursor run around in circles for a little bit. No sparkles in the mode I was in. Fairly linear play - when you come across an obstacle you know what you need to get past it, but you do have to search around to find it.

Hint button will point out places in scenes that need action, items in a HOG scene, and tell you if there is nothing currently to do in an area. The last does not exhaust the hint button so you can check areas until you find the one that needs action.

It is sneaker worthy - I found I had to backtrack a few times to get what I needed - but not enough to be boring or frustrating. The map, while not interactive, did help me remember what was where and I hope will be useful further into the game.

I used 55 minutes of the 60 minute demo time to complete what the walk through showed as the first chapter. I did skip two mini-games, mostly in the interest of time. The mini games were hard for me - which I liked - for me, it adds to the play-ability of a game if the minis are challenging.

Graphics - while not as sweepingly beautiful as some that we know - fit the game. I liked the wash of colour in a scene and the little touches that added the wasted, empty town feel of the game.

Music - well, it is just background noise - and while repetitive added to the atmosphere as well. I really did not notice it very much.

No voice overs - but I did not miss them in this game.

Filled my wide screen. No freezes or bugs while I played.

If the remaining 3 chapters equal the length of the first one in the demo than I should get a solid 4 hours of play time from this game - which is all right by me.

So, for me, a definite yes.

Happy Gaming!

birdslisa wrote:Played the whole game without problems. Started bonus game and played for 2 minutes when the game shut down and said that the bonus content was corrupt and I would have to pick a new profile. It deleted my first profile, so I would have to start the whole game over again. That sucks!!

I too completed the game and was about 1/2 way through the bonus content. Exited the game, when I re-opened it I got a message that my Save Game File was corrupt and I would have to make a new player profile.

I lost the entire completed game and the only way to get back to the bonus content is to play through it again.

I enjoyed the game - but really?
 posted in Foreign Dreams on Jul 9, 11 8:59 AM
7 Minutes of play time
Got to the letter for the book
Clicked on the letters, clicked on the book
Screen went to black.
Force close of the game through task manager
Same black screen.

Shame, I think I would have liked this game.
 posted in Mystery of the Missing Brigantine on Jul 2, 11 12:48 PM
To the lead actors in the Mummy movie series in the title picture?

First run through on demo took 40 minutes on "hard" mode, took my time looked around, was enjoying the game - got the the sheriff's office and had the same tech glitch that has been oft reported on this thread.

This morning, with 20 minutes left on the demo time, I decided to open a new profile and while doing so, noticed that while my place in the game was the same - the black screen that was formerly the sheriff's office - the game did not save my profile name - I had been reduced to "player" once again.

Under the new profile I quickly ran through the game to get back to the sheriff's office (which also told me that this will have limited re-play value, though the **** scenes asked for a few different items) to see if I could re-create the black screen.

Along the way I found more glitches...

1) Could not pick up the tapes - the hand icon hovered over them, but clicking did pick up the tapes - this was the same on the three that I cam across.

2) Could not open the journal - Oh, I could click on the journal, then click in the middle of the screen where the journal should have appeared, and I could hear the pages turning - just could not see it.

3) - Could not open the Strategy Guide - it performed the same as the journal.

Unfortunately - well maybe fortuitously, I ran out of time before I could finish piffling around in the sheriff's office and get the black screen again.

And yes, BFG mods - I will be happy to cut and paste this post into a tech support email. But, really, you guys read these also and could just pass along.

Wonder if anyone at BFG could tell us if a corrected version will be released? I did kinda' like the game and was willing to spend the $$ for a few hours of mindless entertainment. Oh, well, think I will go to a movie today instead.

Happy Weekend to all !!!!
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