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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 18 8:31 PM
Can anyone tell me what's up with the Destiny keys? What are they used for and how many do we need?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 28, 18 7:00 PM
bfgBeruna wrote:Hello rellen and gameslvr,

Welcome to the forums! I'm happy to answer your questions.

rellen: <a href="">Daily Quests</a> allow players to earn coins and other rewards. They also give players a way to stay involved with the game in between seasonal events and Castle Challenges. I definitely appreciate how replaying the same hidden object scenes could become tedious; the good news is that the further you progress in the game, the more scenes become available.

gameslvr: Pet medallions can be purchased in the laboratory, but this is for the purpose of crafting pets. (One pet medallion costs one diamond.) Daily Quests are the most reliable way to earn them. I apologize for not being able to provide more helpful information about earning pet medallions.

To ensure your questions reach the widest possible audience in the future, I'd recommend making them in the main Midnight Castle forum. There are plenty of seasons players who'll gladly offer help and advice.

Thank you for your patience. Please PM me or another <a href="">moderator</a> if more questions arise. We're here to provide answers.


Beruna, I have looked all over the laboratory, in pets and items and no where is there a place to buy pet medallions. Am I missing something?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 26, 18 10:13 PM
How on earth are we supposed to get 30 Pet Medallions? Can't request them from friends or buy them. I've been doing the daily quests but that takes forever. Any suggestions?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 7, 17 12:43 AM
Hi Everyone! I just downloaded the newest update and nothing is Christmasy! The flowers are just flowers, No one is dressed for Christmas, there are no children in front of the castle and when I go to the private rooms and try to leave a gift I get the message that its not time to leave gifts and to wait until next Christmas!

Is it the same for everyone else or is there just a problem with my game????
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth on Oct 21, 17 12:07 AM
Read all your posts and I appreciate the help but nothing I have done has helped and I've tried every suggestion. I'm sending a message to BF.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth on Oct 21, 17 12:04 AM
kristinrose1983 wrote:Ok, I just solved the thing! So all of the dots are in positions that correlate with actual numbers on a clock. Taking that into consideration start at the dot that correlates with 1:00 on a normal clock, from there count 5 spaces clock wise. Then count back 3 spaces counter clockwise to the dot that correlates with 3:00 on a normal clock. Here is the part that confused me, from the 3:oo o'clock position count seven dots that will land you back at the 1:oo position.

I tried that and all it did was light up the first dot Can't go further in the game. So frustrating when you pay for a game and they have a puzzle that can't be solved.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 29, 17 11:48 PM
suec96 wrote:I hope this is the right place to post this question.
Every time I come on the Midnight Castle forum, I open up a discussion and it is from like 2013!
If I try to click on the higher numbers (which I believe are more currant) the pc sends me back to the window with ALL the discussions.
I have tried to go one at a time (very tedious) and have gotten like 20 pages and either got tired of it OR even at that the pc sent me to the list of all discussions again.

Am I crazy?? (well yes, but...)
No really, I do see 'recent' discussions, and even some of them are old.
What am I doing wrong???

Oh, and I have another question: why are our GAME names and our names on here different. Makes it so hard to know who your friends are.

SUECQ pc#643848

Hi SueCQ. At the top of the page when you click on Castle Forum there is as series of page numbers and then a "go" box. If you click on the "go" it opens a box where you can write in the page that you want to go to. I usually look at the last number and then write in a number a few before that. Hit go and you are at the most recent posts. Hope that helps!
 posted in Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor on Sep 25, 17 7:42 PM
I have no idea what to do. I have gotten all the pieces but I have some items that are greyed out in my item list. I have no cheese to give to the mouse and I don't know where to get it. I have no ink to go with the pen and no bulb to place in the lamp. I have all the other misplaced items but no where to put them. Can anyone help me?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 14, 17 7:19 PM
Can anyone tell me what the puzzles are for and what do you do once a puzzle is completed? Should you disenchant the duplicate puzzle pieces into sparkles? Then what do you do with the sparkles?????

If there is a tutorial on the puzzles I would appreciate someone pointing me to it. Thanks.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 14, 17 7:14 PM
Can anyone tell me what to do once a puzzle is completed? What do you do with it?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 12, 17 7:23 PM
Hello all. I have been out of the Castle for quite a while and when I came back I noticed that a lot of my "friends" were either inactive or had no arrow next to their name to tell me what they wanted to receive and therefore I had to delete them, losing a lot of friends. So if you see you have been deleted, its only out of necessity!

I would like to add friends back. My name and I.D. is Gameslvr -- 433097.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 6, 17 10:45 AM
Jackie34918 wrote:
Cinie55 wrote:I've been playing for a very long time. Love this game!
Biggest issue I'm having right now is it freezing and then rebooting on its own. I just played for and hour and it doesn't it. When it came back I was short about $2000 not to mention the forward motion! I worked hard to get there and spend a lot of money on this game and then it gets stolen!!! I'm just about to give up. Please fix issues???

Hi and welcome to the forum! Unfortunately no one here can help you. You need to send a request to Customer Support with your ID number and the platform you're playing on. Just click on "Help" at the top of this page. Good luck!

Please players! I'm seeing a lot of tech issues here. If you have been playing for a long time please remember that technical issues are not posted here. Those questions should go to Customer Support!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 23, 16 5:20 PM
Thank you Kingo32. That is much easier!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 21, 16 12:14 AM
Thanks MariteB, it good to know I was not alone. I never clicked on that GO button before and that's so much easier!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 21, 16 12:07 AM
Gulfcoast guppy: Thank you so much for your post. I can't believe it was that simple! Wonder why customer service could not tell me that. In any case, thank you again!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 18, 16 8:47 PM
I have a very strange problem and I wondered if anyone on the forum has ever had this happen or knows how to fix it.

When I want to get on the forum and I click on "Welcome to Midnight Castle forum" I'm brought to page 1 and at the top of the page are other page numbers you can click on to go to that page. Unfortunately the only numbers displayed for me are
1,2,3,.......305, 306.

Since the last page with entries is 304, there is no way that I can click on it to get to the last page. I certainly don't want to click on 3 and use the arrow to forward to 304, Clicking on the ......... does nothing, and clicking on 305 takes me back to the page that says Welcome to Midnight Castle forum.

The only way I have been able to read the current page is to go to MY Posts and click on my last post which brings me just a few pages back from 304.

I have contacted customer service and they say they can't do anything on the forums page. Its their site and if they can't, I don't know who could.

Any suggestions???????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 7, 16 7:15 PM
To my friends-I have to say that I need to take a break from this game. I'm at the point where I need 20,000 coins to go on. At the telephone I tried to use my diamonds to get the item needed 2 x and both time didn't get it (12 diamonds) so I'm kind of fed up and am going to not play for a while.

Hope you will stay with me and just give me a little time.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 23, 16 12:29 AM
Can anyone tell me what the "Crossed Fingers Quest" is? and where will I find it? I'm at level 61.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 7, 16 9:18 AM
OK, this Castle Challenge just does not like me.

I'm 7 days behind trying to get a diamond from the wheel. I've tried every day and sometimes twice a day and still have not gotten it so I can't move on. Same thing happened to me on the dice table last time.

Guess I'll just give up on the Challenge!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 3, 16 6:19 PM
Jackie34918 wrote:
gameslvr wrote:Can someone please settle a small dispute between my sister and myself? She says she got money from filling the airship and I say you never get money from the airship.--at least I never have.

Your sister is right. You get 15 coins per item packed and sent. Watch closely once you click on pack and you will see the amount of coins floating up. Or check how much you have before packing the crates and check again once you send the airship.

Thank you, Jackie. Good to know, even though I was incorrect!
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