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There is a major glitch in the gramophone mini-game in the bonus chapter, When you click on the empty space on the third line it makes you go backward as if you're wrong. Another poster stated that the "real" empty space for the third line is invisible and that they clicked randomly until they found it. Two other lines don't have an opening at all.
Did you finish the training race before you run out of time? You have to beat the timer before you can race.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 15, 17 4:41 PM
I'm guessing that's my question because in the bonus Carl level you do see all the mice in their different costumes. I wish there was a counter so you could tell how many you haven't found. I guess I'll just have to go back and play some easy levels and keep track.

Ok, I finally figured it out. I realized that you can pick which mouse you want to show up. I guessed which ones I got towards the end of the game and chose them and I finally got the stupid achievement.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 15, 17 1:22 PM
I unlocked all of the mice but I can't get the 12 mice achievement. I went back and played the one bonus game where you have to find all the Carl's and I still can't get it. Anyone got a clue?
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 15, 17 1:18 PM
You don't have to do anything special. I had no problem getting over 3000. As long as you serve the thirsty people quickly---they just want a drink--and check them out just as fast. I only doubled up if it was convenient.
 posted in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 17 4:41 PM
You click bowl, water, then the brush.
 posted in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 17 4:39 PM
Just like when you want coffee, you press on the heater (or whatever its called) for the stones and wait until the dial goes to green. Once you do that the stones automatically go onto your tray. Then you just move the stones to the matching shapes.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 17 5:03 PM
I had to play that level a ridiculous amount of times before I could get that 3rd star. I had all the upgrades and it still took FOREVER. Combos, combos, combos. I tried to never check out just one person if I could help it. As far as the cupcakes, what seemed to work for me was doing one at a time. At first I was trying to have multiple cupcakes on my tray to be quicker, but the customers never stop coming so it was slowing me down. Only when it seemed like I had a break would I double up the cupcakes. Also, make sure you read what the upgrades actually do--they're very specific about what you have to do to get a tip/bonus.

It's too bad I can't drink right now---I really needed one after that.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on Apr 1, 17 8:44 AM
This game was pretty good. I definitely got my money's worth with this one. Yeah, it was hard but it took me a long time to finish it. You actually have to think about things. It's 8 chapters long--you can go back and play the individual chapters . The beginning is stark and a little off-putting, but I'm glad I stuck with it. The hint button definitely got a workout --it doesn't tell you what to do, only where you need to be or if you need to put something together. I had a couple captain obvious moments where I was making things more difficult than needed. Your options are limited so it helps when trying to figure out your next step. The mini-games were good--once again I had to really think about how to complete some of them. I totally sucked at the boss mini-games, yeah for the skip button!

I suggest this game for people who like to be challenged and need a break from the usual: Look at my life-like graphics!, easy game (1-2 hrs max), walk-through mandatory games we get every week. And yes, I like those games too.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on Apr 1, 17 8:13 AM
There is no sequence. Use the cord between the statues and click on it.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on Apr 1, 17 8:11 AM
You don't. Put the cord between the statues and then click on it. The rope pulls both statues down at the same time.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 17 3:14 PM
Thank you burf90! I was struggling to comprehend the bonus chapter story. It was too short and just plain weird. Ever since Eipix took over MCF, things aren't quite the same. The story line and the puzzles are the strongest elements of this series and I don't think they've quite got the hang of it yet. This game was fine, but pretty easy compared to the previous games. The puzzles weren't that hard. I remember how difficult they used to be and was disappointed. The story line was actually pretty interesting until the end.
The Ravenhearst story line was epic, but its over, so move on people. Eipix needs to go back to making each series more individualized, not so cookie cutter. Finding the puzzle pieces and morphing objects was pretty easy, which wouldn't be a bad thing if the puzzles were harder to solve. I have to mention the map--yeah, don't do that again.
For the record, I buy all HO CE games, irregardless of who makes them, etc. Love old school games with no walkthroughs--thank god for the hint/skip buttons.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Wanderer Collector's Edition on Oct 29, 16 11:01 AM
The masks are found in the bonus game.
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 16 5:37 PM
When the patient first comes in, what they need will flash above their head just like usual then it disappears into a question mark. Basically you need to remember what they want. The easiest way to do this is to perform the task as soon as it appears. I've done this several times in the Emily games so it wasn't hard for me to do it in this game. I don't really have a trick to make it easier. Hopes this helps.
 posted in Black Swan on May 4, 16 2:54 PM
I agree that this game would have been a lot better without the tech glitches. I had the same freezing issues. I was able to finish the game using your advice with using the hint button in the fireplace. When i would lose my inventory--always after the game would freeze up--all I had to do was use the map to jump to a different room and my inventory would come back. I don't know how you finished the game without rescuing the girl in the bubble though, that shouldn't be possible. But considering all the problems I'm not surprised either.
Played the original game just fine. Stuck in bonus chapter at the owl coin mini game. Was trying to figure it out on my own, but finally used the strategy guide. For whatever reason I can no longer do anything with the puzzle. None of the pieces will move, the restart button doesn't work and i can't skip out of the game. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game with no change.

Windows 10
 posted in Steel LIFE on Feb 23, 16 12:12 PM
Melt the ice--the crow will fly outside. Freeze the ice and immediately go outside then back inside. Don't wait for the crow because he will automatically be there when you go back inside. When you come back inside, he should be frozen to the floor.
I think this should be the end of the Dalimar's story line. It felt like they answered the basic questions of how this whole thing started and gave it a great ending. MCF originated the unique puzzles that sometimes were so hard I thought I was going to never figure them out. I have them all, starting with Huntsville. The whole reason I became a member of BFG was because the game site I was a member of no longer had the rights to the MCF series, which was way back in 2007. I didn't like the live actors that much--seemed gimmicky. The Ravenhearst series is one of my all time favorites.
I buy every HO CE that comes out for one reason only---the bonus chapter. I don't care about any of the other extras. I love all types of HO games from scary to love stories. There are several series out that have done a good job of telling a good story with intriguing puzzles and great graphics. It's time for the Master Detective to start a new case..
 posted in Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 15 9:22 AM
Yes, the last item was in the room where the guy is going up the stairs. I don't know if it changes each time but that's where I found it.
 posted in Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 15 9:03 AM
Click and drag the card you want to the playing field. OMG!! Why they just don't say that in the instructions is beyond me. Did it by accident when I was clicking around like a mad person. Hope this helps!
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