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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 15 12:05 PM
Has anyone else noticed that the extra levels and new storyline that is suppose to be included in this Collector's Edition DOES NOT EXIST!! After some considerable digging on the **** game site to find out what the glitch was, I discovered that there is no glitch. The developer has posted that it was a mistake that was made. How nice of them! They also did this in the Emily's New Beginnings Collector's Edition, although I cannot find any info on why that happened. (Same thing, no doubt!) Meanwhile, the lover's of this game are being charged the more expensive price for the expanded game and getting the standard edition. Really, Really NOT COOL!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning on Oct 19, 15 11:54 AM
I cannot believe that NOBODY has figured out that the extra levels, that we paid the Collector's Edition price for, DO NOT EXIST!! You know what also DOES NOT EXIST? The NEW STORYLINE!! After some considerable digging on the **** site, I finally found this out. The developers made a "mistake" by adding that in the extras section. It is not only this game, but the new Emily's game --Emily's Home Sweet Home. Could it be that they got away with over-charging for non-existent material the first time, so came around and did it again? NOT COOL!!
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