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 posted in 9 Elefants on Oct 6, 14 9:50 PM
It is a bug - you have the right answer, but you'll just have to skip it.
 posted in 9 Elefants on Oct 6, 14 9:12 AM
Oh my goodness, so hard, but so easy! Thank you so much, I would never have figured that one out!
 posted in 9 Elefants on Oct 2, 14 5:40 PM
How many drops of water fit into a wine glass?

Any ideas, anyone?
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on May 24, 13 10:29 PM
Settlement: Colossus is my FAVORITE game - and I have played a lot of games over the past several years. I love just going to this game and entering a world where it's peaceful, the music is enchanting, and playing is so relaxed and fun.
I would LOVE to see a Settlement: Colossus 2 come out, with more challenges, the same music and peaceful scenes (but different) and maybe some conversation with the people. I have played this through at least five times and I will sit down and play it whenever I'm stressed and I need an escape!
 posted in Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel on Feb 1, 11 11:44 AM
I agree! I loved all the different little puzzles - just challenging enough and never to hard. The hint help was great when I didn't know how to proceed. I was SO glad there weren't so many hog scenes, I'm getting tired of those. I love the other puzzles - and the storyline was very interesting and well done. Very fun game! Let's have more like that!!!
 posted in Avenue Flo on Dec 20, 09 2:37 PM
I really loved this game! it was lighthearted (no bloody murders, thank you very much) and it kept moving. It was a nice change from all the HOG's - I'm getting a little tired of spending all of my time looking for things. There were nice mini games and a story to go with it. As soon as I tried it, I knew I would buy it.
Please give us more games like this!
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