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 posted in My Life Story: Adventures on Sep 24, 11 12:02 AM
From what I have read elsewhere...

Artists can't get the haggling skills, scientists can't get the stamina skills, and heroes can't get the speed skills. I'm not sure about the secret agent.
 posted in Empires & Dungeons on Jun 9, 11 6:56 AM
I am also having this issue. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling which didn't help. Very frustrating.
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 1:30 AM
I really liked this game and bought it after 38 minutes of demo time.

Graphics: Very bright and cheerful, no dark scenes so far, and the woman was lively and active. Also liked how if you moved your mouse over certain objects they'd respond, such as a lamp lighting up.

Sound: Pleasant music, active sounds in the scenes.

Hints: Fairly plentiful but there is a limited number. You can get more by finding magnifying glasses. Also had hints in the form of objects vibrating after you chase the cat out of the room and a quick flash of light from small bombs in the rooms.

Gameplay: This will not challenge experienced veteran gamers but if you just want a light and refreshing break this is a good game. One of my favorite things in a game is decorating and this game offers that when you renovate the inn. The best part is that you get to change your mind so if you decide you want stone instead of brick for your front wall, you can easily do so. If only real life were that obliging. You get bonus coins in each room as well as from finding the list objects.

Modes: Relaxed and timed. Relaxed mode does have sparkles on objects after a short time if you can't find them.
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 25, 11 6:55 PM
Thank you so much! I was getting incredibly frustrated with this. I'm not much for skipping puzzles because there is that joy of getting them, but this just wouldn't click for me.
 posted in Magic Life on Mar 5, 11 3:12 AM
I'm seeing comparisons between Life Quest and Magic Quest which are fair because I believe it's the same developer and same game engine but there are a few differences which you should know about before rushing to buy.

One major difference is that in this game there are magic duels which require some manual dexterity as you cast the spells. You need to make the appropriate sign to cast the spell (you can have a template on screen to help) and this may pose a problem if you have trouble with your hands such as arthritis. I use a trackball which isn't well-suited for mouse gestures in games like this so if you don't use a standard mouse be warned.

Another difference is that in Life Quest, if you failed to beat your rival the game would stop at that level and you wouldn't proceed to the next challenge until you completed all the tasks which could be used as a cheat. My strategy was to play until the gym unlocked, then deliberately lose the challenge and take all the gym classes but not complete one of the other tasks so it was much easier to earn money or take classes. You can't do that in this game. When your rivals all beat you, the next challenge is upon you and you get no points for that round.

This game is much harder to win even on the relaxed level unlike Life Quest with the exploit I mentioned so you'll be hustling to keep up with your opponents.

It's a good game, but not quite Life Quest.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 5, 11 2:59 AM
This really needs rephrasing for the instructions. Since the actual answer is given above I'll give it a shot.

The bubble contains the numbers on the right column (1,2,3,4) and the numbers you have to drag over on the left column (the ones you fill in). The four statements should give you the correct number of times each number appears when counting both columns.

Ugh. There really is no easy way to phrase it.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 5, 11 2:56 AM
The daily deal is over but I think it's worth it even at regular price.

It's essentially the mini-games from hidden object games only with almost no hidden object elements.

If you hate slider puzzles you'll hate this game, but the skip bar fills very quickly and you aren't penalized for using it so don't let sliders dissuade you.

For the other games, some will be common sense and you won't need hints while others will require hints that are purchased by obtaining coins around the island. Don't be shy about using them because it seems like there are enough coins for all of the puzzles. I'm tempted to go through and see if there is indeed enough to do this.

 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 5, 11 2:52 AM
Highlight to view.


Count the number of letters in the names of the children. It goes 4, 5, 6 then 4, 5, and then X which of course is six.
 posted in 3D Knifflis: The Whole World in 3D! on Mar 1, 11 6:20 PM
I really hate giving a negative review but this game was essentially unusable because of the sheer slowness in the scoring screen where there was absolutely no reason for it to be so horribly slow. I played a total of five minutes and the first chain match level took 1:26 so guess where the rest of the time was spent? Hint: I was sitting there clicking randomly on the screen trying to get it to move already!

I'd mention that my computer is less than two years old so and is an off the shelf HP so there's no reason that I can see on a technical sense from the system configuration.
 posted in A Girl in the City on Jan 31, 11 4:06 PM
Thumbs down. I hated the crossword puzzle and ended up skipping it because I simply had no idea how to rotate the squares. No right click? Really?

Hated the story as well. If you're literally scrounging around your apartment for change to buy food then why are you buying flowers and wine? Why are you shelling out money for new clothes to impress a classmate? Wouldn't you be more likely to get ramen noodles than luxuries like that?

Also, there was a lot of double clicking because I'd click on an object and it wouldn't take it so I needed to double click.

 posted in Trivia Golf on Jan 12, 11 2:28 AM
I really wanted to like this game but the pacing is just too slow for me. A single game was over thirty minutes.
 posted in Hexus on Jan 11, 11 4:39 AM
I have to amend my review as the demo expired before I saw some of the other features. There are spot the difference mini-games as well as hidden object scenes. The hidden object scenes are actually pretty good in their execution.
 posted in Hexus on Jan 11, 11 2:55 AM
General recommendation: Try before you buy, but save it for that last punch or when when it's a daily deal.

Graphics: Bright in the games. Nothing exceptional otherwise.

Sound: Average quality. Music was in keeping with Egypt, but nothing memorable.

Storyline: Minimal. There is a skip button.

Gameplay: Nothing special. One game is the standard match three, while the other is collapse. The thing I liked was getting to build a city which I could re-arrange at will. I loved the idea of having a male or female avatar that you could customize, including the faces. Getting to play dress up is my favorite part of the game other than the Egyptian setting.

I like the game myself, but if you aren't into Egypt or the customizing of avatars, there just isn't anything special about the game that hasn't been done before.
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Nov 25, 10 9:12 PM
Overall recommendation: Try before you buy. Hardcore RPG players will like this, but many of you will not. Be advised the tone of this game is fairly dark and this is not a "pet the happy pink kitten!" type of game.

Graphics: Very unusual. Apparently hand-drawn and not the standard cookie cutter ones seen in many RPGs. The darker tone of them may not appeal to players. More hardcore types may appreciate the simplicity.

Music: Interesting.

Story: Again, this is a darker toned story where the player is a player who laments causing death. The first town is being afflicted with a plague, the pharmacist abandons the town, and a little girl is cut in half by the evil creatures within the first ten minutes. Not the most cheerful fare. People who hate to read are not going to like this game because the story seems to be complex with lots of reading.

Gameplay: This is not an easy game. There are no difficulty levels and for those who play RPGs, you can't just simply do a Conan the Barbarian and hack and slash through the game. Use the skills (spells) provided! You will not live without them. If you are hardcore then you'll like this. Casual players will be discouraged.
 posted in Great Secrets: Nostradamus on Oct 30, 10 5:09 AM
General recommendation: Weak try before you buy. Maybe if you need that last punch or it's a daily deal.

Played on casual mode for 30 minutes.

Graphics: Fairly bright with objects being fairly reasonable in size. The details were not sharp and it could be difficult to find objects as a result of this. I did like the character drawings.

Sound: I really liked the music as it was quite relaxing. I'd actually listen to it on my own without a game. Some ambient sounds were included but really didn't fit such as a crackling fire in a scene where there was no fire or the ticking of a clock without an actual clock.

Language: Many typographic errors and awkward grammar. I got the impression the developers were Russian so grammar mistakes are understandable, but misspelling words is not. Scull for skull is an example.

Story line: It was there but it didn't seem too strong, more like an attempt to try and put things together. Nostradamus is a fascinating character who lived in a particularly rich historical period but the story itself really didn't seem to tap that resource. It might have been better without the attempt to be honest. The dialogs could be skipped if you wished so.

Gameplay: Two modes exist; one is casual with no timer and the other is an upward timer meaning it tracks how long a level took. Hints available with a reasonable recharge time. No click penalty in casual mode, but there is a time penalty in regular mode. I liked the variety of mini-games and all of them had a skip button that became available in a reasonable time length.

Overall, there's nothing really that wrong with the game, but it's just kind of there. It's like the developers didn't put a lot of effort into it which is why it gets a weak rating from me but not a bad one. Mediocre is the best word to describe this game.
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 17, 10 2:04 PM
I'm seeing several people mentioning the beta. Please do not make reviews based on the beta because the intent of a beta is to have feedback before a general release. Suggestions from the beta testers are often implemented which are included in the demo version so using the beta as the basis of a review often might not be fair. Even if you beta tested the game, try the finished version please so as to give the best possible review.
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 17, 10 1:52 PM
General recommendation: Buy. I really liked this game which is in the tradition of the Virtual Villagers series.

Graphics: Bright and colorful. The animations of the people are fun to watch. They are straightforward so that everything is recognizable instantly and easy on the eyes.

Sound: The music is appropriate for the setting and is unobtrusive. The game sounds are also useful in telling you something is happening off screen. The ambient sounds of the jungle help bring the atmosphere to you.

Gameplay: As in virtual villagers, the game basically relies on you to pick the character up and place them on an object of interest so that they will interact with it. One thing I liked was that when a character was doing a job, they'd keep doing it without further action by you for the most part with the exception of someone being totally unskilled at a task getting discouraged. One big plus over the virtual villager game is that the action stops when you exit the game so you don't have the unpleasant surprise of a dead village upon your return. The one major negative that I saw was that the tutorial is apparently unskippable. I can understand why a developer would rather people not get confused but I'm the sort who loves to say "hey, there's a fish flopping next to the stream, what happens if I get a character to pick it up" so being forced to go through the steps is a bit annoying.

Overall, I really liked this game and since a kind fishie gave me a coupon I know what I'll be doing with it today.
 posted in Renovate & Relocate: Boston on Oct 10, 10 3:56 AM
General recommendation: A very weak suggestion to use this for a daily deal if you have nothing better to spend a couple bucks on. I wouldn't spend the 7 bucks to fill a punch card on this.

Graphics: I liked the character drawings the most. The general atmosphere was very bright and easy to see. The big drawback to the graphics were the hidden object scenes where I actually ignored the list of objects to find and just clicked on the objects that look like they were placed afterward. Play the game and you'll understand what I mean. In the cases where I did that I was easily able to pick out the vast majority of the objects without using the list at all.

Sound: It's unusual for me to completely trash an aspect of the game but this is one time where I must do so. The music was grating to say the least and did nothing to enhance the mood. The game sounds were nothing great. The voices were very flat and unemotional. The voiceovers also sounded like they were performed in a standard room using a cheap microphone with uncorrected feedback echoing. Not impressive by any standards.

Gameplay: There is an overclicking penalty that is somewhat annoying where it locks up the cursor and tick tocks at you. The hints renew at an acceptable rate. They don't come too slowly to frustrate you, but they don't come fast enough to encourage just taking the hints to play. As noted earlier, you probably won't need too many hints because of the lack of challenge in finding the objects.

General comments: I normally love decorating games, especially where you have a choice of decorating options but the options given were not exactly appealing. I am also wondering why in the world I have to clean up after the contractor who should be doing his job to begin with considering what they charge.

Overall, this game is disappointing.
 posted in Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen on Oct 6, 10 7:05 PM
General recommendation: Try before you buy but only if you really want to finish off a punchcard or have a coupon about to expire.

I played through 30 minutes which was enough for me to make a judgment. Usually I try not to read the reviews and make my own reviews but when I saw this hit four pages in day that sent up a red flag.

Graphics: I really liked the character sketches and how generally bright, colorful, and clear the graphics were. The hidden objects were also appropriately sized. No complaints about the graphics here.

Sound: There was no music and the sounds were minimal during the game. I did like the voiceovers and it was nice to have Venus Williams voicing herself in the game.

Gameplay: There is a timer but it counts upwards meaning you won't run out of time, but if you are competitive this may bother you. Hints recharge in sixty seconds and you are told this in the tutorial. There is an overclick penalty which adds time to your score. There are mini-games involved such as a break the bricks (Breakout) but there is a skip button. There are many spot the differences games as well. The camera game will be very annoying because it requires fairly precise mousework which may be offputting. Personally, it wasn't that so much as the types of camera shots that baffled me. Why would I take a picture of Venus' elbow instead of her face for example?

Storyline: There is a story but it's more incidental from the three chapters I played it wasn't integral. The story doesn't fully make sense to be honest and it didn't really add a lot to the game.

If you are getting this game, it's most likely best used as filler as opposed to A-list material.
 posted in Incredible Adventures of my Mom on Oct 4, 10 10:10 AM
General recommendation: Try before you buy. I liked the game but I suspect veterans of the genre won't.

I played for 42 minutes when the phone rang and I had to answer. Seemed like a good place to review.

Graphics: Crisp, bright, and clear. I really liked how the scenes had animated items in them. The objects themselves were generally appropriately sized instead of having paperclips the size of a car. The objects weren't too small so as to make it difficult to see.

Sound: The sound was acceptable and the music was decent. One touch I liked was in the first scene where a phonograph was playing and in the living room it was relatively loud, but if you went outside into the front yard you could still hear it at a lower volume. A small touch but one I noticed. Another thing was interactive objects such as the cat in the first scene that meowed if you clicked it.

Story: A story was present but nothing incredibly original. It reminded me of "Stop or My Mother Will Shoot' but not quite as active in terms of the role the mother played. I have the suspicion that fans of crime tv shows will definitely not approve of disturbing a crime scene which may turn people off. The whole "an amateur can do better than the professionals" kind of turned me off to be honest.

Gameplay: The game has a fast hint refill system and a fast skip button for the minigames although I doubt anyone with experience will need that. There was also a checklist accessible by clicking on the character portrait at the top which gave you a general idea of the direction you should be going although again I'd note that it wasn't really needed. Sparkles on areas of interest were present and obvious. This game would be a good introduction to the hidden object genre although the simplicity will turn off more advanced players. I liked the overclick penalty which involved some bullet holes on the screen, the noise which isn't overly loud, and the reaction of the character avatar which you should experience yourself.

Overall, this is more suited as an introduction to hidden object games or as a lighter and more relaxing game.
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