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 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour on Dec 14, 11 7:48 AM
Yup, the naked model thing happened to me too. This game is very buggy.
 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour on Dec 14, 11 7:47 AM

I can't finish the game. After the last show was finished, the game shuts down itself and a Mac crash reporter window appeared. This happened many times. Is there an update that fix this error?
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Sep 2, 10 12:17 AM
I'm impatiently waiting for Chocolatier 4. It's been so long since Chocolatier 3, and I think they shouldn't make us wait this long!
 posted in Hotel Dash: Suite Success on Nov 23, 09 7:17 PM
It's great to be able to play the game that I bought, lol. The fix came a bit late than I expected but I understand it was weekend.

I hope next time, the BFG team would check that the games they're selling are actually PLAYABLE and not buggy. It affects customer satisfaction. Some people might be able to wait, others might choose to claim their money.
 posted in Hotel Dash: Suite Success on Nov 21, 09 5:43 PM
Thank God I checked this forum. I bought the Mac version as well and the keycode gave me the error. Haven't contacted the support people yet, I assume they're not working on weekends?
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships on Oct 14, 09 10:55 PM
divegal wrote:
I love a simple checklist, lots of puzzles, and for the problem-solving to be not ridiculously hard; and I hate mazes and complicated settings. Anyone have a hunch if this game would be for me? Thanks!

The game's not so hard...the puzzles are okay. But the gameplay is not fun, at least for me. The storyline is not interesting enough, there are only a few characters you can communicate with..and most importantly, there's NO SNOOPING in this game, which is a big thumbs down from me..I love snooping and discovering secret passages or places, but there's no such thing in this game. I'm quite disappointed with this game and regretted that I purchased it before playing the demo.

But I'm sure the newest one, Warnings at Waverly Academy, is much better than Ransom. I've played the demo and it's fun.
 posted in DinerTown Tycoon on Oct 11, 09 2:53 AM
I didn't fast forward the game so I can click the coins...but one thing I always do to help me get all the coins is clicking continuously on the shop. HTH.
 posted in DinerTown Tycoon on Oct 11, 09 2:50 AM
Well...I just found out that if you find the day's challenge is unreasonable, you can click "pause" and go back to "DinerTown Map", and then click continue when you're on the'll see that the challenge will change! I do it many times and continue playing when I find the day's challenge is reasonable. HTH.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships on Jul 15, 09 6:33 AM
Urgh, I'm tempted to order it from Her, but I have 1 game credit here and I don't want to pay the full price for a download version...I don't think it'll arrive here in Asia soon, so a download version is my only hope..
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships on Jul 14, 09 10:42 AM
It's officially out now, I'm hoping it'll be available here soon..anyone heard anything about its release here? Any news?
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Jun 22, 09 11:45 PM
Aaah, now I know how some people get more than 100000 per week. Thanks for sharing!

minerva84 wrote:Hello!

What I meant by "matching colors" is, when you get to the machine that makes the candy, and you have to shoot the ingredients at the holders, each ingredient will have a colored circle around it: red, yellow, or blue. Group the ingredients with the same colors in the same holder. (If you mix them, the circle turns white). Don't worry if you have to waste or recycle an ingredient once in a while, if it doesn't match. Filling the holders with all one color yields 5 boxes of chocolates, rather than 1 for just filling it with anything. This is the secret to high yields in production each week, more candy available to be sold, and hence, a faster completion of ranks within the game.

Good luck!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jun 21, 09 3:08 AM
OK with the sale going on I can't say no to this game!! Thanks BFG!!
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