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 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Jun 29, 13 6:57 PM
Have the same problem since I started playing. Cannot connect to chat or multiplayer. Have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome without any luck. Wish someone has an answer.
 posted in Farm Quest on Aug 6, 12 5:50 PM
There is something about this game that I just can't put my finger on that makes me dislike it. The music was easily turned down. I even went to options and switch it to classic Match 3 instead, so I didn't have the option of right clicking. For some reason the game didn't flow very well.

I think the worst was how hard it was to get the helpers to the bottom. So they didn't help very well at all.

The graphics weren't bad, wish they would have been a little larger.

This is a no buy for me even as a DD.
 posted in World Wonderland on Jul 17, 12 5:02 PM
I think the main turn off for everyone is not beig able to see where the matches are. If there had been some sort of line that went from one item to the next it would have been more helpful. But without it this game was pure frustration.

Defintely not a buy.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 21, 12 5:48 PM
Have only spent the hour demo, but so far I love it! Wish the devs would do more games like this.
 posted in Toy Defense on Jun 11, 12 5:53 PM
I actually like this game! Although a tutorial would have been nice at the beginning. It wasn't that difficult to figure out. To be perfectly honest, I like this better than garden defense, because your not shooting at insects. Always thought that was a little odd.

I agree it won't be everyone's cup of tea. But for one that is tired of just seeing HOG games its a welcome surprise.
 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur on May 22, 12 6:47 PM
The dev's missed this one on all counts. It's not a good HOG, 3-match or adventure. It feels like the game is ancient . Really want something new.
 posted in Coloropus on Apr 19, 12 7:17 PM
Same here. I had to quit after 30 minutes because I couldn't control my octopus to shoot the orange fish. Looks like it would be a great game, but definitely needs some control issues fixed.
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 2, 10 6:04 PM
The stealing level, which is fun, but it took several times for me to complete. I was getting frustrated looking for a skip button. Other than that what I saw of okay.
 posted in Magicville: Art of Magic on May 16, 10 5:30 PM
Stopped after fifteen minutes of play. I agree the skip feature is the reason why I gave up on the game.
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