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 posted in Atlantis Sky Patrol™ on Oct 12, 14 8:30 PM
I am having problems with asphd on my ipad. I have IOS 8.0.2. I have reinstalled the game(losing my progress) using itunes.

The way it doesn't work is after starting the game and i'm on the screen where i can either start, help, options, etc. no button works but it just goes into a screen which goes through the developers. After reinstalling i got to about level 6 or so, then the above happened.

Can someone help me get on with the game?

 posted in Relic Rescue on Aug 25, 14 2:58 PM
I've played level 64 about 4 times and can't get it done - I get to the blocking row just below the key but then run out of shots. I sort of forgot about the lightening, etc. would those special things help that much?
 posted in 4 Elements on Nov 10, 11 2:06 PM
i have now completed 4E a couple times playing with 2 different names so that i can see the new score.

my question is, is it better to go fast or is it better to uncover more squares so that the 'liquid' flows over it? which makes for a better score?
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