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 posted in Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Collector's Edition on Sep 11, 10 10:01 AM
Thank you all, this has been an enlightening and very helpful read for me.
After much debate between getting the CE or the regular of this game, I have decided for the regular. Thanks for the honesty I see here!

Miz Kaz
 posted in Pahelika: Secret Legends on May 24, 09 11:35 PM
why not download the walkthrough? you download these from the blog section.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Jan 31, 09 6:25 AM
Is that the one with the idol? if so, use the gift from that.
 posted in My Tribe on Jan 7, 09 9:04 AM
I also had a problem with this one when I got to the second island. I only solved it with the last flower by using someone who is fully trained up in the Agricultural skill. I had forgotten that I needed a fully trained farmer.
Hope this is of some help to you.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 30, 08 5:25 AM
to get the trophy you're after, you need to also get the 100/100 for the physical and mental strength.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 30, 08 5:21 AM
So far I have only found the relics (like small rocks with teeth ) after storms.
You can make a potion induced storm and you will find the relics then, but not
(so far as I can tell) from the stardust rain storm. I have an island that is two islands,
and sometimes I get a relic on both islands when it's a magical storm. Hope this
is a help.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 30, 08 5:15 AM
with the ironwood tree, get it to rain with the potion, then drop a fully skilled up ag person...
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 30, 08 5:13 AM
you can use it in your potions when you upgrade your science.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 30, 08 5:10 AM
you need to drop one of your people on it.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 27, 08 5:26 PM
Re stardust / lunar dust - if you have your sound turned up,
when something magical goes on, you can hear a tinkling
sound. The sound, if you listen carefully, sounds different
according to what has been sent or created. So far I have
heard the sound for crate, mushrooms, guano, moons and
stars something else which I can't remember just now.
I don't have a tracker or anything like that. I'll put that off
til I have the essentials since I have discovered this little quirk
The same happens on the V.V. games for those of you who
love those games too, as I do.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 27, 08 5:11 PM
Hi MyChicken,

After having a problem with dear McAffee messing with all my BF games, I finally got back to them after 2 days...
only to find the whole tribe dead from one.
this was a 6 year old girl child.
She died of loneliness (sob...)

 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Aug 10, 08 7:42 AM

Hi, I loved this game. I admit to having used a walkthrough I found on another site after using a search engine to help. I used it mainly to get through things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

This is one solution

Keep the 6 in the heavy pan.
Divide those six in the heavy pan into 3 & 3 for the second weigh. 3 on the left & 3 on the right.
Keep the 3 in the heavy pan.
Now it doesn't matter which two balls you pick out of the 3 heavy ones left. Just pick two & weigh them in opposite pans.

If one is heavier than the other, then that's the one. If they are equal, then the ball you did not weigh is the one you want.
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