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 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 12 3:24 AM
How strange. I skipped the flag puzzle and the animal tile puzzle and at the end of the game I had a gold statue with big wings ("A Light in the Darkness" statue) that said it was for not skipping any puzzles! I also didn't get the rat catcher award even though I picked it up and saw the cut scene. Maybe there'll be a fix.
 posted in Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery on Oct 7, 12 7:23 AM
I know someone here will always have the answer. I finally get what everybody is saying! The symbols don't have to be in the same ORDER as the symbols on the paper (at bottom left of the puzzle), they just have to be in the same ORIENTATION. So, if you position the largest circle first and then the next largest circle, etc, it's easy.Took a long time for the penny to drop on that one.
 posted in 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour on Oct 30, 11 8:13 AM
I finally got my game to save. As someone suggested I tried right clicking on the game manager icon and choosing "run as Administrator" and providing the password but it still didn't work. So I left my home screen and signed into the administrator's home screen as the administrator and played from there. My game finally saved. I guess I'll have to play from the adm. screen instead of mine. Not a great fix but it will do for now.
 posted in 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour on Oct 29, 11 6:54 PM
I'm having the same problem. It won't save my progress, it keeps throwing me back to Camelot. I'm running Vista
Anybody played the extra quest/gameplay yet? Is it added to the end of the game or is it mixed in with the main game? How long did the extra take? I'm really on the fence about buying the CE. I wouldn't mind if the extra gameplay was a good amount. I'd be happy to give up the guide/wallpapers/books/artwork etc for more game. It cost twice as much as the SE, so it'd be great if there was at least half again as much game. I wish!!!
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 16, 10 9:09 PM
See Level 93 thread
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 13, 10 11:58 PM
exchange the lightening with the symbol you want to get rid of. It might take some time to get the symbol you want in a square next to the lightening but once you do, exchange it with the lightening and all the symbols of that kind on the board will be blown up. (If there are two chains on a square one will break, if the square is silver it will be changed to yellow (?), if it's yellow it will turn blue, etc).
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 12, 10 6:57 PM
I think the lightening bolt will blow up whatever you want it to. It seems to get rid of all the symbols on the board that you exchange it with. If the center has a ghost, exchange the lightening bolt with a ghost and they will all be destroyed (well, it destroys one level. If the symbol has two chains it will destroy one, etc). Sometimes it takes a while to move the correct symbol next to the bolt. (I think that's the way it works if I remember right )
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 12, 10 6:42 PM
That's happening in my game too. And so far it seems to be Halloween showing up in Christmas. I was playing and suddenly realized I had pumpkins and ghost and spooky music Think they'll come up with a fix?
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Oct 12, 10 3:16 AM
hi dylansmom have you heard anything lately? I'm not on FB so I haven't seen any news. I wish the new game would come out.
 posted in Antique Road Trip USA on May 29, 10 2:15 PM
Thanks Mr_Russ, that clears it up nicely!
 posted in Antique Road Trip USA on May 29, 10 12:35 PM
I saw someone mentioned that they play IHOGs. Can you tell me the difference between HOGs, IHOGs, and FROGs. Are there any others? Thanks
 posted in Mahjongg - Ancient Egypt on May 24, 10 2:14 PM
I had the same problem too. I tried unchecking full screen and then later rechecking it but it didn't make any difference.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Apr 23, 10 12:08 PM
dylansmom - Have you heard any more about when it will be coming out? Are they going to still have the nine chapters? I wish they'd release the next one at least, I've been waiting for MONTHS!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 1, 09 1:37 PM

Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!! FS2 sounds like it will be great. I just finished all the challenge rounds inFS1 and am on my third time through the main game. I only have one more prism egg to find to have all the pets. I love this game, can't wait for the next one.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jul 1, 09 1:43 AM
Hello Subsoap, PLEASE!!! don't put hidden object and mini games in FS2 unless there is a skip button. When I'm playing solitaire I don't want to have to search for and find items before I can get back to my solitaire game. Please make those other games skipable (is that a word? )
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 24, 09 7:33 PM
The same thing happened to me. I cleared two rows and there was a black egg behind each of them. I was surprised to see two eggs at the same time. I think I was in the Shine (?) Cave, Stage One. Both of mine showed up in the hatchery.
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