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 posted in Farm Up on Jun 22, 17 10:07 PM
someone has been reading her milk cartons I see.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 22, 17 10:05 PM
As you progress you will get fewer new quests.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 22, 17 10:04 PM
Could someone from BIg Fish contact **** and find out if they ever intend to update the PC version of this game. I've been level 59 (the highest attainable level) for some time now and I'd like to know if I'm wasting my time by continuing to play.
Thanks in advance for your help.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 22, 17 10:01 PM
sounds like you need a moderator to step in here. I have no idea. Good luck.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 22, 17 9:59 PM
They have no use in the PC version as of yet. I understand in some other versions they unlock treasure chests or so I'm told. Maybe if we ever get an update we'll see them.
 posted in Cadenza: Fame, Theft and Murder Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 17 9:14 AM
Has anyone figured out how to solve that puzzle?
 posted in Farm Up on May 12, 17 2:57 PM
I've reached the end of the road at level 59 and I never got a quest for canned corn.

Perhaps it appears on one of the other versions of this game.
 posted in Ominous Objects: The Cursed Guards Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 17 11:39 AM
I am so glad to hear that someone else is having the same problems as Prepare2fly mentions. I find I have to keep writing customer service or "skip" the minigame when that is an option.

I have this fear that BFG is going to drop me as a customer because I've found so many games with glitches. Yeah, I agree that there should be no glitches which prevent us from playing the entire game, unless we choose to skip a minigame.

I've been a member for almost 10 years. I only "buy" collection editions (using credits or cash) and I have so many SE coupons, often I find myself using a coupon on a SE game which if I had to pay for it, I would not. I spend entire days some times to find a worthy SE candidate on which to use a coupon.

I've been lobbying lately for the ability to use 2 coupons to buy CE games. Maybe some of you would like to join the effort. We know they have the coding in place, it's just a matter of allowing it to happen.
 posted in Farm Up on Apr 26, 17 8:52 PM
I have notified customer service about the freezing dilenma and have gotten no sympathy or refund. Every time the game freezes while I'm playing the four hour unlimited game play, I lose some of the money I have spent buying gold coins.

They might at lease give us a coupon to purchase more gold. I'm very disappointed in the "Free to Play" system.

Additionally, we get no coupons when we buy gold. Why not??
 posted in Maestro: Dark Talent Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 17 2:22 PM
I saw the question above, but not the answer. I've got the hammer and according to the walkthrough I'm supposed to break the turquoise stone with it. I've been at it for quit a while and no matter what angle I come at it, I can't break the stone to get the item behind it. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
 posted in Love Chronicles: A Winter's Spell Collector's Edition on Feb 19, 17 11:15 PM
I can't get the saw out from behind the mushrooms in one of the HOS. I saw someone else ask, but the answer was just use trial and error. Well, I've been on this for way to long. Can someone please give me the sequence? Top to bottom, Bottom to top, or some other combinations? There are 4 mushrooms so the possibilities are fairly high and there is no help in the guide. Any help is appreciated.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Feb 15, 17 4:35 AM
I've gotten to the puzzle in which I am to create kaleidoscope images to match 4 examples. I completed one, but despite having found the matches for the other 3, the program is not recognizing the match and will not let me proceed. Some help is appreciated.
 posted in Final Cut: The True Escapade Collector's Edition on Feb 7, 17 8:02 PM
I'm trying to win this chess game, but in following the walkthrough instructions, the game will not allow me to move to the positions indicated on the walkthrough.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 19, 17 9:11 AM
That's pretty much my feeling too Bandini, but I've learned my lesson. After spending so much real money on this game, I will not play any other "free to play" games which have in-game purchases available. I feel like a fool for falling for this.
 posted in Awakening: The Golden Age Collector's Edition on Jan 18, 17 10:37 PM
Replicating the shield pattern on the knight's shield in "entering the castle" chapter. I can't get this to work. I've followed the guides steps, but the picture of the shield will not transfer onto the shield. I've collected the sun rays and they are in place, but the middle of the sun is blank and I can't get the purple coloring on half the shield. Please tell me what I've missed. I can't skip this since it's not a mini-game and I stuck here. Thanks for your help.
 posted in Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collector's Edition on Jan 10, 17 10:48 PM
Hi. I'm in the burning room with the figurine pedestal, the figurine, some oil and the elder globe. Nathanial is at the top of the stairs waiting for me to clear the area of the guards below. I guess I'm supposed to melt the pedestal so that the figurine will stick to it, but I've tried every way I can think of and can't warm it up.

Anyone out there with the solution? I greatly appreciate any help.
 posted in Chase for Adventure: The Lost City on Dec 27, 16 8:33 PM
I am playing in relaxed mode and I have consistently beat the developer's record. Since it is shows up in relaxed, I expect it is shown in all modes
 posted in Weather Lord: The Successor's Path on Dec 6, 16 7:27 PM
After fixing the bridge to the ghost houses, my warrior can't kill the ghost because a coin is in the way. When I try to send a worker to get the coin he gets scared off by the ghost because he's standing too close to the coin. I'm deadlocked here. How did others deal with this.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 19, 16 8:13 PM
Well, as might be expected their "Ask a Question" page isn't working at the moment, but I don't think we should stop trying to get their attention. I too, have spent lots of time and real dollars and I don't want to waste it at level 59. Perhaps the moderators can help us out by contacting them? Please?
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 19, 16 7:59 PM
I've been wondering the same. I contacted customer service and as Bellrophon said, they have no information regarding updates. Any new information would be available in the forums. I'm going to write to the publisher/distributor (R E A L O R E) and I suggest all the level 59 orphans do the same.
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