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 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 23, 11 1:44 PM
onedishydame wrote:[removed by moderator]

It's tragic that you take such amusement from other people's frustration.

Clearly you have far too much free time if you are happy to waste it by sitting there staring at a computer screen watching an animation of a little man peddle his way veeerrrryyy slowly from A to B every few minutes.

The reasons some of us are so annoyed by the excessive load times are:
- they are unnecessary. The devs could easily have used less expensive resources in the game's development that would minimize these load times. If a console game gets released with load times of 30-60 sec between scenes it gets absolutely slated. By videogame critics. Hardly "children" who are going "waaa". Professionals who actually know what they are talking about...
- they are frequent. There's a load screen to get to the 'map', another one to access a level, another one to load the map again at the end of the level, another one to further the story, another one to start the next level... and so it continues. One after another. Boring! For most people, having things in life repeated so much makes them bored eventually. Then again, since you find it so hilarious that other people are annoyed by this, perhaps you like repetitive things. Or you like being bored. I dunno.
- they are not common. Many many games work just fine without excessive load screens. Most of the previous FF games load very quickly. So why this one? It's kind of annoying that the long load times seem to have been overlooked here.

Some of us have precious little free time that we like to use wisely. I think for most people the biggest issue is you buy a game to play it - not to sit there waiting for it to load.

BTW - you should probably refresh yourself as to what 'whining' means. All the comments on here about the load times are actually 'complaints' - y'know... when you point out a flaw about something in the hope it will get corrected?
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Sep 23, 11 1:28 PM
I love, love, love the FF series, have bought each and every one and didn't quit playing until I achieved gold on every level. That said,unless I get desperate for a game, I won't be buying this one. I used up 17 minutes of the demo....but spent less than 5 minutes actually playing the game. The rest of the time was spent watching the guy on the bike slowly ride across my screen.

Yep, this echoes my experience. In fact, I've given up playing after just 30 minutes of my demo because I got so frustrated that I only spent about a third of that time actually playing the game.

Really, really, really dislike the horrendously long loading screens. I'm running a very powerful 'gaming' computer that copes just fine with anything I throw at it but for some reason I'm expected to just sit here waiting for a stupid little man to fly across the screen in between every single level and even the menus... Frustrating as hell! Especially when there is just no need... frankly, I'm finding the FF series to look more and more gimicky as time goes on. Here's an idea... pare down the graphics a tad and then at least we can play the game without sitting around bored for half the time stuck in loading screens. (I have to wonder if perhaps the loading screen itself is the problem - if it didn't have to play that silly animation, perhaps it would load quicker? Just an idea...)

Suffice to say, I do love the FF series, and so I of course enjoyed the gameplay, story and graphics. Additionally I'm pleased to see some intriguing new additions and twists to the FF model, but I just will not buy this game on principle.

Sorry Devs! Sort out the loading screens and you'd have yourself an instant repeat customer. But like so many others on here it's a deal-breaker for me, so I'm not parting with my cash on this one.
 posted in Fruits Inc. on May 12, 11 3:32 PM
Call me a snob, but I didn't get further than about 30 seconds into this game. I was put off not by the tutorial or difficulty level (I didn't get chance) but the sound quality. God, it's awful! The graphics aren't much cop either. And, given that BFG you've released this side-by-side with another farming game (btw, very pleased you've released 2 TMs together instead of the usual HOG after HOG after HOG!) we'll inevitably compare... Well, I didn't really rave about Hobby Farm as it was too similar to My Farm Life (which also came out very recently), but it at least did these important things correctly - a beautiful game graphically, and good music with high quality not some rubbish compression.

Disappointed. I think it's the first time I've been so turned off a game from you so quickly! And that's before I even got to play it...
 posted in Roads of Rome on Oct 9, 10 5:12 AM
Absolutely loved this game. Very entertaining, very challenging (some levels had to be replayed about 4 times to get gold!). Overall exercised the grey matter in terms of strategy and time planning, and provided some attractive visuals and relaxing music as well. Sequel now please?
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 18, 10 9:52 AM
Hi Jezhara, you have to click on them in a certain order. If you click the wrong one, nothing happens. If you click the right one you should see a bolt of electricity light up.

Numbered from left to right, the order is: 2,4,3,5,1

Hope this helps!
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11) Purchase 2 beehives and place near your orchids. Hopefully your workers will pick the orchids over the tulips as these are more profitable, leaving you to 'feed' your factory tulips as required. Depending on how buggy (or, bug-free) your game is, your workers may even help you put tulips in the factory. Keep an eye on it either way.

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7) Stockpile 3 lots of eggs in addition to your other animal produce, and now concentrate on saving money for your first factory: the sausage factory. You only need to make 12,000 coins, so do this by whatever means necessary. If you wanted to, you could invest in a couple of grape vines (see TREES section), but no more than 3 or 4 as you don't really need them.

8) Purchase your sausage factory! Fill with all the goods you've stockpiled and now you can concentrate on factory #2 which will be your textiles factory. Make sure you stockpile 3 pigs and 3 sheep.

9) Purchase the licences for tulips and plant just 1 bag in the remaining dug patches. Buy one more sprinkler and place underneath your three existing ones. Dig all round and plant 3 bags of the most profitable flowers you can find (probably orchids). Buy the licence for a greenhouse, and then place one near your flowers. Try and stockpile 3 lots of tulips for your new factory.

10) Save up for your textile factory, then purchase and fill up with your stockpiled goods. Onto factory #3!
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3) With the money trickling in from all your carrot sales (you might want to employ a third picker so you can concentrate on your farm), place a third sprinkler to the left of your first one, mirroring what you did with #2. Dig around as before, then purchase the licences for beets and wheat and plant just one bag of each. Leave the other spaces empty for now. Save up until you can afford the licence for a pig and the building, then place near your beets. Feed the pig regularly, and prioritise upgrading it fully.

4) Next, save up for a cow and do the same thing. Don't worry about any milk being produced, put this to one side. Once your cow has been fully upgraded, buy the cold barn licence and put a cold barn nearby. Now you can start profiting from the milk.

5) From selling crops and animal produce, your income should be coming in quite nicely. In between sales, keep 3 pigs and 3 milk churns to one side as you will need these to fuel your first factory. You can employ more pickers if you desire, but 4 should be your maximum for this level. You do not need more than 1 fertilizer, and an animal handler is not needed yet. You do not need to waste any money on a waterer as you have sprinklers, and you don't really have enough staff to warrant a manager... yet.

6) Once you can afford to do so, I would recommend buying another pigpen and upgrading, and another cowshed and upgrading, before investing in two chickens and upgrading these as well. You could also purchase a sheep if you wanted to supplement your income but... remember to upgrade! Sometime in this animal-buying-frenzy would be a good time to buy an animal handler.
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 17, 10 10:10 AM
This level is a bit complicated for two reasons:

1) you have a lot to do (build one of each factory)
2) you have to purchase a 'licence' before you can buy any goods

OK. So on to the walkthrough! Bear in mind, this is the strategy that *I* used to get trophy time. There are lots of different ways you can complete this level, so don't feel you have to stick to my suggestions rigidly.

We're going to try and get the biggest, most expensive factory FIRST. Why? Because it gives us the most cash. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's the same reason we invest in pigs and upgrades over other animals. Once we've got this bad boy up and running, the cash will start to flow no problem and we can get the others built in pretty quick succession. Bob's your uncle!

1) Start off buy buying the licence for the barn and the carrot seeds. Build a barn in roughly the middle of the map, then plonk a sprinkler in a space below. Dig round the sprinkler (you can see which spots to dig in by hovering over the sprinkler), buy 3 packs of carrot seeds and plant. Harvest and fertilize your carrots and hire 1 picker, 1 fertilizer, and then 1 more picker.

2) Save up for another sprinkler and place this to the right of the first one. You can use the blueprint of the sprinkler to help you slot it next to your existing plot so that they link together (to reduce the distance your workers have to walk). With your workers tending your plants, dig around the sprinkler. Fill with yet more carrots.
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Marija_ja, hi, unfortunately there is no option to fire staff members in the game, but you can effectively fire them by just not paying them when they ask for wages!

laura17318, hi, I would suggest keeping your factories topped up as a priority, and then selling everything else that is surplus. I recommend investing in an animal keeper to juggle things with this level, and obviously help out where you can. I don't see why you can't keep feeding the cow and selling the produce after you've switched to the textile factory. My strategy for this level was to plants lots of carrots, employ workers early, and then buy and upgrade all the animals starting with pigs and cows, then chickens and sheep. Hope this helps!
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mariezee, sorry this thread is specific to Farm Craft 2... I haven't played Granny in Paradise so can't offer you any help. I've just gone over to the forum myself and I managed to create a new discussion just fine, so it seems to be working ok ... I suggest you post there instead?

KimichiGoddess, hi, level 6... hm... I would start by harvesting your strawberries to get some cash and also dig up your weeds (but only in the three strawberry patches for now). Then pick some fruit from the trees to get your 500 coins for your greenhouse and pick the orchids. Water the orchids and your strawberries, and then fertilize. Your strawberries should now be grown again, so harvest these and place an order for dahlia bulbs, purchase a bag, and then plant in the gaps between the strawberries (you've got 24 spaces, so the other 12 can be used for sunflowers later). Water your orchids, and by the time you've done they should have grown so harvest them then water your strawberries again. Keep harvesting and watering until you've got enough for the sunflowers, then buy them and plant in the remaining spaces. Continue harvesting and watering until they've grown and then harvest those as well. Now concentrate on hiring workers (crop guy, waterer, picker in that order), not maintaining your plants, as you keep on harvesting. Leave the fertilizing and watering to the workers. If there is nothing to harvest, supplement your income by harvesting the fruit trees. Finally, plant your fruit trees when you've got enough cash. Good luck!
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DonnyDJ wrote:On another note, people seem to be awfully harsh in terms of the bug that prevents them from getting gold....... for people to get fet up and say they are not going to buy the game is a bit extreme, especially when it's an exclusive and the problem will be fixed...

When exclusive HOGs are released with bugs, people still buy them, or wait for the fix and then buy them....

Yep, exactly. Which is what I'm going to do!

afanasey85 thanks for the walkthrough link. Shame they didn't cover every level, as some of the earlier ones are difficult to 'gold trophy' (not due to difficulty, but due to the aforementioned 'luck bug').

Angel61400 wrote:Maybe I will buy the game, maybe not. What I find annoying is that they wanted people to beta it, then ignored the responses. Instead of being so quick to put the game out, maybe they should have fixed the issues that had been pointed out to them. It makes it seem like they didn't care about the quality of the game. If they did it right the first time and listened to beta comments, they wouldn't have to fix problems with a game that has already been released. Instead, they could put out a quality game the first time around that doesn't need such obvious fixes.

*applause* Couldn't have put it better myself.

krasniikot wrote:It has so much potential if certain levels were at all attainable for the gold. That's why I love the Farm Frenzy games so much; gold on every level is possible if you simply keep trying different tactics. I have no problem playing a level over & over but I don't like when levels are clearly not "playing fair".

Yes, I totally agree. I think that this is the crux of people's complaints... the fairness argument. Also, I think that we don't mind if a game is difficult or even challenging and requires a lot of grey matter to work out a good strategy, but having a game that relies on luck and chance... then we don't like it because it's not testing our skills, it's testing absolutely nothing, and so there is no reward in success. I hope Big Fish take on board all these comments from people in terms of this game and also for future releases.
 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 15, 10 4:02 AM
SilverBranch wrote:.... I'll zoom past the gold timing with over 10 fish burgers with cheese made but only 2 hamburgers and 1... sweet potato? burger.

Lol.. chicken burger I think!
 posted in Burger Bustle on Jun 15, 10 4:01 AM
DonnyDJ wrote:The game doesn't need to be fixed. The lack of being able to obtain a gold trophy is due to the challenging nature if this game. More importantly, Burger Bustle relies a lot more on strategy and experimenting then most time management games...

Hmm... you're entitled to your own thoughts and opinions, but I have to disagree with you on this one. When a time limit is allotted in which to gain a trophy conditional on meeting certain 'goals', it *SHOULD* be possible to meet those goals. If, however, the goals are not possible to be met, then the game is unfair. In this case, a lot of the levels require you to meet certain goals (e.g. selling so many of one type of burger) that cannot be met in the time given as the triggers for these goals occur AFTER the time has elapsed. I'm sorry, but in my book that's not 'challenging', that's simply unfair. A time management game shouldn't require 'luck' in order to pass a level as the key to the game is how you manage your time. But then, that's just my opinion
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 15, 10 3:48 AM
Hi NutMeg1987, thanks for your kind words about my tips for people (and in other threads). I thought your suggestions were really sensible. At the end of the day, this walkthrough is just the way that *I* managed to do it, it isn't necessarily the best way! I think that I tweaked it a little after replaying a couple of times myself, so y'know! I did notice though that in my game, the workers tried to pick the tulips when there was no greenhouse, so rather than have 4 workers standing around with nothing to do, I put a greenhouse in so they could at least be useful. This game seems quite buggy I guess! Giving your workers a timeout is a great idea: I hadn't thought of it, as I'm always so busy trying to get some cash to put towards the upgrades or factories. There's also nothing to stop you helping out the animal keepers, although giving them a chance to 'do their thing' uninterrupted seems like a good strategy.

Taltam1, glad to hear you made it! These later levels are quite difficult (with 23 the exception - although it's the one that requires you to do the most it has the most generous time limit).

Good luck fellow Farmers!
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ElizabethR1533 wrote:I have one left to get. The fireflies have not helped me! They cluster around and area, then move elsewhere.
I hate hidden object games, and wish I could skip this level.

Hi ElizabethR1533, you'll notice that 3 or 4 fireflies group together very closely then separate. Where they've grouped together you'll find a map piece. They constantly move, so you have to have a keen eye, but once you've seen what you're looking for it will be a lot easier. I've also posted a guide to find each piece in the 'Stuck...?' thread.

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Lol... I have to admit, a shiver of guilt ripples through me whenever I serve a customer a food item that has been sitting around a fair while. I think it's purely the fact that when made fresh, you see hot steam or ice crystals, which soon disappear... it kinda makes me think it's wrong to serve when they're no longer there! Ah well, at least the game promotes a conscience in people, eh?
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EnvirolBek wrote:Yes, Angel, I did put it in my comments as well . I will retry it and pre-make the sandwiches as suggested and see if I can at least hit silver on it. I do like a challenge, but I consider myself to be pretty good at TM games and this one was driving me crazy after a few hours. ><

I want to buy it ... but I'm scared ...

I didn't think I'd say this, but please don't buy it... On principal. If a game's not working, don't buy it until it's fixed. Otherwise it won't get fixed! Think about it... why would they spend money fixing it if people are happy to pay for it broken?

Seriously, I would love to buy this game, but not until it actually works.
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wmtoo wrote:I, too, was asked to beta the game and I, too, told them there's no way certain levels can be finished within the time range because the customers never order the product required. I thought - well, they put the game out - they must have addressed that, so I bought it. Hmmmm.... NO, this issue was NOT fixed and there are several levels that the player gets ripped off because you'll wait upwards of 5 minutes or longer for a customer to order the "right" thing so you can finish.

This, of course, affects your score and takes longer to move up the leaderboard and achieve awards/helps.

I like the game, but I'm considering lodging a complaint with my cc due to the program having bugs and no one seems to be working on it. I surely don't see any replies here... and they were most definitely told about PRIOR to them releasing it.

Annoying. And sad, considering it's actually kind of a fun game.

Ooh, I would also like to add... this annoying little bug wastes the time given of the demo... if we're too busy replaying a level trying to figure out how on earth to get gold, we waste our time playing and therefore can't decide to purchase. Hmm might seem like a stretch. Point is, you play the demo so you can make up your mind whether or not to purchase. I normally whizz through the demos quite quickly and therefore make up my mind quite quickly, however on this occasion the trophy/time thing baffled me as it wasn't anything *I* was doing wrong!

I'm disappointed to hear that the comments from beta-testers weren't taken on board pre-release as well. Jeez, if your testers are complaining about an issue, then you should know to fix it before you release otherwise all your CUSTOMERS are going to complain and that's not good. C'mon Big Fish... I thought you were better than this!
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jun 14, 10 8:44 AM
Hi guys,

this definitely sounds like a technical problem - other users have experienced the same thing, so it seems to be a graphics card issue or compatibility issue. I would suggest asking tech support for assistance/advice.

The level is meant to be a sepia colour as it is a memory, and does go dark at one point but with the usual glow around Ginger and your cursor. If you have a totally dark level and cannot see the normal glows, then there is something wrong.

You should have an empty goods bar since there isn't anything used to start with (and options unlock later).

So, contact tech support if you've got a complete blackout, but if your screen is displaying correctly, head on over to my walkthrough thread for some tips on getting the trophy.

Hope this helps!
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