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 posted in Viking Brothers on Apr 30, 13 12:19 PM
Thanks, amgood. That did the trick for me. I was upgrading the stone place all the way as well as the woodcutter, and that was wasting resources.

Got gold using your method, first try!
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 25, 13 7:18 AM
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I had no idea the burglars cost me money when they passed! Once I learned that, it only took two tries to get gold.

 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 30, 12 1:50 AM
Here's how I beat the game with 6000 spare coins by the end:

1. My first play-through was horrible. I couldn't beat the game, so I deleted my game and made a new one, this time playing on the easier of the two options. I'm not 100% sure, but i think you get more cards in the deck and possibly more wild cards come up in the draw.

2. When I failed at a level (i.e. not getting perfect), BEFORE I clicked 'Done', I'd click 'Options' then 'exit' to go back to the map. At the map, I'd click 'Play' to replay the level. This is MUCH better than just finishing and clicking replay, because if you click 'replay', YOU WILL GET NO COINS THE SECOND TIME. If you use the other method, you will keep any coins you got the first time, plus the stacks will again have coins under them. It would be possible to exploit this to get unlimited coins. I didn't. I stopped when I got perfect (or sometimes 1 or 2 cards on an obnoxiously hard level) and I had PLENTY of coins.

3. I stopped buying wild cards. I didn't buy a single wild card until I had upgraded ALL four guardians and had all amulets (around the time when you first get the merman) But frankly, after you have all that, you won't really need wilds very often, at least until the last battle.

Using these method, I was able to get all guardian upgrades IMMEDIATELY after the guardian appeared.

I may replay the game on hard, but using the coin method to see how much difference the easy/hard mode really makes.
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 30, 12 1:41 AM
I beat it with 8 perfect scores. One of the levels early on (3rd or 4th, IIRC), I had 1 card left. So by the time I'd finished level 9, I had all the pieces, meaning it didn't matter what I got on the 10th level.
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 30, 12 1:38 AM
Hrm, that doesn't sound right at all.

I beat the last level with 8 perfect scores, 1 with "1 card left" and 1 with "2 cards left"
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 24, 12 8:30 AM
Valdy wrote: No, it's not you. This game does not allow you to cheat, i.e. replaying a hand and getting this way more coins.

Erm, I really wasn't meaning trying to get the coins twice (i.e. cheating). I meant that if I'm playing a really hard hand and get a crappy deal, I might only be able to uncover, say, one bit of coins. If I replay, I don't get the chance even to get the ones I missed the first time.

Sometimes I can get even the more advanced levels on perfect the first try, thus unconvering all the coin stacks, but there've been several times where I couldn't get ANY coins in a level due to a terrible draw. That stinks.
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 23, 12 9:21 AM
Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying this game. The music and graphics are lovely! I usually turn music off when I play games, but this one is an exception. One small gripe is I'm REALLY tired of that evil laugh and image we get when we don't pass a level! Oh, and I find that I very often click on a 'J' thinking it's a '7'. Would be nice if the fonts were just a little clearer for those two cards, even though I do like the graphics over all.

I'm seeing people talking about getting coins. I've noticed I ONLY get the chance to get coins on my first playthrough. If i replay a hand, there are no coins under the card stacks anymore. Maybe this is because of how I set it up when I started? (I think I'm playing in timed/challenge mode). I do appreciate that this mode is meant to be a bit harder, but it's frustrating when I get dealt an unwinnable hand by the computer and lose out on coins that could help very much over something that isn't my fault!

Because once I got to the mermaid stage, some of it was REALLY hard and I don't even have half the amulets, I went back and played some of the early stages over again to get the 500 coins from getting perfect on them. The early stages are really easy when you have all four of the helper people (but tough in the beginning, so that's actually a good thing.)

Once I finish the game completely, I probably will go back and try playing the whole thing again, although I may do it on easy next time! XD

Oh, and one last note. It's silly really, but it had me giggling... mermaids are girls. Males are called 'mermen'.

Lots of thumbs up though. I was completely addicted to Fairway Solitaire, but in many ways, I think this one is even better.

 posted in Howlville: The Dark Past on Jul 10, 12 2:41 PM
Frozen dialogue box here too... honestly, I don't WANT to start this game over. It was buggy, items in HidOb scenes were mislabeled or there were multiiples of an item but only one would do... for example in one it asked for a "wheel". There were about six wheels in the scene, but they weren't the *correct* wheel. Items were mislabeld like the candleabra that was needed when the list asked for a chandelier. Or sometimes you needed to move something, but there was NO indication it was moveable. So you basically jsut have to randomly click all over the screen until you find something that does something, or use a couple of hints per scene to make up for stuff not being what it was supposed to be.

This game could have been fun, but honestly it just wasn't ready for public release. It needed a couple more rounds of beta testing and quality control checks.

I've asked for a refund.
 posted in Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards on Jul 3, 12 6:30 AM
Quite a bit in gameplay like Fairway Solitaire, but perhaps the graphics are not quite as nice.

The music is decent, and the game is very relaxing overall, so if you liked that, you'll probably like the gameplay on this one as well. It's difficult to say how long the game is, but it seems like I barely cracked all of the levels by the end of the hour.

I will probably buy this one, as I like a bit of relaxing solitaire from time to time.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Way Back Home on Jun 21, 12 9:40 AM
I'm having trouble making enough money to get expert on the levels in the third bar, but I never had trouble before.

Does chaining make more money, or just get you hearts? Is it better to go for getting people out quickly so you can get more customers, so ignoring the chains?

Kind of frustrating, because I've played some of these levels over and over, and it feels like I just keep getting worse scores every time!
 posted in Katy and Bob: Way Back Home on Jun 17, 12 9:47 AM
I really like this game.. I tried the demo, and then decided to buy after the full hour.

On normal, it can be kind of tricky to get the gold coin tasks AND expert each time, but they aren't necessary to move on.

Very enjoyable, and I loved just being able to hover over money and bonuses to pick them up, rather than click click click. Great game!
 posted in Rachel's Retreat on Apr 10, 12 12:17 PM
Yeah I have 25 people at once wanting 1 person stations, and there's only two of the brown square stations because of the water outage. I just can't click fast enough and everyone is leaving mad.

This has been a really cute game, but I'm sick of this last level. It's just not fun to fail over and over, espcially when I've gotten gold on every other level!!
 posted in Farm Tribe on Apr 7, 12 8:28 AM
Thanks for posting this! I was having the same problem!
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 3 on Apr 5, 12 7:26 AM
This is one of my all-time favourite Match 3 games, and one of the few BFG games that I've played many times from beginning to end.

I love the whole series, but by far this one has the best gameplay.

 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 26, 12 5:28 AM
I got a refund for this game with no hassle.

I like the game and might repurchase it if they do bring it back (I see it's been removed from the site now), but I think they did the right thing by removing such a buggy offering.

It's hard to believe any beta testing happened on this game.
 posted in Grave Mania: Undead Fever on Mar 23, 12 7:25 AM
I liked this game at first, but it's too much of a rapid-click-fest for me. I just couldn't do things fast enough, and I usually shoot for (and get) expert on TM type games.

So, that was a bit frustrating, plus the shop assistants didn't really seem to do anything, and so I messed things up by shelling out big bucks for useless helpers.

I might like it on relaxed mode, but I've never really liked that mode on these games. I like a challenge, but this was too hard and too frustrating to be fun for me.

The theme was gross, but well executed and done in a cutesy way, not a 'horror' way, so it was really pretty fun.

So I'd give it big thumbs up for being innovative and funny, but only maybe 3/5 for enjoyment. I think it's the click-drag that I found difficult.
 posted in Supermarket Management 2 on Jul 16, 11 11:13 AM
Hrm, I don't think it has to do with stocks, because I keep my stock-girl going constantly on all levels.

I keep coming up about $20 short, but I have no idea how to get customers to spend more money.
 posted in Island Tribe on Feb 1, 11 11:51 AM
mo12 wrote:Shaz,

You don't mention that you HAVE to build the bridge to the cotton mill and have to make your way to the milk farmer in order to get rid of the snakes. I have tried your method and still can't beat the clock! I find it hard to believe you did it with so much time to spare. I just don't think this level is beatable.

No, you don't have to beat the snakes, build the goat or sheep buildings, or the cotton farm.

The only animal building you NEED is the honey one, and even then you only need two honey, to get rid of the bees in front of the two totems. There are no totems down there, and if you don't build bridges, you'll have enough stone without using the merchant.

It's sorta sucky that the way the map is laid out is so deceiving. But you CAN reach ALL totems without bridges, even if it doesn't look like it.
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Sep 25, 10 12:13 PM
This gave me problems too! You have to click on the ground below the tree WITHOUT the shovel, and it will zoom in on the grass.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 10 8:04 AM
espozito wrote:
This is how i got it. She tried to kill him - he fell out the boat - blood got onto altar - god of the altar changed him into reptile - he got at the shore without knowing that he was changed and without any memory of what happened - so he goes for a search of his girl. At the end he remembered everything and saw himself in the reflection.

Oh. Um. Do we have any idea WHY she tried to kill him? Or are we just assuming she's an evil cow?
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