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 posted in Mystery Tales: The House of Others on Aug 6, 17 3:21 PM
Me again, error no 5, problem sorted, for anyone else having this problem, I deleted the activation, then uninstalled the game,went into my purchase history and downloaded again and it downloaded and installed no problem.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The House of Others on Aug 6, 17 3:05 PM
I downloaded the demo for this game and it worked perfect, I purchased the game but it won't download, error no 5. Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Fleshbound on Jan 29, 17 9:55 AM
In general, if you finish the demo before the 90 minutes, finished this one with quite a lot of time to spare, does this indicate that the game will be short.
 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart on Dec 16, 15 1:42 PM
Was really enjoying this one, and then it was over, ending very abrupt, keep thinking i missed something, Did enjoy it but seemed extremely short.
 posted in Big Bang West on May 14, 13 7:53 AM
Getting access violation errors. Uninstalled and reinstalled but same message.
 posted in Secrets of the Dark: Mystery of the Ancestral Estate on Apr 19, 13 2:19 PM
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 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug on Feb 9, 13 10:05 AM
I only downloaded the demo and had to close down three times, same issues, black squares and error access ......., don't think I'll buy it till these issues are sorted.
 posted in Nemo's Secret: Vulcania on Dec 10, 11 10:35 AM
Me again, just noticed I have turned into a starfish
 posted in Nemo's Secret: Vulcania on Dec 10, 11 10:34 AM
I am a big fan of all the creepy gorey adventure hog games out there and am counting the days for the new Ravenhurst SE to be released (not a fan of CEs). I have just completed the Demo of this game and have to admit I really enjoyed it, it was simply enjoyable, everything about it was NICE and it was great to sit and relax playing a game for a change, think it will be a buy for me.
 posted in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast on Dec 8, 11 10:50 AM
I never or very very rarely buy C.E.s however maybe because I have been playing these games a while now I suppose you just know that bonus features etc. are only on CE and not on the SE, so when I seen the bonus features I knew instantly I wouldn't have access as I only bought the SE.
You know its a good one when the hour is up and you don't realise it. This must be a great day for all MCF fans. I really enjoyed the demo, it downloaded/installed in about 10 minutes which really surprised me. The cursor was a bit iffy to start with but gradually became ok. Was spooky recognising some places. The morphing is I think going to be the to buy or not to buy option for a lot of people. And yes I am one of the ones who think it is not the best idea to come out of the box, the first few are not so hard to find its when you get down to the last couple and yes it is a case of staring at the screen until you notice it. Am not one for buying collectors editions but would have on this occasion as I have been wating for this one for an age, the morphing however is putting me off (maybe if it is played long enough there will be an art to it) and I am tempted to wait for the SE. Looks great though and come what may this will be added to my collection.. Happy gaming all
 posted in Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea on Aug 7, 11 2:41 PM
Downloaded fine but got Access Error Violation code, happened twice.
 posted in Jade Rousseau - The Fall of Sant' Antonio on Aug 7, 11 2:28 PM
Very rarely do reviews unless they are for great games I love but have to admit this has got to be the worst demo I have ever downloaded, agree with all the things said above, only played about 30 minutes and gave up. However we are all different so happy gaming to all those who enjoy.
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Jul 29, 11 10:45 AM
Just completed the demo and have to say I was sold. A definite buy for me, usually know when I am going to buy as the demo hour goes so quick.
 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Jun 8, 11 10:36 AM
Just finished and yes had the initial reaction of 'OH NO' but on reflection it was different usually heroine wins and in the sequel another person has to solve another load of mysteries at least this time maybe the sequel will be a continuation and not just another part two.
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar on May 18, 11 10:13 AM
Access Violation here as well, tried twice still no go,
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar on May 18, 11 10:12 AM
Access Violation here as well, tried twice still no go,
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town on Apr 18, 11 3:17 PM
Hi, like everyone else was so pleased when I finally got the game working, but again like some of you could not get the 2nd hidden object scene in the barber shop, some comments suggest I make a gold coin, but from my inventory items I don't think I have the necessary items,Can someone please help me with this as it is getting very frustrating now. Thanks
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town on Apr 15, 11 12:42 PM
Still no joy, game not responding, will get on to the tech team and let them know. Hope it can be fixed, was enjoying what I had played so far.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town on Apr 15, 11 12:07 PM
While I was having problems with the cursor I was struggling through, turned on today and seen an update was available, thought great, unfortunately the game wont even load now, am going to uninstall and try again.
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