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 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill on Apr 7, 12 9:09 AM
The game is bigger than my screen. Anything on the end is cut off.
 posted in The Cross Formula on Feb 2, 12 2:17 PM
I do not understand the star reviews as this game is refreshing and fun. I do not take to cartoonish graphics, but these were done with the a nostolgic style that made me feel warm and fuzzy. I LOVE this game and bought it 10 minutes into the demo. Please give this game a chance. Unique and wonderful change of pace.
 posted in Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance on Nov 21, 11 11:07 AM
Whenever I do a review where I need to compare a game to the worst game is this one. HdO has been working on improving, sort of, but this game has been around the block, it is one of their older releases.
 posted in Detective Agency 2: Banker's wife on May 4, 11 6:32 AM
Same thing, I froze at the banker's house in the key puzzle.
 posted in Art of Murder: Secret Files on Apr 13, 11 9:15 AM
Review of complete demo:

I would really like to know if the game gets better. I was a fan of this series and also love HOGS and thought this would be a gamers dream for me. However, teeny tiny objects (and those of you who may have read my reviews before know this is never an issue for me) and a timer on some puzzles dragged me into frustration. The test tube scene was very trying for me. Finding a bullet and cigarette **** was a joke.

On the other hand, the graphics are crisp and clear and some minis are fun..

Wish I had more play to judge the game. It would be a shame to miss a good game that had a bad start.
 posted in Mystery Novel on Apr 12, 11 5:30 AM
Review of demo, or more like a comment:

I am on the fence. I like the game geography, no glitches, clear scenes. I do not care for the constant backtracking to pick up an object needed to solve an interactive aspect. It should have been allowed when first encountered. Sparkles- maybe they should have been an option. I do not mind them, but would prefer some time to elapse before they appeared. The game is fine as far as the hidden object scenes go. I found them clear and no overly challenging.

BTW did anyone else catch the picture of John Lennon in the matching newspaper mini?
 posted in Blood and Ruby on Apr 6, 11 6:17 AM
More of a comment than a review:

The game plays well without glitches and has been reviewed nicely here. I just am not a fan of cartoonish graphics, although I've played many a good game with them.


The first hidden object scene, the hotel room, was just too junkpiled for me. It reminded me of my son's room. I had to quit the game and grab a broom.
 posted in Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty on Apr 6, 11 5:59 AM
Review of Demo:

If you do not like straight HOGS, you will most likely not enjoy this game. That said, I LOVE this game. Spintop is like an old beloved friend who comes to visit. And the best surprise is no surprise.

What makes this HOG great is the beautifully rendered scenes, cute riddles, easy minis. The hints charge quickly, but I do not mind lingering over the scene to find the objects.
 posted in Letters from Nowhere 2 on Apr 3, 11 5:13 AM
Nice reviews and great commentary. I love straight HOGs as well as IHOGS and am looking forward to screen after screen of gaming. So glad to see others out there like me.
 posted in Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles on Mar 27, 11 8:58 AM
I quit shortly into the demo out of frustration with the lock on the chest. The game interface was fine, graphics fine, loaded without a glitch, but not interested in being taxed.
 posted in FBI: Paranormal Case on Mar 22, 11 6:56 AM
HdO is the maker of what I call the worst HOG ever: Secrets of the Vatican. They use the same engine in all the games, the format is unchanged.
 posted in FBI: Paranormal Case on Mar 22, 11 6:54 AM
Review of demo:

Ok, I have dissed HdO many times, but I have to give them a little credit here. They are improving. The scenes are better drawn, the hidden objects no longer look like cut and paste, there is an attempt at a story, the English is much improved. Some of the mini games were just plain time wasters like the file folder matching. I had fun with the pipe puzzle. I did play the entire hour as the game did give me some atmosphere to keep me entertained. Would I buy? If it were a drought or a DD, but with all the better offerings, most likely no.
 posted in Mystery Agency: Secrets of the Orient on Mar 21, 11 11:28 AM
Review of Demo.

It is not a bad game, just ignore the story. But it lacks atmosphere. Straight HOG is fine for me if it has nice or interesting scenes to search, enjoyable sound effects and music, something that enhances the experience. I am sorry but I am just so tired of the messy bedroom, messy office, mundane, boring searches.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Mar 19, 11 2:53 PM
This game is made to play in the pitch black of night. I enjoy adventure and esp spooky adventure, so I will have to get back to this game after dark. It is impossible to see even in the the dim light of dusk.
 posted in Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion on Mar 8, 11 5:37 AM
Review of demo:

While not the high end game we love, it is playable. I did not care for the cut and paste graphics of the first hidden object scene. It was junkpile as well. The second scene was better. I found the graphics clear. The cursor is annoying and the interactive aspect is from the stone age. There are better games out there to spend money on.
 posted in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The Strange Case on Mar 6, 11 5:35 AM
I did not see this in any reviews:

It's an HdO game.

Makers of the worst game ever: Secrets of the Vatcan.

Also makers of Frankenstein, Profiler, and a few other dogs.

I may play this demo just for laughs.

oops, someone did note it.
 posted in Soul Journey on Mar 1, 11 7:00 AM
review of demo:

I was prepared for a dark game which I like, but was surprised by the bright, fun approach. I like simple or light IHOGS that remind me of the first games I played. The graphics are clear and bright. I will not go over what others have done so well in their reviews. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in the mix. I survived the demo without much direction and will buy this game.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 5:35 AM
Review of demo:

I really wanted to like this game, but it is bad, really bad. Repetative scenes,lists of objects that go on and on, impossible to see dark areas, weird story, unskippable dialogue, cut and paste objects. It is not the worst: Wizard of Oz and that one about the Vatican still hold that benchmark for bad. I can put up with weird and dark, and have found fun in some of the worst games, but I like to have a change of scene at least to keep me entertained. On the pro side, quick filling timer and no click penalty. There are so many good games out there so I am not desperate enough for this one.
 posted in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus on Feb 3, 11 12:45 PM
Review of the hour demo:

At first I thought this was going to be a loser, but it turns out to be fun. All the obvious have mentioned in the good reviews by the usual suspects. I wanted to add that the game made me think of the old Tex Murphy adventure stories from years ago. It is the presentation and the characters themselves that made me remember those classic games.
 posted in A Girl in the City on Feb 2, 11 6:18 AM
Review of demo played for 1 hour.

I downloaded this game to play just to see how bad it could be from my previous experiences with HDO. They have the benchmark bad game of all times, something about the Vatican which I am trying to forget and are usually unplayable even for the shortest periods of time. I must say that they have improved a bit. Yes, typos, spelling errors, misnamed items, some downright silly pointless minigames....but they have improved. First off, the scenes are nicely drawn, colorful and interesting. Yes, you still must find the same item spread over the place, but it didn't seem to bother me in the nice settings. Some of the minigames were fun, like the crossword jigsaw. I played without the timer, but I like timer options. It has lame but skippable dialog. Minis are also skippable. I actually played the entire demoand had fun. Would I buy? Well, not with all the fine offerings out there now, but probably as a DD.
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