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 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death on Dec 31, 11 1:48 PM
How do I find it??????
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden on Jun 26, 11 4:03 PM
Enjoyed every minute!
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Oct 10, 10 3:50 PM
Just downloaded the first dream chronicles. Stuck in the library in the in-laws house. have found all eight cards, now what do I do???????
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Feb 21, 10 12:02 PM
Thank you!! It worked!
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Feb 21, 10 10:49 AM
everytime i put the bottle under the tap a message comes up that I don't want to collaspe the wine casket yet! Also, the rope will not go the pulley
 posted in Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond on Feb 6, 10 12:45 PM
quit game in the junkyard. Now I can't get back in. The hourglass shows and I try to click on game but can't. Hope someone can help me!!!!
 posted in Enlightenus on Jul 1, 09 4:49 PM
I loved it!!!! Very clever. Bring us more games like it!
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