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I have to write that I was not disturbed at all that the "baddie" murdered the policeman it just made it clear that he was definitely the "bad guy". But then I find all of these games to be like reading a fictional book .... in fact, I often choose to read crime fiction over other themes which may be why I have this opinion. I take none of the events which may happen in either a game or a book as being related to real life even though, of course, some of these things may happen in real life. Therefore, it is my opinion there is no problem with any character of any occupation being disposed of to meet the story line - my preference is along the lines of "just please don't hurt any of the non-human animals".

I have friends in law enforcement but I do not see the death of a policeman in a game or a book to be in any way related to my friends' occupation. It is similar when people who do not care for supernatural (including witchcraft) or sci-fi themes (or any other theme the writer's imagination may come up with to entertain the buyers of their product) say don't make games including these type of themes. The simplest solution is to just not buy any games that include the things you do not like. By all means continue to express your preferences but be aware that others do not share your thoughts and do wish to buy games in the genre you may not like and do not have the same concerns as you do about what happens to an unknown fictional character. As an aside, I will be buying this game!

There have been corrupt doctors, police, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, kings, queens etc, etc in some form or other in most of these games and to successfully complete the game the player often has to eliminate the "baddies" but also often even some of the "goodies" will also die in the game play to most likely invoke a sense of justification when the "baddie" is eliminated or defeated!

I would be very disappointed if the imagination of any writer of a game was limited in subject matter just because of thoughts that the story has any semblance to real life when in reality it is "just a game" or "just a story"! Especially when a lot of the games already appear to follow similar story lines so eliminating any theme will make the games even more similar.
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You have to go persist & go back and forth between a few rooms and part of the solution involves a jigsaw puzzle which makes a photograph that you have to then manipulate to get the code. The code is evident before you solve it but you cannot input it until you do all the steps! I hope that helps without giving too much away!
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I also got the choice to have a full tutorial or only the special features but that was when I started the game so maybe if you choose the option of no tutorial from the options (I usually only use it to turn down the volume at that point) you will not get that option in the game.

I am liking this game a lot more than I have liked others lately and not only because some of the features have different ways of getting the required results but I like the spookiness factor too which means that for me those not "perfectly clear" graphics are more suited here too!

I will buy this game I just have to finish and delete a couple first as I am running out of room!
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The game only saves your level in arcade mode. In relaxed mode, you cannot save your game. However, in relaxed mode, you can start at any level that you have already completed in arcade mode. So if you are up to level 30 in arcade mode you can play any level up to 30 even when you choose relaxed mode - your score will not be high but it is one way to practice the next level even though you have to complete that level again to move onto the next without the timer. (hope that makes sense!)
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I have had this game in my Game Manager with 8 minutes to go and I was up to level10 so with a credit to spare I bought it, Regret it totally - sometimes a tiny extra use of the crayon means not only repeating the level but sometimes even going back further as the crayons do not fill to where they were which makes the level impossible. I love this style of game and I admit I mostly bought it as I love dogs more than games but this one really annoyed me. I don't mind trying new strategies to defeat a level as long as I am given the same amount of tools to do it. But they are not always available in this game and I will not restart from scratch for any game. Very disappointed in a game that had a lot of potential. Not a good example of the genre when you have to restart a level you have successfully completed just to retry the next level. Will avoid this developer from now on!
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I bought this game as a 2 for 1 just from the positive reviews and I regret it. The intros are great and the game is beautifully presented but all I got in the first few minutes is a boing boing sound as I investigated the most obvious possibilities. I advanced over time but found this so annoying thinking that this was just done to make the game last longer that I am just deleting the game .... yep you got paid for this game but this developer has lost me as a customer from here on in. So much potential but the annoyance factor is overwhelming! Sorry, I know you put a lot of time in to satisfy those than whinge a lot but I play these games as a relaxation and I was getting so frustrated that I had to keep pressing the hint that the game is not at all enjoyable.
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SPOILER highlight below :

Approach the octopus then back track and go around the island to be just in front then once you have enough leadtime go for the goal posts making dure you avoid the shark in the process.
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This is an interesting game with plenty to do - there is a bit of "to and fro"ing occasionally but that stimulates the braincells to make you remember where you need to use the items and that is a good thing. I thought the male fiance was a combination of unlikely hero and lovesick male but once over that there is heaps to do and some unique ways of doing them. I bought this game and have enjoyed it greatly.

Kudos to the developers/writers/artists - most of the negatives are from those who have not bothered to get into the game even with the free trial .. 15 minutes or less gameplay to then post a negative review says more about the reviewer than the game. This game has inspired me to play some other games so thank you for your efforts I appreciate them. Congratulations!
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I usually love these games but not only for the gameplay as I like to see the result. In this case, I am not inspired to even download with the look of this one (don't have much time lately as it is) - seems quite boring both in layout and with very drab colours! I'll wait for more reviews otherwise I'll wait for the next one.
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This is a continuation of the previous Nightmare Realm however I did not find it as easy or as logical to play. However, I found the graphics and cut scenes to be well done and beautiful - I do like this part of a game whereas I am aware that others do not - too bad a developer has not thought to offer to meet these needs as part of the game selection - where the player can choose how to play the game via options for example the ability to choose (my choices are bracketted) lots of hogs (bleh); few hogs ( ); adventure only (:thumbup ; lots of puzzles (:thumbup ; lots of cut scenes (:thumbup ; minimal cut scenes (:thumbdown ; etc. I know this involves a lot of extra work but the negative reviews that result for what I see as a minor issue may make that effort pay off dollar wise.

I don't as a rule use the strategy guide unless I am really stuck but I did with this game. I like adventure games but I also like them to be intuitive and some of the "tools needed" were not in the usual places and if I had not consulted the SG I would have been totally stalled.

I did have game issues wrt to access violation but contrary to Moderator advice to update drivers etc the game began working again after a couple of days of trying without any kind of action on my part - of course this meant I missed the sale as I was not prepared to buy a game I could not play without issues. I may still buy this game at a later date or on a sale just to have the continuation however I do not feel compelled to purchase now. I have read the developers thread and appreciate their contribution and why they have developed the game in the way it has been produced. Unfortunately, no game is going to please everyone.
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Well I didn't install this game until after the fix and initially the sound did not work. So I reinstalled the latest version of the C++ for my system and the sound worked but I didn't have time to play for long. Just opened it now and again the sound does not work. Doesn't really matter to me but I thought you should know it is still an issue.
You will get the map in the early stages of the game.
Edwina's voice can be turned of via the options if you disable the voices.

This is only added to the review section as the voice is being reviewed as annoying, to which I agree, but turning it off may alter the type of clues you are given if hints are only given by Edwina.
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MEnr56 wrote:
The title DOES say Siberia 2 and again as another member just said the Syberia 2 that I purchased in 2010 is the SEQUEL; so what is THIS Syberia 2?........

........I bought BOTH Syberia and Syberia 2 in 2010 and the ORIGINALS of both came out in 2002 or 2004; this whole thing makes no sense to me at all.


The title actually say Syberia Part 2 which translates to Syberia (1) Part 2. The original games are legendary games for their time ie in 2002/4 and still have validity today for people who like this genre.

What you bought in 2010 are the original games. But the rights of those original games were onsold to another company. This company (not the original publisher ) decided to split each of the original games into three parts each and sell them separately ie 2 games become six parts. Each of those parts are slowly being released one at a time with four parts still to be released - the third part of Syberia (1) and the three parts of Syberia 2 more usually called Syberia II.

I hope that clears this up for you.

Edited: to change "original developer" to "original publisher" (thanks to Mr_Russ for letting me know )
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Hi Sunloving - I sent you a PM - you need three items not two!
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[Removed by Moderator]

Sorry forgot the review this is a fun quirky game with lots of characters and lots to do with H.O.s, random objects, occasional puzzling with a lot of travelling. On my list to buy.
Quailridge wrote:I bought the game also and after download was complete all I received was the message, "You own this game. Play again". Hadn't played it at all. I requested and did receive a refund very promptly. Pity as the game looked interesting.

I played the trial and bought and this is what I am getting - "play again, you own this game" it just cycles this information - I've sent a Dr Felix and screen-dump to the tech support and I'll see what results. I hope I can end up playing it as it does seem interesting.

ETA: I got a quick response from Byron in Seattle (tech support) and after looking at the Dr Felix report, somehow, he could see that my game had not activated so after uninstalling the game and removing the hidden save files and reinstalling the game it is now working fine.

This is the first time I have bought a game using the option from the expired game to use credits rather than on the website and while I don't think this had anything to do with this problem I won't use that option in future.

Thanks Byron
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in? Hamelin-Pyrmont, Lower Saxony, Germany
1:57pm Thursday (GMT+02:00)

Hamelin (German: Hameln) is a town on the river Weser in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Hamelin-Pyrmont and has a population of 58,696 (as at 2006). Hamelin is also the gateway to the surrounding Weserbergland mountains, which can be visited by hikers and bikers.

Seems like both are acceptable.
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edmee1947 wrote:not hdo:, [removed by moderator] and 2 others labs ,but to do the same kind of game!
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mtvoyager wrote:I really enjoyed this game and bought it, but on a level, maybe the 8th or 9th my pen quit drawing.

To clarify your review, at these levels pen ink is limited so you need to <somehow> contain your bugs while you erase unneeded lines to refill your pen .... then you can continue.
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