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 posted in Aveyond on May 14, 09 2:02 PM
I've been looking for games like Aveyond too, and I found some pretty good games, Eternal Eden is pretty fun.

I've only played the free hour download, but if the game were on this site then I would definitely buy it. There is also 3 Stars of Destiny, it's another RPG, I originally found it on also. It is on too though, you can find it in the adventure section.
 posted in Aveyond on May 14, 09 1:50 PM
Oh thank god! I was worried the game wouldn't be brought here, it's a good thing for me, because this site is the only way I can play these games. By the way Amanda, I love all of the Aveyond games including Ahriman's Prophecy, I was so happy to discover there is going to be a third one very soon. I've enjoyed keeping up with the progress on, and I especially loved the interviews
 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Jan 15, 09 7:33 PM
I like this game, its very fun and I haven't had to use a walkthorough, but I really don't want to either. I've been playing it all day, I just realized I don't know how to save or quit the game....can someone help me please?
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