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 posted in Campgrounds on Jan 8, 15 10:36 AM
I'm also have issues with level 26. I noticed right away that there are black lines (a visual grid) across this one and that the guy gets stuck. So I restarted the level, only to have more people stuck in the house who wouldn't come out, I couldn't finish the level at all because they wouldn't do the work I assigned them to. I have no idea how to work this, because I can't move forward without finishing this level.

I have a imac, 2012, so I wondered if the program is too old? yosemite
 posted in Fishdom 3 on Dec 14, 14 10:19 AM
I'm also stuck here, I can't seem to figure out how to eliminate the square in the center OR one of the upper squares (depends which way I push the mine). Suggestions?
 posted in Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop on Feb 6, 14 10:42 AM
I'm having the same issues as the other Mac users (Macbook Pro, Snowleopard). I bought the first game, pepper issue, then because I had no issues with the trial version I bought this one. The game was fine, no issues, then yesterday, it started to glitch at "play." Only thing I did different was update my Adobe Flash yesterday (not sure that's an issue in these games but I thought I'd mention it).

I'm with the rest, I won't purchase another of this maker's games until they learn to get the bugs out before hand or get fixes up fast.

Sad, because I really enjoyed the game while it lasted.
 posted in Farmington Tales on Jan 28, 14 9:19 AM
Queen_of_Parts wrote:Hi, I have installed this game on my Mac, after previously owning the PC version and really enjoying the game.

Every time I go to harvest the bell peppers (only happens with this particular item) the game crashes completely and shuts down.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and all my drivers are up to date. Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, how do I fix it?


I'm having the same issue. Game is laggy, (upgraded flash), but usable. But it will not, under any circumstances, harvest peppers.

Any solutions yet?
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jul 6, 09 12:54 PM
I went through the whole walk through and went to each spot 4 times and can't find the last skull to paint. I have the one from the cook pot and the one from my 15th Hut. I'm starting to go a little batty. Is there a glitch in the game? I just bought it this weekend (so I thought I had the new one) Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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