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 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come on Feb 21, 11 5:32 PM
How did you get it to INSTALL?? Tickes me off . $14 and still have to mess with It. have been trying to download it since LAST Night. Starting to get OLD. Haven't decided if I will drop my Account yet. Too many old games either revamped (or not). Then they make it a collectors items. Just getting tired of it all!!
 posted in Muse on Feb 7, 11 3:11 PM
I cannot imagine anyone buying this game. Items WAY TOO SMALL FOR ONE. Sorry it;s a NO buy for me. BF best be getting around with some decent games pretty soon, I may have to stop my membership.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades on Jan 26, 11 3:19 PM
I have the same problem. I have 51 cards, all the stuff for chemistry set, Except, I did see I need one large tube. Anyone know where to find that? I is to the left of her above the machanical hand. Thanks.
 posted in Letters from Nowhere on Nov 1, 10 2:32 PM
Not one of the better games, I actually bought it and now am SORRY! Graphics way too contorted or small. A huge disappointment!!! Decent games are very far and few between lately. Resond time when clicking on itmes SLOW also.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 10 1:27 PM
I too enjoyed this sooo much. As hendicky said---very nice length. I loved the graphics, not real difficult to find objects, still a challenge on some. Well worth the money!! The EXTRA play game was a nice addition. It wasn't a repeat of scenes from the regular game. I am not a big fan of the 'puzzles' in any game,but I still managed to solve several of them without help. I was so happy to see this come along--lately, DRY spells in between good games!!! Now I am waiting again, lol.Not fond of the $14--$20 dollar Collection games either as I am on a limited income, BUT, if they are as long and enjoyable as this and Poe's Black Cat (among several others in this line). Then I try to buy them. : ) Thanks BFG!!!
 posted in Column of the Maya on Oct 18, 10 11:14 AM
I agree with you. Graphics are aweful!!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 14, 10 8:12 AM
It's about time!!! Been waiting for a decent play Since A.Poes Black Cat. I have only played about 5 min of the demo and already know it is a buy for me. I last few games I have downloaded are a disgrace to BFG. The graphics have been blurry, items VERY small and hard to define. So far this one surpasses the others hands down. GOOD GOING BF!!!! It's a BUY for me---even though I cringe when I see Collectors Editions. At least this one gives you a demo and you can decide from there and didn't waste credits which I did just two days ago. Again, CHEERS!!!
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Oct 12, 10 12:17 AM
I just wasted a game credit on this game---sorry but, it stinks. No wonder they didn't have a trial. No One would buy it. I certainly wouldn't used my game credit! It isn't at all what I am used to playing and I don't like it. Been waiting all week for BF to offer a decent game. Of late they have been VERY far and few in between. I am dissappointed. As a rule I would rate BFgames high on my list of gaming sites--I am just a bit miffed over lack of good games being offered lately.
 posted in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed on Sep 6, 10 8:43 AM
I want a game that is entertaining, But not where I have to use hint button to know where to go to next step. Give me a game where I have a list of items to look for and move on. This game didn't do much for me. Too much guess work as to what to do next. Agree with another person, sparkles were useless without direction as what was needed. A no buy for me, even at sale price, not fun to have to work so hard. Not to say there aren't many that would enjoy, just not for me.
 posted in Tornado: The secret of the magic cave on Sep 3, 10 10:46 AM
I was dissappointed that the items are soooo small and difficult find! A game should be FUN and a little challenge---this wasn't enjoyable for me at all. That is just my opinion though, others may find it enjoyable.
 posted in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum on Aug 27, 10 11:11 AM
As you said, too dark items too small, even with the magnifier. I usually at least try to get through the demo. It's not relaxing to me at all. Sorry, a no go for me either.
 posted in 3 Cards to Dead Time on Aug 11, 10 10:37 AM
WAY too much text and yakking!! Concept of looking for the objects, BUT, don't need all the chatter.
Certainly agree, I loved every second of play. I also have limited income and don't like spending $20 for a two -three hour game. BUT, this was worth it. Afraid I did use the guide a lot and still played several days and was VERY PLEASED to see the BONUS game was NOT a boreing repeat of what was just played.with junk piles to root through. AND, I really enjoyed the different rooms--areas of play.!!! You do get your money's worth on this one. WAY TO GO, BIG FISH!! I would say Redemption Cemetery is best in a long time.
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 19, 10 6:43 PM
I agree with everyone else===worse game for all the reasons mentioned.
 posted in Secrets of the Dragon Wheel on Jul 13, 10 9:52 AM
I also get the same message as a few others after trying to download twice. I won't buy even if I did get it to download, afraid of more issues in the game. I Can't remember any other issues with any other BF games, so don't despair all you fishes, lol. It isn't a big enough issue to keep me from watching for new games.
 posted in The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix on Jul 8, 10 3:19 PM
I thought the same thing about the girl needing more CLOTHES!! I had deleted it after 2 minutes! I hope BF don't accept too many games like this. I will close my membership.
 posted in Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout on May 14, 10 7:40 PM
not sure what scene you have, (I am just playing demo for now, thinking of buying) but, I placed a cigarette ON a sign that looks like a circle with diagonal line through it. If you are on the train/subway, I think it is on the left at the top. It symbolizes a No Smoking sign. Hope this helps.
 posted in CSI: NY - The Game ® on May 14, 10 6:22 PM
Yes, a dud game, can't get past first few minutes and do have all the clues. No instructions, etc. Sorry I bought it before trying it out. Don't waste your money!!
 posted in Deadtime Stories on Apr 30, 10 7:21 PM
Just finished it---Loved it also!! I do hope to see more games like this. It can be as long or short as you like. I felt it was fairly long ---would liked for it to be longer though, lol. GREAT game. I didn't even mind the going from scene to scene. Usually that throws me off, but, this one is so interesting you don't give the wandering around a second thought. No walkthrough posted yet, but, I got through without one. ( new one for me). BUY IT,, you won't be sorry.!!
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Feb 25, 10 10:40 PM
same problem with pigeon returning and don't have the note anymore in inventory. I can't move ahead in the game. Would appreciate help also if you find a solution.
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