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 posted in Dog Unit New York: Detective Max on Apr 8, 15 4:04 PM
In the "Stairs" scene, where do I get the key for the window holding the fire hose? Help !!! I only have bolt cutters and the access card.
 posted in Dog Unit New York: Detective Max on Apr 7, 15 1:14 PM
So far I've got everything with the train station and the office and outside of the office. Inside the train, I got everything that was hidden too. Now I can't do anything more. The main screen shows a check mark on two of the three, but the staircase one isn't finished and I have no idea what more to do. Can anyone help me?
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Mar 25, 15 2:05 PM
Has anyone else had this problem? My game won't open now and I've played it in the past. BigFish gave me instructions on how to "restore" it, but it didn't work. Anyone have any tips that can help me?
 posted in Time Riddles: The Mansion on Mar 22, 15 6:44 PM
How does one accumulate hints in this game. I like this game, except for this. If I run out of hints, I have to end the game and start over with a new name for a new game. If there is some way to accumulate hints, will someone please tell me? There are 75 hints to get, however, I start out with 5 and if I run out, I'm done. Help please!
 posted in It's all about masks on Nov 16, 13 10:24 AM
The game won't let me play !!! I played this game months ago and finished it. Now I want to play it again and it just goes to "Menu" and when I click on that, it goes back to the original first page with the "Options", "Quit" ect. I reinstalled the game and it still won't play. Can anyone here help me? I have Java and I have adobe. Do I need something else? Thank you for any replay. My email is
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Apr 27, 13 11:55 AM
Thanks a lot for nothing. What the heck is a PM?
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Apr 27, 13 11:14 AM
In one of the scenes, I have to find a gopher to put in the gopher hole and I swear it is not in the scene. Can someone please tell me where the gopher is? Thanks,.
 posted in Abra Academy™ on Nov 12, 09 2:08 PM
Yeah, my fairy freezes too. I hate it when I purchase a game, this happens and I feel like I wasted my money.
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