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 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Jan 2, 10 9:48 AM
I'm stuck on 1932...I've tried multiple times but am always left with building the cinema far away from parks and information buildings. The adviser says to build it in the centre, but no matter where or how many I build it will not remove the task?? I have demolished everything around the exact centre and built it then, but it still won't accept it.???
 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Jan 1, 10 3:33 PM
I was excited about this game to...I play way too many build it games to count but this ONE SUCKS...the timer is way off and it is not enjoyable at all...I love a challenge but this is way to hard for a leisurely fun game. Too many levels take 5+ tries and the adviser and hints are useless. Too bad I already spent my money
 posted in Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe on Jul 8, 09 4:34 PM
I installed latest Direct X, un-installed, re-installed, re-booted and now game won't even launch...I get an "Error:Access Violation" message. I've turned off my antivirus and it still doesn't work????
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