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 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 17, 11 2:19 AM
If you pay for a game you expect to be able to complete the game
Imagine buying Monopoly and not getting the money or a chess set and only getting the white pieces.
This isn't a series. I've played games in a series before and there is still a clear beginning and end. In the begining of this game it was CLEAR that we were supposed to find all 8 members of the circus when in fact the games ENDS abruptly after finding only 4. I admit that the game took a decent amount of time to play but that's not the point. I think that they should have made it clear that this was an in complete game, perhaps calling it Part 1 or episode 1. Even so, I've played games that are supposedly "to be continued" and they never left me hanging and feeling so incomplete as this one did and who's to say that we will ever see part 2!! After all look at Faunasphere as a perfect example. And I know of 2 other online games (one on FB and one elsewhere) that have shut down this week. Who's to say that the company that made this game won't close it's doors or find $$$ in other areas and never complete this one...................
 posted in Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands on Dec 24, 10 10:20 PM
I'm glad that I came here to check the reviews, I almost didn't give this game a chance because the file size was so small which is usually a decent sign of a "simple" game. After what you guys are saying I think I'll be giving it a try.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 14, 10 2:27 AM
Thanks guys, I finally got it. I just kept scrubbing away at the darn thing even though there wasn't any visible (to me) dirt left on the painting. I guess, like someone said, the computer thought I still had more to do. Apparently I missed one pixle somewhere That was the only puzzle (one easy mode) that I didn't finish on the first try.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 11, 10 11:17 PM
Ok, I have the wet sponge and I know I'm supposed to "clean" the painting and then find the differences between the painting and the still life (the stuff on the table)
I've started this puzzle a dozen times and I clean the painting but I can't seem to select the differences. I can see them all, but no counter ever shows up and no amount of clicking will let me select a "difference". I thought at first, that maybe I wasn't cleaning the painting well enough, but I've scrubbed the hell out of that thing and I still can't trigger the counter so I can select the differences.
Is anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 11, 10 5:52 AM
Count me in, I waited!!
I can't waste $20 on a game. Especially not when I can, almost, buy 3 regular games for that price.
I don't need a strategy guide, seriously!! There's always a walk through right here anyway, how much more do you need? And the rest of the "extras" I've seen for other CE's, well, they're just not worth it. You might get an extra level, but again I say Seriously!! So what, with the money you save you can, almost, buy 2 more complete games, not just one more level.
I have to weigh my options and so far I haven't seen a CE with enough going for it that I'd spend $20.
 posted in Knightfall: Death and Taxes on Oct 30, 10 1:51 AM
konijn75 wrote:The current BigFishGames release of this game is version 1.0.3.
The author also has a release version 1.0.4.
I have spoken to the author/programmer of this game.
This bug was solved in version 1.0.4.

The only thing we can do is hope that BigFishGames will get this update, and that they will distribute it to us (or that we can redownload it).

Thanks Konjin,
Why don't you contact BigFish with this information and let them know. It sure would be nice to have a working game especially since I've bought and paid for it!!
 posted in Knightfall: Death and Taxes on Oct 27, 10 10:54 PM
I am having the same problem.
When you are in the tavern, the icon changes when you learn the new spell but as soon as you leave it reverts back. Which sucks as I would have liked the chance to try some of those other spells, one of which I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to complete an award/goal/trophy thing.

Please see about getting this fixed so I can continue to enjoy the game!! thanks
 posted in Knightfall: Death and Taxes on Oct 27, 10 10:51 PM
I did eventually buy this game after I played the trial and here is why..
1 - there is a ton of replay value for your buck. You can play as 1 of 2 people or as a team. Either character, the Knight or Princess needs a totally different gameplay strategy.
2 - the music was nice, I never noticed it so obviously it wasn't annoying or to repetitive.
3 - yes the story and game graphics seem a bit "simple" but I feel that it lends to the nostalgic feel of the game. If you've ever played some real early RPG's from way back when then you know what I mean.
4 - the game play itself is very interesting and it takse a bit of getting used to, that alone is a plus for it's uniqueness. I've only played in story mode so far (there are, I think 7 modes to play in) and there is no time limit which is good because sometimes you need a minute to plan your attack.

Give this game the full 1 hour trial, it does take a bit of getting used to, but I think alot of people will like it once they give it a real shot. It really is quit unique, challenging and alot of fun

 posted in Knightfall: Death and Taxes on Oct 25, 10 9:06 PM
sassylassie wrote:Cool! Break out the Swiss Miss!

LOL I don't think there's any actual chocolate in Swiss Miss, if there is, it's probably one of the last ingredients listed.
When it comes to hot chocolate one must go all out and make real hot cocoa using REAL cocoa (chocolate) and if you must go "instant" then no less than Godiva will do!
Yeah, I'm a chocolate snob

Back to the game, the graphics are very retro and I think they were intended to be that way, kind of nostalgic. I find the game play unique and interesting, it does take a bit to get used to it.
For the person that said there were no instructions, well I'm not sure what game you were playing but there was a tutorial and all the info you needed was in there.
It really is a $2.99 game, but I'm so intrigued by it that I may go ahead and get it just because I don't want to sit around and wait for a year in the hopes that it may be a daily deal.
 posted in Sinister City on Oct 21, 10 12:45 AM
goofyduck77 wrote:This is the kind of game that is very similar (I think) to RTR and DG.

your "long winded" reviews are appreciated, but please try to avoid using abbreviations ESPECIALLY when refering to the title of other games!!

I can not stress this enough as it is the MOST irritating thing I come across in the forums. Just because you know what "RTR" and "DG" is, doesn't mean other people do.
I might like to check these games out, but it would be nice to have a name instead of having to troll through the long list of available games and try to figure it out, something I just don't have the patience for.

 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate on Sep 13, 10 12:51 AM
It's not so bad, the dialogue you can skip entirely but not frame by frame. It has lots of good puzzles, the only problem of which is that sometimes you don't know what you're supposed to do as the instructions are so vague and you only have the option of completely skipping it altogether rather than getting a hint to how to solve it. Going back over the walk through now I see 2 puzzples I skipped because the instructions were so vague that I was doing it wrong. had I known how it was actually completed I could have done it much more easily and saved myself some frustration
The only other negative that's worth mentioning is the HOG aspect of the game. When you first come to an area you can see all of the future hidden pieces even if you won't be needing them until much later in the game and on a later search. I don't want to see them yet, I want it to be new, otherwise, my little brain has rememebred where all those pieces are and when I finally do have to find them it's too easy? Does that make sense?

Anyway, it's not that bad, it's very long, with lots of puzzles, the story is so so, but seriously, it's pretty hard to come up with something original. And if you compare the price you pay for a game to the price of going to see a movie!! nuff said!!
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate on Sep 13, 10 12:35 AM
That confused me to!!
The "hanger" is not what you think it is. It's one of the pieces that you have to find parts to. It looks like it should be part of the fan, it's got 60r arms coming out of it. It's actualy the top part of the coat rack, the part that you would actually hang hangers from. If you let your mouse hover over the pices in your inventory it will tell you what it is.
Good luck
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 11:47 PM
Glad I could help, have fun!!

I use the forums ALOT, I always read the reviews about a game before I even bother downloading the sample version. II can usually tell by the reviews wether I will enjoy it or not.
f I have a trouble with something in game, it's a safe bet that someone else has too, so I look in here for help. Sometimes, I get the chance to help out as well!!
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 7:10 AM
I had that problem to, I had the tendency to try to line the wrench head up with the head of the bolt right, WRONG, pay attention to where the tip of your cursor is, about half way down the handle of the wrench, and pont that at the bolt head, see if that works
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 7:07 AM
look at the sides of your inventory bar there are arrows, click on them and see if your stuff is hiding, I've had this happen to me in another game
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 7:06 AM
I found that sometimes pieces for puzzles in this game are found hidden within close up views. I don't remember for sure about the lottery tickets, but pay attention to your closeup shots and look all around them as well.
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 7:03 AM
You must play at the speed of light 'cause I got a goof 4 hours out of the game and I consider myself pretty savy at this stuff. I even skipped 2 puzzles because I hate that particular type. (but that's only 2 out of about 20 or so different puzzles, all different and all good, sometimes I just don't have the patience when I know it's something that will frustrate me anyway)
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 6:59 AM
An odd thing about that cursor...... I downloaded the trial version and the cursor was fine. I loved the game so when my hour was up I purchased it. It wasn't until AFTER I actually paid for the game that I started having cursor problems, weird!!
But you do have the option to turn the custome cursor off and it really doesn't make a difference because the plain one still turns to "feet" when you need to walk or a "hand" when you need to grab something! It's all good
 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Aug 30, 10 2:37 AM
Woofie53 wrote:Marlo FROG are FRagmented Objects Game

Elkestra wrote:First of all, as stated by others, this is a FROG (Fragmented Object Game).

Thank you so much for explaining what FROG meant. I am really getting tired of peoples posts that contain abbreviations and make the assumption that eveyone in the world knows what they're talking about. It took me forever to figure out what HOG meant!!! It's expecially disconcerting when they use abbreviations for games they have played in the past especially a game they liked and rave about. I would like to look into those game if I ONLY HAD A NAME!! But instead, they use abbreviations leaving the rest of us wondering what's going on.
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 7, 10 12:20 AM
I really liked the first one although I found it to be a bit short. I hope this is an improvement, going to test it out now!
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