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 posted in Halloween Night Mahjong on Nov 21, 15 7:00 AM
I love the mahjong games by this company, however, there is always one or two that are impossible to get three stars on due to errors in the requirements. In one puzzle, all the tiles are gold, but the requirement only works if you leave some tiles on the board. That is impossible. Sometimes the picture shown doesn't match the tile set, then it is also impossible to win three stars. I wish they would do a better job in testing for this, but other than that I LOVE THIS MAHJONG (not that anyone ever reads or can actually do anyting about it.)
 posted in Royal Mahjong: King's Journey on Jun 17, 15 10:09 AM
I was so excited to see this today, I love this companys mahjong games, however, this has a new kind of play, and I just can't seem to get into it, I don't understand how some of the tiles match sometimes (like the M shaped ones) and ones I think will continue the chain don't - just confusing and not so much fun - Now I am sad.
It has been a long time since I have so thoroughly enjoyed the yearly MCF game. In fact, so much so this has just been sitting unplayed on my computer for 3 months. But finally, it was the only unplayed game I had, so I started it.
THANK YOU! It took what I loved about the first ones, and upgraded the experience. Thank goodness, no live action, no juvenile body part jokes, not too many HO's, but most of all, GREAT PUZZLES. I was so pleasantly surprised, although I must admit I did use the map, which kept me from toing and froing endlessly. I don't know if that is a great addition, or if it just made me lazy. I missed a couple of bobbleheads, and one card - but this game is staying on my computer to play again in the timed mode and I will get another chance.
You know I must be impressed if it actually brought me back to the forums to post! Bravo MCF - and thank you!
 posted in Mahjong Gold on Feb 17, 14 7:35 AM
I guess this is technical, some of the pictures don't match the actual gameplay, and then it is almost impossible to get the score required. I think they should have to update to unlock all the sections because of this. It appears that noone tested the whole game, or they would have discovered that you cannot finish.
 posted in Mosaics Galore on Nov 28, 13 1:30 PM
I agree! It is like Patchworkz, and it is a lot of fun. Don 't let the timer throw you, you can ignore it. I play both ways, one beating and then just for fun. you can play the same ones over and over and they change everytime! Really a great game, and such a value for the money. You will play this one longer than the higher priced games, and you will be able to play it over and over
 posted in Mosaics Galore on Nov 28, 13 12:29 PM
I Love this game, if I want a challenge, I play with the timer, if I don't, I ignore it. Then later I go back and replay it if I feel like I want a chance to beat the clock. I will play the same one over and over until I get it. what fun!!
If you don't like the time part, just ignore it.
I love almost all of this companys games.
I have all the mahjong ones, except the last one, which didn't attract me for some reason.
 posted in Mahjong Business Style on Aug 18, 13 5:51 PM
I have the other ones by these same company, the best one is mahjong world contest, it is the only one that I have been able to get three stars in every section. It isn't easy but it can be done. One of the other ones, has one that can't be met either. I couldnt get 3000 in the first screen, not matter how I tried, so I won't be buying this one. which makes me kinda sad, as I really like this style better than any other ones I have played. I was very excited to see the new one, but very disappointed in it. If they fixed it, I would buy it.
Luckystar18 wrote:I played the entire game without any problems. When I was about halfway through the bonus game... I exited out.. when I came back it had wiped out all of my game play for the entire game! I uninstalled and reinstalled..didn't help. Now I will have to start at the very beginning of the entire game just to finish up the bonus game. No Thanks!

me too
 posted in World Mosaics 6 on Dec 4, 12 10:53 AM
yahoo!!! - it has been a long dry spell for some of us that are sick of the same old CE's and not into the building tm games.
love the dev, and although I knew there was one in the works, I thought it was going to be jan or so.
So, I apparently being penalized for not buying the CE - I don't know the ending.
Can someone please tell me - what continued??

I had loved the game, btw, until I got to the incomplete ending in the SE and feel like I have been neenered for not wishing to pay extra. I am damn glad my favorite movies don't treat me that way if I don't buy a special edition.

Spoiler please ....

 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Apr 30, 12 8:17 PM
Just finished the game - and I must say, apart from the ending, which I thought was a glitch, lol. I loved the game. Different puzzles, really liked the mini games inside the HO scenes.I played with the sound off - so voiceovers didn't bother me. Really, alot of fun, with the following exceptions ..

I had a horrible floaty cursor, particularly when the book was lit up, but a little patience and I persevered - along with going back and forth between a system cursor and the custom cursor. It sure seems to me that there must be SOME way to make a cursor without it being all floaty. A lot of other games manage it.

I didn't read the book, or try to read the dialog on top because it gave too many hints. I was a cautious clicker because of that, and on hard mode!

There is a hint button, a skip button, there is a guide book, a map and a strategy guide .... is there really a need for the hint giving dialog in hard mode?? Seriously, I am not being snarky, I want to know why games have to be soo heavily tilted to those that want help.
Same here Brandy - I also uninstalled and reinstalled twice - I also don't want to start over. Very disappointing.

Is anyone still looking at this issue?
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Apr 25, 12 10:22 AM
what she said.
 posted in Puzzler World 2 on Mar 29, 12 10:59 AM
Thanks for the move - I just like consistency. I am already so confused by the whole review comment thing, I just gave it up. lol
 posted in Puzzler World 2 on Mar 29, 12 10:35 AM
I am so confused .. why is this in chitchat when any other game mentioned gets moved to its game forum faster than you can say 'whatever'?

Is this a new set of rules? Or just for particular posters??
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 10:57 AM
Man goes into walmart - sees a lady giving out cake samples. The man tastes one, looks at the price and says "WOW, GREAT CAKE, YOU SHOULD CHARGE DOUBLE!!!!" Everyone around him agrees ..... fantasy world?? nah, just BFG land.

Great, what I have played so far, it is priced just right.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart on Mar 2, 12 2:09 PM
That isn't necessarily true - I would love if they put them out at the same time - and many people wait until the SE (or the one without the guide) comes out because they don't think the extra $$ is worth what you get.

In my opinion, they put the more expensive out first because they are counting on the people that don't like to wait to fork out the $$ dollars to do so. Otherwise, why not do them at the same time???
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar on Feb 25, 12 6:11 PM
Well, I don't see a comment section, and i don't feel like writing a review to leave a few thoughts, and the rules for the reviews threads are beyond me at this point, to make a short story long, ...

I was so ready for this game to be over - at the end I was using the hint button all the time because I just didn't want to try and figure out their absurdity. ( I seldom ever use the hint button, because I like the challenge) There was no rhyme or reason for using some of the tools/objects they way that they did - if there is no logic to it, one just ends up trying every tool on every thing .. irritating,
I think what got me first was the drainpipe sequence - but followed by the toxic water solution, and the solution for getting the trap door ring. REALLY??? we are just supposed to logic that out????

I am extremely glad I did not get the CE - although if I had I guess the whole Dove thing would have made sense .. Insert extreme sarcasm - GEE thanks for leaving the doves in the SE with no explanation.
What a disappointment!!!

 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World on Feb 24, 12 2:27 PM
I also don't demo CE versions - and try very hard not to read CE reviews. I don't care what *extras* they have, I don't buy CE's.
I always read with one eye closed to skip the CE reviews in an SE forum. And if by any chance I wanted to know the extras- I would ask in the CE forum.
It really bugged me in the beginning to see so many reviews in the SE forum based on the CE game - but I found out I was a minority in that viewpoint so I learned to STFU, but it did change my reading habits along with my buying habits.
 posted in World Mosaics 5 on Dec 27, 11 10:48 AM
fiobo, you can turn the counter off. in the options.
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