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 posted in ZenGems on Oct 13, 14 12:35 AM
pm me for answer.
 posted in Maestro: Notes of Life on Aug 7, 12 11:43 AM
My problem is different. I'm to the place where you put 2 wheels on the statue. I know I had both wheels but one is no longer there. I even went back to check and yes they're both gone but there was only one in my inventory. I had to put my subscription on hold so I can't use support. They didn't tell me I would no longer have support just because I lost my job. I'm very mad at you BF!
 posted in Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel Collector's Edition on May 13, 12 6:37 AM
I'm a bit confused. In the review section 2 people said they had credits saved up and would take advantage of the sale with them. But from what I understand, the credits are 1/2 price, not the games. So if you use 2 "saved up" credits you are paying full price. You only get the games for 1/2 price if you buy the credits this weekend. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
 posted in Fantastic Creations: House of Brass on Apr 24, 12 11:05 PM
My comp meets all requierments but it is slooooow, sloooow sloooow! Anyone else having this problem? I would have loved it otherwise.
 posted in Word U on Apr 10, 12 8:10 AM
This is not a comment on this particular game since I didn't bother downloading after I checked this forum. As a matter of fact there are fewer and fewer games that interest me lately. I'm sure some of you won't agree with me but its how I feel. I have been thinking about leaving BF for some time now and since I have plenty of games I haven't played, I think now is the time. I have a few punch card coupons left, 3 regular credits and 4 complementary codes that are not supposed to have an expiration date. I hope I am allowed to give them to a friend. Take care all.
 posted in Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power on Apr 8, 12 12:48 PM
Question is pretty much the thread subject. Thanks.
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 6:50 AM
Sheerija wrote:
jennsmom wrote:I found it an intriguing game and how nice to have all the extras, but I can't stand playing with the wonky cursor. I feel as though I have no control over it at all. Perhaps I will uninstall and reinstall at a later time. I do like the artwork and the story and the background music, but not the cursor.

Agreed. It's the one feature that I have a beef with too. Strange isn't it, how much trouble devs go to to create something this good, and then don't bother to tweak an important function like this one.

I haven't downloaded yet but if I see comments about the custom cursor in the forum, I change to the system cursor. Does anyone know if it does the same things as the custom cursor. Hand mag. glass, etc.?
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Mar 24, 12 1:05 PM
TraceyH1011 wrote:Same problem here...was really enjoying this game until the stained glass cutting many times can an intelligent person try to cut a dumb wing???HELP

I think I read that you just need to tap them in the middle. I'm not sure as I have not reached it yet.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Mar 22, 12 12:51 PM
I've run into some of the same problems as others and have reloaded several times, restarted twice and had to skip a puzzle that was right but would not let me move on untill I skiped.

Problems with games have become so commonplace and not fixed, that what was once a relaxing fun pastime for me has become nothing but frustration and anger . The fixes never come no matter how many pages of problems there are. I always check with the walkthrough and forums before I come here to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.

I have decided to use my credits and codes and get the heck out of BF. I don't care if the games cost more on other sites. I don't want to fight anymore just to play a game. These unfixed problems were not an issue for me before the merge with that other nasty game site. Many things have changed here. Come on, four pages of problems and no fixes yet? I belong to another club and don't have these problems.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Mar 22, 12 12:22 PM
I put al of them in the right place and the door didn't open. I even checked the walkthrough. I finally skipped it but who want to play when you have to skip games. Am I missing anything, another step o9r something or is it another ---? If I'm doing something wrong please someone let me know.

I put the --- marks so it wouldn't be locked. I want to know.
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Mar 18, 12 1:32 PM
hawkes1959 wrote:I checked my system requirements before I downloaded and I met them all easily, but when I played the game it took a long time to load past the first page and it kept hesitating and hanging badly. I played the demo all the way through but what should have taken me about 15 minutes took me 35 because of all the hesitations in the game play.

This game has some bugs and needs another look, especially for lower end graphics cards and processors.

I haven't "lost" anything yet but I'm a bit worried that because of long loads and lagging that it might get more buggy as I go on.

When I played the demo it took a bit longer than I likr to load scenes but I liked the game so I thought I could deal with it. Once I got to the scrolling scenes it started hanging up so badly it takes up to 30 seconds to put items into my inventory.

I think it needs a fix very much.I don't want to have to get my cregit back but it's starting to tick me off also. I didn't buy this game to get frustrated, I bought it because it was cute and I neede something easy and relaxing.
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Mar 17, 12 8:45 PM
grandmab3248 wrote:What on God's green earth are some of you raving about? I couldn't even finish the demo. The prerequisite car crash and then waking up in a dingy hospital, are so cliche it is just downright boring from the very beginning. The hog scenese are junk pile, and I really dislike games with all of the monochromatic schemes. I appreciate bright colors and great art work, neither of which does this game posess. Also the hint button just takes too long to recharge. It really wasn't worth the time it took to download, install and activate, IMHO.

Bingo! The game is ugly and the H.O. scenes are very junky. Even the tiny bit of interaction in them is dumb. The graphics are terrible. The story has been done, done,done. The mechanics are clunky. I won't even start on the mini games.The whole game is so old school.

I read all the rave reviews and was excited to get started but It didn't take long to know it sure isn't something i could sit through.

Those who love it, enjoy.
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Mar 15, 12 12:06 PM
Items are so hard to see even with my mag. glass and changing brightness, etc. Walkthrough has errors. In the walkthrough thread it says check "How to use" to learn how to use items. Where is "How to use".

I like this game and although it is not hard, it is not very user friendly.
 posted in Entwined: Strings of Deception on Mar 11, 12 3:53 PM
daisyduck352 wrote:Not a game that I care anything about. Tried it for 30 min and just not my kind of game. It did have some good points, like a map and objectives you had to do and graphics were ok too. I guess some would like this game but not me.

I agree with you. The voice overs, except for the detective were horrid. Of course I didn't get beyound the kitchen were it said I needed to fix the lights.

I came to the forum to find out more about the hint system and when I went back it wanted my name again. I put it in, skipped the cut scene befor the door and it froze. Did the deletr, reload, same thing.

Not too heartbroken though. I also would like something different but this sure isn't it.
 posted in Entwined: Strings of Deception on Mar 11, 12 3:44 PM
My experience was very different. I never got a codec prompt. I played to the kitchen and went out to check the forum to learn more about the hint use. When I opened the game again, it started from the beginning. Had to put my name in again. When I skipped the story at the door I got to the next story with the trees and dark sky, it froze. Soft booted deleted downloaded again and same thing happened.

Oh well, hated the bad hillbilly voice over at the door and the butler's also. Thought the game was very dated.

I also would like something different but this is not it.
 posted in Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten on Mar 9, 12 9:25 AM
GamerGirl_31 wrote:I tried this game and when I got to the cave and clicked on the hammer, the game froze. I had to hit "ESC" to get out.

Ditto, exactly same place. Not worth another chance at messing my comp up.
 posted in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid on Mar 8, 12 8:26 PM
I posted this question on the day this game came out. It was answered by bfgBaikal.

Myself, I don't feel like digging through all the forum posts as if I were hunting through a junkpile H.O. scene.
 posted in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid on Mar 4, 12 6:46 AM
Yes I was yelling! A game this different and no walkthrough? Are you kidding. For me, no walkthrough, no buy.

Come on Margie, give us a walkthrough.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 12 9:41 AM
krinneyd wrote:At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm not a big fan of the "live actors" and theatrics....prefer animation and cartoons....3D would be tres cool! Would have liked to know the length since the longer the game the better so not impressed that the strategy guide was not available. I'm going to presume that actors are cheaper than animation since we are getting more and more of these types of games :/ . I will play them but not in the CE version I like the HOS interaction but not fond of items piling up in the inventory...real pain that. However, it's an interesting tale and the hints are GREAT. I'm more entertained by the smartass remarks when I make mistakes or the way the hints are expressed. The puzzles are just right for me, since I'm all about entertainment not challenge. It's alright but I will wait for the SE. Would really like to see more from **** games.

I have not demoed this game and don't think I will. I am also not a fan of games with "live actors", it makes the game feel cheesy some how. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I don't see the point of adding them to the regular graphics at all.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 7:24 PM
And how many people have had problems downloading the original
Syberia game?

I have an old clunky machine and had no trouble downloading it when it was a DD.
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