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 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 13, 15 7:41 PM
Looks like we're all having the same problem. Program won't run, only get error messages.
It would be nice if tech would at least acknowledge there's a problem, take the game offline until the issues are fixed
 posted in Lake House: Children of Silence Collector's Edition on Jun 30, 13 1:36 PM
I had the same problem with the ani,als in the bonus chapter. I think the animal dissapered when I accidently put 2 of them in the same box. I replayed the game under a different and went all the through without any problems, but the original game I started is still stuck
 posted in Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 13 7:32 PM
I can't get the order of the heads correct to fill the fountain. I had already changed them before checking the stratgey guide and the order that gives me doesn't work. Help please! Thanks
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