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 posted in Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition on Aug 27, 14 4:56 PM
ScandalousEscort wrote: After clicking on the game icon I got a box saying player data is corrupted and that I needed to start a new profile. Tried restarting game from game manager several times; manager closes, acts like it's trying to boot game, then manager returns.
Suppose nothing for it but to uninstall/reinstall...


This is the exact problem I'm having. I have been purchasing games far and few between lately because money is really tight, so when I do, I make sure it is going to be on something I am going to use and enjoy. Well, I'm NOT enjoy this. Not one bit.
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Jul 1, 12 10:45 PM
I'm very frustrated that I wasted a free credit on this game. It starts, plays the video, but whether you watch the video or skip it, once it gets past that, it goes to the credits and is over. The only option you have is to quit. I've tried all the suggestions listed in the past replies with no luck. Now what?
 posted in Jigsaw World on Apr 7, 12 8:15 PM
Same problem here. Running Windows 7. Kind of pissed off about wasting money on a game that I can't save, and no answers posted with the problem dating back to Nov 2011.
 posted in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure on Apr 13, 10 11:27 PM
Has anyone figured out the save problem? I'm sick of getting stuck before the dragon over and over.
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