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The phone booths require cloth to clear, but I can't find the thread seller so I can make cloth. I replayed Level 28 hoping to bring over extra cloth, but that didn't work. How do I make the purple cloth??? Thanks.
 posted in Final Cut: The True Escapade on Jan 5, 16 4:17 PM
Did you ever figure it out? I'm stuck there, too.

And two minutes later it works. If you're stuck, be sure the first movable pipe for the top right fixture is the slightly more angular shape like this: \_ The more rounded pipe goes in the middle section on the left.
I couldn't even get to the game, just an image and "loading" forever. When I tried to stop it with the task manager, I got a message saying the game had crashed and my computer froze completely and I had to restart it. Not interested in trying to make it work.
 posted in Time Stand Still on Oct 7, 10 7:17 PM
I installed the patch and there's still no sound. I'm running Windows 7 and have had this game since 2008 (and still haven't finished it!). If only a later version works, could we who paid for the earlier one get the current one as a free update? The website doesn't say how many editions there have been. I had to use a walkthrough because I couldn't hear the guitar notes I really enjoy the scenery and history in this game.
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