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 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Mar 20, 09 11:24 PM
Doodle720. My daughter pointed me towards Universal Hints System that I like better than a walk through because you get one hint at a time so it doesn't give more away than you want. I think I used it for Return to Mysterious Island, and I know I've used it for many others. Sometimes I have opened all the hints in one section and printed them out if the game was tough and I didn't want to go back and forth.

But this one is so new it doesn't show up there yet. I think they had a 60 or 90 day free trial of the hint system. Just another avenue.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Mar 20, 09 11:15 PM
Hi all. I have played this for a couple of hours the other night, and got dressed in my brother's clothing and mixed up the face coloring paste and colored my face and got the Astrology notes from father. Collected a few things along the way... had a conversation with "dad" about the Queen and "mom" going on a trip...

NOW what do I do? He said to take some jam to the queen. I put ingredients in the pot in the lower kitchen and wood on the fire. It says to simmer for a while and then to put it in jars. It won't go into the glass jars I have for receptacles of all kinds of things... and I don't see anything that indicates where else I should go or something else I should be doing.

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Feb 21, 09 7:05 PM
Some people don't realize that not EVERYone finds solving a frustrating puzzle to be...fulfilling! Some of us just want to get through a game and find THAT fulfilling. Frustration just raises blood pressure on some of us older folks!

 posted in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses on Dec 10, 08 8:50 PM
OH thank you so much! And so fast too!
 posted in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses on Dec 10, 08 8:32 PM
HI all new here. I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with the poster and the codes. Anyone fill me in please? Leaves me stuck in the game. It was easier to figure out the code earlier linking letters with hieroglyphics. But I don't even know what to DO with them now.
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