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 posted in Deadly Sin on Aug 27, 10 5:37 AM
Hi! I am stuck here and it took me 6-7 battles to take him out. When i won the battle i felt like spreadin' the word. Now i am stuck at the angra mainyu commander! ? hate him!(P.S. please give tips.) Anyway,i started to download the game in another computer,and i am stuck here,again!!! Sometimes i wonder why there is someone named Cenario in the game.
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Dec 13, 08 5:52 AM
I completed level 39 with expert score. Here is how I did it:

buy 2 workers
build hacienda
upgrade twice and sell
build sawmill, then workshop, buy efficiency
buy 3 workers
build chateau

after this I kept buying land, workers (somwhere around 25 I think) and material and built 4-5 more (or maybe 6, don't remember) chateau's and then 3 banks, with financial advisors. Keep upgrading to 3 stars and inspect the chateaus. After you get the three banks running, buy all the remaining land as they become available and keep building chalets on them and paint them right away - no need to upgrade. At this point you'll have plenty of money so buy back the hacienda and the chateau you had sold, and destroy both, build chalets. I started to destroy the chateaus when I had about 8 mill, but I ended up with 20 mill, so you can probably start destroying when you reach about 6 mill. As you destroy the chateaus, keep building-painting-inspecting chalets. You can also destroy the sawmill first after buying a bunch of materials. Then destroy the banks and finally the workshop and build-paint chalets on them.

I finished in expert time with 20 mill this way.
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