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 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Mar 13, 16 5:18 PM
Yep, I've got an up-to-date computer and I'm getting them on almost every level (though not every single time I play a given level). This constant having to Ctrl+Alt+Del to shut down and then continue isn't much fun. Such a pity too because it's a great game and I'd really like to actually enjoy it.

A bit of a side-note to BF, I'm really hating all these locked threads. Whoever made that programming decision to lock things after 6 months really messed up. So many of us replay games over the years or eventually buy older games when they go up as Daily Deals, but coming to a forum that's basically become a ghost town due to the locking just tells us we'll never get help again because no one's going to bother going to a locked up forum. It's really been a slap in the face to us as customers (one of too many slaps, I might add).
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears Collector's Edition on Jan 11, 16 12:09 AM
Huggs24 - It might not be a glitch. Check that you've bought all of Paige's presents, that's why I didn't have that award at first.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Hopes and Fears Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 16 10:58 PM
Level 43 - "A Few Angry Men" is not registering a completed challenge even after multiple, successful tries. While one could question what exactly amounts to "angry" I've tried several times having all but the first or last two customers be ecstatic and those first or last two actually leave in anger and still it won't show as a completed challenge.

Also, in several levels throughout the game, people are not getting into line at the counter properly. Sometimes they just stand behind another customer even when there's an open spot and sometimes they get into an endless jocky-for-position with another customer who arrived at the same time.
The "Timber!!!" Challenge isn't registering as completed even 200 points beyond what's needed for the star.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 24, 15 2:30 PM
wearywaterwolf and scpotamus you are both very welcome!

ygstone - I found flower SO hard too! And as with other things there are probably several ways to get it but here's how I found it...
Highlight for solution:

Flower = Grass + Philosopher's Stone
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 20, 15 6:24 PM
wearywaterwolf - highlight for spoiler
The last one you're looking for is thunderbird!
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 19, 15 11:37 PM
hightlight for spoilers
ajtho1 - If I remember correctly I think I got a spark from rock + rock.

scpotamus - grass = moss + earth
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 16, 15 10:08 PM
I would have been inclined to agree with you had it not been for noticing that a few items I started a quest with were never used and had a dotted, and then blue box (when I bought that feature) around them, and at least one of them was from one of those main categories. So now I don't know what to think.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 15, 15 3:27 PM
Another possible tech issue:
I understood that solid white boxes meant things could be used currently, specifically when dotted and/or blue boxes have been bought. However, I have tried several of my white box items with every other white box item only to come up with nothing. Is this a tech issue or something else I don't understand?
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 14, 15 11:51 PM
I don't know if this is a tech issue or just something I can't find so maybe someone can clear it up for me.
I'm in the middle of a quest and a note pops up that a new puzzle "Independence day in a village" is available. But I can't find this puzzle listed anywhere in the game, I've checked every menu. I look it up online and it is a puzzle for this game BUT is it maybe not available for the PC version? If that's the case they really should have removed that pop-up note.
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 13, 15 2:11 PM
Excellent advice.
I wondered about that too since I was trying to shut down in a hurry (something I don't normally do but even so most games can keep up).
 posted in Doodle God: Genesis Secrets on Dec 11, 15 10:17 PM
I'm having the same issue with disabling repetition function not working.

Ok, this may not be a tech issue after all. It seems the function only tells you you have a repetition if it actually made a new thing, NOT if you've merely tried a combo before. So basically, it's a little useless for those of us who can't remember the dozens of combos we've already tried (that didn't result in anything).

I just had an actual tech issue though when trying to shut the game off. The screen froze and after I did Ctrl+Alt+Del it said there was an access error. Didn't note the number though, sorry.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 21, 15 10:55 AM
I have to join the crowd and agree wholeheartedly about this FTP nonsense! This looks like it could be a really fun game but I will never play FTP...ever. It's a garbage concept to throw at so many loyal gamers.

In the past nearly 7 years I have bought well over 400 games from Big Fish alone. If I like a game, I buy it, I buy it's sequels, I tell friends about it, etc. But if I'm going to pay for something, I'm going to own it, not rent it or keep having to throw money at it to make it a whole product (which in this FTP world, it never will be anyway).

Devs - remember who your loyal customers are/were and don't leave us for a younger, flashier model who won't be there in the long-term.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jul 12, 15 3:29 PM
Oh ok! Now I get what you have to do, thank you!
I kept wondering why filling my orders fast still had my meter going backwards - thought it might be a glitch but you've explained it now.

Much appreciated!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 15 3:46 PM
Another incredible addition to the Delicious series! These games just get better and better (for the most part)! I own every single Emily game and they were good way back in the beginning (I replay the entire series at least once a year) so for them to keep getting better has been awesome. This time around I am loving the extra levels and all the fun little challenges. I like the method of menu changes better this time than in "Emily's New Beginning." The storyline (as usual) is full of humor and heart.

My biggest complaint is a major step backward in the gameplay and this is the second game we've seen it in. The hearts (customer mood) are not displayed enough. I hate not knowing where I stand with my customers and it often ends up that I didn't know they needed cheering up in time to do much about it.

My other concern is with the characters. After knowing Emily's story as well as I do, I find it puzzling that the previously content interior designer, Francois, has been flailing in recent games to find contentment in his career path. Not to say I don't like his involvement in the game in the creative ways the Devs have come up with but it just seems strange to see him sort of going backwards.
Also, considering how much help Emily has given the town of Snuggford, it seems odd that all those people wouldn't step in and help her with her house, etc. but that's just one of those continuity issues game series' often seem to have unfortunately.

All in all though it's a wonderful game (as are the others in the series) and a real cut above most of the competition in TM games. Do yourself a favor and try it!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 15 3:27 PM
ccoon - If you have completed levels 51-60 (and it sounds like you have from the trophies you've receieved) then you have played the extra levels. They just incorporated the bonus content rather than making it separate.

Tech issue:
Maybe this has been mentioned before but there is an issue with 2 customers arriving at the counter at the same time - they jockey for position and no one moves into the spot yet they continue to get less happy so by the time they finally settle in at the counter (behind one another, not next to as it should be) they are usually annoyed.

Also, in the last location, Edward's entertaining the customers makes it difficult to get Emily to go to that table because Edward stands right in front. Often I've clicked the table only to find that Emily never went there and sometimes Edward has stayed and played again. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jul 6, 15 11:35 PM
So far I've only played the first location but there's a glitch with the counter of the BBQ products. I've served well over the 25 needed but the steak still hasn't become available.

Also it seems like my clicks aren't working sometimes and Emily's left standing there instead of bringing items to customers or ringing them up or Francois doesn't go clean up the tables.

And as someone else mentioned, despite getting a high score (and the star) I didn't get a diamond for the bonus level with the "cloudy" customers. Playing it a second time worked though.
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jun 18, 15 2:28 PM
As the game finishes at level 40 I'm not sure how you could even have a level 40A!

Maybe if yours is showing that level and it was not intended to be there in the final version that might be why it's greyed out. It's very weird that several people have had that same issue when the level isn't supposed to exist. I can only think you've gotten a weird version somehow and there probably isn't a fix, sorry to say.
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jun 17, 15 2:02 PM
My theory did not work.
So I'm now with everyone else who's done everything that makes any logical sense and still can't get the last trophies.

I really think the Devs need to weigh in here since a list of the hidden achievements doesn't seem to be available anywhere. We don't have a clue what to be aiming for!

Edit: I asked for help from the Devs on their site and it posted to comments but now they've deleted it...wonder why they don't want to acknowledge there's a problem (if there's an error in the achievements) or why they don't want to help us?
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Jun 8, 15 8:08 PM
With regards to possible hidden achievements beyond the ones that have already been mentioned, I'm experimenting with an idea but as I'm only on level 20 I'll have no idea for a long time yet if it's going to work. If anyone can confirm my theory I'd love to know!

- Trade with or pay every single giant, thief, Hindu, warlock, and sad ghost
- Drain every pond of it's supply of fish
- Cut down every single tree
- Clear every barrier (there are some that are easy to miss which makes me wonder!)
- Build on every single space and repair all broken constructions
- Open every single chest

Upgrading every type of construction to level 4 (in one level even) did not result in an award, unfortunately.
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