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 posted in Northern Tale on Oct 16, 12 7:24 AM
I'm with you UP4, I have played this level many times. I have watched videos, taken advice, clicked until my wrists started weeping. No can do. lol.
 posted in A Gnome's Home: The Great Crystal Crusade on Jul 13, 12 12:43 PM
All you click fanatics can luv it all you like. I personally don't enjoy playing one level several dozen times to figure out the exact only way to get gold. I like this type of game but do not enjoy not being able to win as a normal human being.

Level 22 is a prime example of this nonsense. Sorry I spent the money.
 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Book of Oracles on Jun 30, 12 7:33 AM
I doubt it. The other two can stand alone as really fun interesting games. I am downloading now, so can't really say anything about this one except it is unlikely i will get my packing for vacation done today. HAHA.
Play the other two, when you have the time and money.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 1:14 PM
I admit it. This grandma is tearing thru this game giggling like a slap happy third grader. I can't believe I am getting a kick out of stinky poo. I need a drink. LMAO
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 21, 12 8:25 AM
Anywhere you can find running water that your curser interacts with. I found a hose thank goodness, lol.
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Jun 4, 12 3:21 PM
sadly this level is my nemesis also. i have been trying for hours.
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 26, 12 12:47 PM
I am still having no luck on this one. I just never have enough time left to fill the pond. sigh
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 25, 12 6:34 AM
Lol, so happy I am not alone! Will keep peeking here for hints I guess.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Jan 22, 12 11:20 AM
lol,still working on this one!
 posted in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 12 8:34 AM
This comment covers my feelings and thoughts so well! Thanks for writing it...
*hands over a tissue* There you go. Don't cry too much or your eyes will get so puffy, you won't be able to see the game in front of you.

You know, about a year ago, I would have bought the CE of this game without a second thought. I think that over the last 6 months I have been so spoilt with such great and entertaining games, that I no longer appreciate the fantastic HOGs we are getting nowadays.

I remember when I first bought HOGs, and the ones I remember best were the "Big City Adventure" games (San Francisco & Sydney, Australia).

The HOGs in those days came only in timed mode. And all you got was static pictures in which to find hidden objects, with a little simple puzzle after each level. And boy, was I happy with those games - at that time.

And just look how far we (or rather the developers) have come with HOGs. They are no longer just the simple find & seek games we used to get, but are top quality, with great graphics (most of the time), puzzles, animation, voice-over, cut-scenes, real live people even in some games, and so much more.

So yes, I think I have been so spoilt that I feel rather sad about the way I sometimes react to great games - such as this one - because they are really great games, considering they are not adventure games you get in the shops for 40 or 50 quit or thereabout, but they are "little" games, which have developed into something awesome, and can be bought for under a tenner.
I haven't tried the game yet, it is downloading. I just wanted to say I buy from this developer and will get this episode of the series because I can play them with my tweener grandkids. Not too gross, but a little scary. Puzzles doable but not too too easy. Art is fabulous, music usually mood appropriate.

I really do not get the complaining. I used to do puzzles until family kept getting me harder and harder ones ( you know bowl of cherries, just a blank field 1000 pieces). Then is just wasn't fun anymore.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 22, 11 5:42 AM
Thank you so MUCH!
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 21, 11 12:12 PM
I just cannot find the little bonus item. I have been in this level about 15 times. Where the heck is it? lol. crap.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 21, 11 12:12 PM
I just cannot find the little bonus item. I have been in this level about 15 times. Where the heck is it? lol. crap.
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 21, 11 12:11 PM
I just cannot find the little bonus item. I have been in this level about 15 times. Where the heck is it? lol. crap.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 18, 11 5:53 AM
I don't find a walk through anywhere either. Big disappointment for some levels as the expert mode is way difficult sometimes.
Totally agree. I have found a glitch an am stuck, but LOVE the game. I liked 13 skulls too, and there was much whining about that game I didn't understand.
Am thrilled. Would like to see hidden objects mixed in the next one.
Yes. I have only one object left now and it is a pie.

i just got fed up and was going to start a new game with a new name and now i am getting an access error and freezing. i am sad. I have rebooted and will try again.
Alright Snape, I have put my problem here, in tech thread and in thread for home. Sigh. All I have in inventory is a pie bomb. Momma has nose hairs ready and waiting. It is quite sad. Thanks for your help.
I used my clippers on the wires for the spanking machine and now I have no clippers for mommas nose and can't blow her up and go to the wedding. any suggestions?
I think this is a glitch. lmao reading my post. gotta love mcfefr!!
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