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 posted in Aquapolis on Jul 20, 09 9:40 AM
I've just finished all the levels and have gold on every one! I thought it was pretty easy actually, I had a strategy that I used on pretty much every level and it worked for me. The only one I struggled with was the last level where you had to get 1,000,000 coral but I got there in the end.

Now I'm going back to do the bonus levels.......
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 22, 09 1:35 PM
I've got quite a few gold so far, over 50 but i'm completely stuck on pickle 1. Just attempted it and can't even get silver on it. Anyone else done any better?
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 21, 09 2:14 PM
I got gold on pig 2 by upgrading truck and warehouse quite a bit but not totally. Sell goats and chickens asap. You'll start with 10 cows so there's 50,000 already. Then just keep collecting the milk and selling it until you get to 50,000 then sell the cows.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 21, 09 1:15 PM
I knew there had to be simple solution!! Make a pizza...i did not even consider doing that. Just got the gold with over a minute to spare. Thank you so much!!
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 21, 09 1:10 PM
I've got 43 golds and 8 silver so far but am just over half way on the map. At least that's what it looks like. My brain is battered and I just cannot get gold on chicken lane 1. I can't get the 500 needed in time and it's driving me slowly insane!!!
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 21, 09 12:21 PM
There's probably a very simple solution to this one but whatever it is, I can't figure it out. Can anyone give me any tips as to what I should do to raise the 16k??
 posted in Farm Frenzy Pizza Party on Feb 19, 09 11:23 AM
I think it's definitely more difficult, but I'm still loving it. Am currently on the level where you get loads of animals including pigs for the first time and only have about 45 seconds to get gold. Cannot for the life of me figure it out. Think i'm missing something important but no idea what.
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