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 posted in Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls on Sep 23, 13 2:07 AM
Does the game forum not come up for an hour to make sure people play the demo? It doesn't work.
I played the game for three minutes. I know that a lot of people think that's unfair but, the game seems very old fashioned with dull, poor graphics. The main reason I only played a little though was the sparkles, they are all over the place and there is no option to turn them off. I thought games had moved on from that a long time ago? In fact there are almost no options at all. Like I say, I lasted three minutes then deleted it. Not for me even if it was free, sorry.
 posted in Jane Austen's: Estate of Affairs on Sep 10, 13 3:09 AM
Sorry but this game looks very dated and sparkles everywhere stop me trying it more than 20 mins. Haven't sparkles had their day?
 posted in 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek on Aug 4, 13 2:46 AM
What cbtx said. None of the nonsense cute animal helper, pointless achievements and collectable padding, just a very nice game. Bought.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow Collector's Edition on Jul 18, 13 1:07 AM
Played half the demo. A very modern game. What I mean is it has all the things the latest games have, it's like a very trendy, fashionable game.Thing is I'm not into fashion at all, I prefer solid, old fashioned quality. I must say though the wife will love this game and it is a sure thing buy for me as well. It is very well done, lovely graphics and nice involved game play. There are little games and puzzles all over the place. A very nice map is very helpful showing you where you need to be. The audio got a tiny bit irritating to be honest, it is very dramatic, it is trying too hard and had to be turned down. A personal thing but far too many dogs, I hate the things, you even get one as a 'little helper' (fashion again). Money to spend in a shop, achievements, 'pets' to find and all the other trendy clutter fill the game up to be a very busy one. I usually find all this stuff an unnecessary distraction but here it was easy to ignore and get on with the meat of the game .Like I said, wife will love it.
Very first thing I came across will stop me buying this game. It's in the options. If you choose not to have sparkles you lose hints and cannot skip puzzles? Why are you punished if you don't want sparkles? The game looks very nice so the hour for free is great but these stupid options will stop me buying it.
 posted in Final Cut: Encore Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 13 11:50 PM
Yeah, that's what it is. I leave mine at 1680 x 1050. Any higher and my poundshop reading glasses crash. It's a bit misleading though.
 posted in Final Cut: Encore Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 13 1:25 AM
I don't think it works. I have recently upgraded all my PC, have a solid state drive, very fast CPU, top notch graphics and 16GB RAM all on windows 7 pro 64bit, and it says mine doesn't support HR Graphics as well.
 posted in Final Cut: Encore Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 13 12:46 AM
Download was nice and quick . Everything about the game looks very nice, certainly worth a try. First thing that made me laugh, there is an option for 'high resolution graphics', I chose that and a box pops up saying my PC doesn't support HR graphics! Oh yeah? I have a quad core intel i5 @3.4GHz, a 7870 Graphics card with 2GB RAM, 16GB RAM and windows 7 pro 64 bit. I play Bioshock infinite on ultra settings. Think it can handle anything. Also why do some devs insist on limiting your options? If I don't want sparkles then it doesn't automatically follow that I wish to wait aeons for the hint to fill, I can decide when to use the a hint all by myself.
Other that that it looks like a very nice game, graphics could do with a higher resolution perhaps but....
 posted in Farm Mystery: The Happy Orchard Nightmare on Jul 8, 13 3:32 AM
Can't turn sparkles off? Didn't they stop doing this years ago? Deleted after one minute, rubbish.
 posted in Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 13 6:49 AM
Quite a nice game. I must say though, and I suspect I'm in the minority here, it seems that all games now include 'collectables', achievements and a little helper. I personally find them an irritation and a distraction. A nice balance of HOGs and puzzles with some challenge are ideal for me.It just seems to be all padding and not much substance. I think I'll pass.
 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Jul 3, 13 8:18 AM
A full and comprehensive review follows-
Review ends.
Cursor keeps freezing for a second or two. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the game but it still freezes. I have uninstalled the game. please don't tell me it's my PC. I have a quad core intel CPU @ 4.1GHz, 16Gb RAM, windows 7 4bit and an extremely fast graphics card. I have this problem in no other game.

Update. After the third reinstall it seems to be ok, freezing has gone? Oh well, back to trying it.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Curse of Vox Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 13 11:58 PM
It's ERS so everybody knows exactly what to expect because they keep making the same game over and over, change the scenes a little and here's another new game. Same old same old. They used to be fantastic games but I think people are getting a little jaded by them now. Move on ERS, Order of the rose was a far better game, IMHO, and was a SE.
I think I'm done with ERS now unless they change something soon.
 posted in Order of the Rose on Jun 17, 13 7:12 AM
So I bought it and have played loads since. Each to their own I know but I can't understand the negative comments. The graphics are excellent and it is widescreen on my 22" 16 x 10. There are some very nice puzzles, the reason there is not one every few screens is (I suspect) because they are more difficult than the same old same old stuff we usually get. I usually only play a small part of these games, I get them for my wife but this one has kept me busy today, excellent, more please.
 posted in Order of the Rose on Jun 17, 13 1:38 AM
Well I played most of the hour and bought it. Very nice game. It makes a nice change from all the 'ERS' type of game with all the achievements etc (not that there's anything wrong with ERS type games) this one is a little different with maybe not as much hand holding. I would certainly recommend playing the hour to get a fair view of it. Personally, I'd give it five stars.
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 30, 13 12:57 AM
It's an ERS game. They are very good games but they are all the same, they just keep churning them out. Maybe as a SE.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella Collector's Edition on May 23, 13 12:46 AM
Downloaded very quickly, was playing within 5 minutes. My first impression is I don't like the graphics. They are too colourful for me, everything looks very artificial. A beautiful young girl on the front screen but when the view pulls back! what's wrong with her legs? last time I saw legs like that they were pulling a cart!
I thought the difficulty options were poor at first as it seems if you don't want sparkles you have to loose the hint button. There is another option though where you can turn sparkles off for everything, nice. I can't make my mind up though, it seems very formalistic and so very like so many other games, same game model, just different pictures. It just didn't grab me. I'm sure plenty will love it though but not for me.
 posted in Family Tales: The Sisters on May 20, 13 6:56 AM
Well after playing loads more I have to say what a brilliant game. I also must say I don't understand some of the criticisms. The graphics for me are beautiful and smooth, colouful and very crisp. The puzzles are a joy as are the HOS which are nicely interactive. I personally think it's a bonus not having those stupid 'morphing' objects or 'achievements'. I always find them a distraction and an annoyance, this game is so engaging it doesn't need them. I would happily pay CE money for this game. No idea as to it's length but I hope it goes on and on. I know we all like different things in a game but this one is perfect for me.
 posted in Family Tales: The Sisters on May 20, 13 2:00 AM
I'm in the UK too, Manchester. Downloaded and installed in five minutes?
Bought after 20 minutes play with a punch card thingymebob. Very nice graphics and seems like a very nice game. Not played enough for a proper review but bought on first impressions and they were good.
bfgBaikal wrote:Hi nomatt,

Sorry to see you had that blue screen show up!

As some newer games are quite sensitive, needing the most up to date drivers to perform correctly, I would suggest checking the help article <a href="">here</a>, for some great advice on updates you can run to help the computer handle the game more effectively.

If those steps don't work or you would like some help, please run a <a href=>Dr. Felix Diagnostic Report</a> and then send that over to our <a href=>Tech Support Team</a>.



Thanks but I am quite PC savy, built this one and my previous half dozen so I do understand how to make it work efficiently. I am on a brand new windows 7 install so the blue screen is probably just teething troubles not BFs' problem, thanks for the advice though.
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