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 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 23, 17 8:31 AM
Can someone @BFG get the Divine Academy people to kick their servers. Still getting error code 3 after 3 days. Sometimes I can get in but it's a struggle.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 22, 17 3:59 AM
That kind of worked yesterday but I'm getting bupkis now.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 20, 17 7:56 PM
Server has been down for maintenance all day. Error code 3.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 10, 17 12:39 PM
TrueDMBfan wrote: I JUST started playing this and from the looks of things it sounds like **** abandoned it? Ugghh. Anyways, can you guys tell me where I find stones and bricks needed to upgrade the barn? I remember seeing white blocks going up into my inventory but can't remember what I was doing to get them

Did you get your game from Big Fish and are you playing on a PC? The one here is for PC users and only goes to level 8 and bricks/barns are not available at that level.

Where did you get your game and what device are you playing it on?

ETA: Just an outside guess - have you tried to use the mountain spell?
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 10, 17 12:34 PM
Yay!!! Thank you, __stardust__ for informing us.

Thank you DA support for fixing this for us diehard fans.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 8, 17 2:42 PM
I haven't but reported it in the Tech thread. I was requested to submit documentation to the DA developers which I did. That tells me someone is looking at it.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 8, 17 2:39 PM
beccafey wrote:.... do I need to contact customer support as well, or just assume someone will look into the whole thing?

I recommend reporting it. The more eyes on it the better.

And thank you for confirming that it's not my computer that is causing the problem. I'll stop messing with settings now.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 7, 17 11:39 AM
I don't play well with other people so Sunken Secrets just wouldn't work for me.

I've accepted that DA only goes to level 8. I can still get my monies worth because I only spend $10 per profile. For the number of hours I can play, I think it's a great investment.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 7, 17 9:13 AM
Thank you. I sent a video capture that shows up most of the errors I encountered to Customer Support. Hope they can push this through to the DA developers quickly.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 5, 17 12:51 PM
Well that was fun. Not.

Getting error code 1-0 now. I can get in, complete some tasks but the error occurs and resets some of my work but not others. I have monsters flying or walking around that were already zapped before the error.

 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 5, 17 6:05 AM
Thank you, bfgIlinalta. I understand the situation here and hope it is resolved quickly.

I get a ton of enjoyment from this game.

I'm really worried that my little guys aren't getting fed.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 3, 17 7:50 AM
I started Sunken Secrets but it came at me too fast. So much to do and no real directions. I'll have to give it a try on a day I have more patience. Ha!

Hang in there and we'll get DA up and running again. I still have jewels/crystals to spend.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 3, 17 7:44 AM
kittymombo wrote: I just want to know if this is a lost cause or is there a fix coming....

This isn't a matter of a broken game. The problem is having the server necessary for it to run properly to be up and running. Someone from BFG needs to give the developer a jingle but seeing as it's already the weekend, don't expect anything until at least Monday.

Or ... the developer has stopped supporting it altogether and BF will have to announce as much.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 2, 17 3:49 PM
I don't know but I'll give it a try and let you know.

eta *******************
Uninstalled completely except for user data and still get down for server maintenance error message. Earlier it was error code 3, now I get error code 2.

Still waiting for response from BF Cust. Support on chit I submitted earlier.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 2, 17 9:21 AM
Yes, I believe it's just a matter of creating a new profile.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 2, 17 9:19 AM
Yup. Still playing until last couple of days when I couldn't get it to run.

Trick I found to extend play time is to put several houses in storage so as not to generate so much wealth and keep the cave, well, tower, harpy locations busy at all times. It's worked so well that I've started to resell some of my ships and statues.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jun 2, 17 9:15 AM
I am getting the same error code for the last day or two.

Also having problems opening BF Casino so I wonder if they are related. I saw someone else report the Casino problem in another thread and a mod directed them to Customer Support.

I ran DrFelix (see Help) and sent it to the tech support peeps this morning. Awaiting further directions from them.
 posted in Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic on Sep 8, 16 4:50 AM
You're welcome. All of us have had those moments a time or two.
 posted in Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic on Sep 7, 16 5:53 AM
I believe you receive it by playing the hidden object games.
 posted in Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic on Sep 5, 16 8:45 AM
What's the difference between Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic and
Doodle God: Genesis Secrets?

ETA: I installed this game and the only difference I saw was the introduction of an element called 'magic'. This new element will, of course, add new creations to the game but not enough for me to buy it. Thanks anyway.
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