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 posted in Rasputin's Curse on Jan 27, 10 6:15 AM
I only made it about 20 mins and I usually at least complete the demo .. the story seemed really convoluted .. I mean ... come on .. you find your husband in bed with someone and you go look for the parts to the answering machine ??? That is where I quit .. tho I did consider quitting after you had use a ladder to get a jump rope hanging in a tree and the jump rope was almost touching the ground. Then you had to find the 9 pears so Grandma could make a tart and then the next scene the main character is back home looking for her husband's cologne in the kitchen cabinet ...there were several scenes up to that point that irritated me too .. tho I will say that the graphics were pretty good on it and the story concept was a good one ... but they could have done a much better job of telling it ..
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 13, 10 9:04 PM
Pepper010 wrote:This is more like an excerpted bodice-ripper with some game elements. Daddy, BTW, looks more like her colleague than a "Daddy". Then they go for the stereotypes, like the little old lady with the shotgun..

I am so glad I wasn't the only one that thought this ..also, I only played about 20 mins because my cursor started driving me nuts because it was so jerky and slow .. got to the office and found everything on the list but it kept telling me I had to find 1 more item .. so .. it is a pass for me ..
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 4:55 AM
I know what I am doing with my last vacation day of the year .. playing DG .. LOL .. played the sample thru .. used a couple hints but no help from walkthrough .. did miss some parts tho .. graphics are awesome ... I am so happy that I saved a credit for this ..
 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Dec 10, 09 3:55 AM
I had the same problem ... having to click multiple times on object to pick it up .. at the beginning of the game to skip the tutorial, and even when I tried to click on main menu to exit the game .. had click like 5 times before it released me.. I also had the problem of the scene not wanting stay when I scrolled it back and forth .. not going to be buying this one .. holding on to my credit for MCF ire Grove ..
 posted in Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal on Dec 4, 09 7:36 PM
susielee wrote:I guess I'm in the minority, but I didn't care for this game. I really don't like when the scenes are dark and the objects are so obscure that you can't even find them with a magnifying glass, which was the case at the DJ scene. It's reptitious, not enough adventure and excitement for me. I played for about 30 minutes and deleted it. We've really had some great games on BF lately, but this one was just not for me. It's good that some people like it, some don't. LOVE that freedom of choice we still have in America!!

I am with you .. I didn't care for it either tho I did play the full hour demo .. and if you think the DJ scene was bad .. the crash scene was worse .. I used about 5 hints to finish it .. As you said .. love the freedom of choice .. NOT even putting this one on a maybe list .. happy Friday to you all ..
 posted in Escape the Museum 2 on Nov 19, 09 6:18 AM
I liked the game and will probably buy it .. I saw a couple posts that ask about the puppy and the kitty .. didn't have time to go thru the rest of the posts to see if it was answered .. you will actually run across the owners .,, they pop up automatically when you do .. kinda startle you because you are in the middle of something else when they do .. Have a good day
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 16, 09 6:57 PM
I really like this game . played the hour demo and didn't get all the way thru the 1st book .. I think the part I liked most is that even tho you revisited places, they moved the items around. Not as boring as having the items in the same spot every time you revisit the scene. Makes for longer game play I think.
 posted in Wisegal on Nov 4, 09 8:08 PM
I agree with everyone .. very boring .. the graphics were pretty good tho .. don't know about the music since I have the volume way down .. the constant having to click on the next button was irritating .. having a skip button would have been nice too .. oh well .. glad I didn't waste a credit on it ..I always play the demo and then check out the forums before I buy a game anymore .. thanks to all of you..
 posted in Relic Hunt on Aug 23, 09 11:59 AM
I too was unable to play the game. .. It downloaded fine but when I tried to play ,, got a black screen ... tried the control alt delete and finally had to shut my computer down manually.. I rely on the demo's, walkthroughs(to determine how far I got in the game) and the forums to help me decide where to use my credits ... so .. won't even bother with trying the demo again ... tho I do want to for the laugh factor of the translation ,, Oh Well .. Loved RTR and thinking my next credit is going for Princess Isabella or Mystery Age ,, but can't decide which one I want this month and which one to wait a month for,
 posted in Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin on Aug 16, 09 4:50 PM
I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times since both updates .. now it is showing that my trial has expired.. actually only used about 6 mins...
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 20, 09 7:42 AM
I am having the same problem .. freezes after I put the tarot cards on the mirror. Have tried it twice...I have updated my drivers and direct x ... what next ?
 posted in Azada ™ on May 25, 09 12:07 AM
Hello .. I am stuck - I found the book in the cupboard in the bookcase and did all the puzzles(robot about 5 times and used an orb on the pipes because I didn't read all the instructions-which won't happen again-yes I read the post and the walkthroughs about reading them everytime) .. I got the letter and the picture of the 5 drawers on the side of the desk, but when I click on it..I get the message "the next puzzles are locked we need to find the magic.. the only areas that sparkle are on the desk but I still get the same message when I click on them .....Where is the magic I need to find?
 posted in Can You See What I See? on May 23, 09 3:07 PM
okay .. now that I know the answer to the 'these become worth more then ten, when Jesse signed them with a pen .. can anyone tell me where the $10 bill is.. I have hunted all over for it .. thanks
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